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Comment Re:I know it's crazy but... (Score 1) 384

Re 'If a poor person needs to use high speed broadband"
Think of it from the party political perspective. A party offers a low cost phone account, internet account. Thats some powerful political power to have in each and every poor community.
A low cost internet for poor people can then be used to out reach to voters and ensure they vote for the party that gave them "free" stuff.
This is not about jobs, education. Its about the politics of local communities and offer of more "free" stuff.
If a government wants poor areas to get internet, build a government internet. Just build it to every home in the USA and let every ISP offer services on it.

Comment Re:How much detail? (Score 1) 322

How much funding is the only question.
Just find any good EU party political research company (no 5 eye nation staff). Most are staffed by former EU/NATO nation spies now 100% in the private sector.
That EU company can buy on the US open market, private sector data in bulk via existing ad related front companies in the USA without any US detection.
Any strange new efforts to buy ad data, bulk data will show up. A decades old US ad front company will have an account and its vast public/private sector data request will just be another account number.
The EU staff have the decades of research skills to sort bulk private and public sector data and know everything about the USA.
A very normal looking private sector party political policy document will then be the result given the new task.

Comment OS, browser, CPU, GPU, bandwidth, issues got fixed (Score 1) 221

Any layer of products that needed computer limitations will not last.
Todays CPU and GPU can do a lot more than past hardware so the creative maths of saving CPU power is not needed as much.
A webcam and mic can work with social media, apps, other devices as part of software, the OS or browser.
Most modern OS now support more of the CPU and GPU and developers can access some CPU and GPU support in their own software or code.
Browsers can display pretty art now and work with a video file or show a video like stream.

Comment Re:It's all they had left. (Score 1) 51

AC how would that look over the two systems?
Keeping more profit per app sale and having more buyers more often?
Or a lot more profit per sale but less buyers interested on another system?
If only some easy to compare app could be tracked for sales on both systems and the real profits back to the developer compared.

Comment Re:Why Buy a TV Anymore? (Score 1) 71

The CIA likes the idea.
A smart TV that did not need network access to place the code.
Re "suspicious data is going out of our computer"
A person would have to enter the room, access and alter the smart TV, wait for a recoding, a person to collect the data later. No need for the data collected to be networked out later. No network code litter to alter the smart TV, no code litter left in the smart tv later, no changes to any network.
The idea been no network had to be entered to alter the smart TV. No code litter on any network, no need for very strange listening devices in the room.
What new methods could offer is the room change issue. Alter all rooms smart TV's? Just the guests expected to have interesting conversations?
The ability to quickly alter a smart TV in a room that was an unexpected meeting place?
Too late for a human to enter and alter the smart TV, any network code litter might expose the entry attempt, but a new way exists to alter all smart TV's if needed.
The part the CIA liked was the "they can also be turned off " did not work. The smart TV seemed like it was powered off but it was an always on live mic.
CIA Chief: We’ll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher (03.15.12)

Comment Author is high (Score 2) 71

While the article is a little short of details (Did I miss a link to the whitepaper?), the 90% seems like misleading sensationalism. TFA mentioned that the attack is carried out via HbbTV signals and I think the intent was that 90% of TVs sold in recent history support this method of data transmission, hence the '90% vulnerable' claim. Of course, the author is probably aware that inflated and hysterical claims generate more traffic.

That doesn't mean that 90% of tvs are carrying 0 day vulnerabilities, but given the state of IoT security, I wouldn't be surprised if they all had some forms of bugs that could be exploited. I would think that this problem could be mitigated by simply disabling HbbTV capabilities and plugging into coax. I am not a TV technician, if you are, please jump all over this post and call me stupid for suggestion such a silly idea.

Comment Re: Biggest programmer lie: "I'm an engineer" (nt (Score 1) 539

Of course what you say is true! There is no way I could have experience with all of those things in a mere 30 years! If someone has 5 or 10 years in the field you might have a point, but beyond that a truly talented Dev will have experience in all of that as well as virtualization.

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