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Comment Re:Hire better workers (Score 1) 139

The other issue is the spread of past application questions on social media by alumni. Graduates globally are getting a lot of support in how to pass interviews.
What questions to expect and how to pass.
Always have new questions ready. Social media has allowed too many graduates to seek advice from people who have taken work related tests.

Comment Hire better workers (Score 1) 139

Good workers can work in an office, at home.
They can understand an issue and suggest how long it will take to work on a new or complex problem.
see The Mythical Man-Month

To find good staff word the requirements to exclude average and lazy staff.
Read their paper work, make sure it is correct.
Do interviews. Does the resume match the person? Can the person think about problems when asked?
Change up the questions so no interview is the same.
How much contact with computers did the person have over the years?
Computer hobbies? Did all their education provide access to different computer topics?
Don't hire the applicant who did not have access to new and expensive computers over the years.
Your not working out if a nice person wanted to be a vet, doctor, lawyer ... ask about computers.
A smart person who can think and is articulate during the interview?
Academic results match the paper work presented?
Find good workers and spend time on projects. Your projects are not further education or a charity for very average workers.
Every day wasted on trying to make lazy, average workers happy is a day lost to competitors who had the skills to hire the best workers.
Always hire on merit. Ensure merit is the only consideration.
If you need to hire globally something went very wrong. Any advance nation should have given most of its best students access to computers and a good college education.
Why is that "world-class" person trying to find an international job? Failed in their own nation, failed to get into a top university globally and failed to get a real job from that global education. Having a language skill does not make up for been average.
An average "world-class" applicant is as useful as any average local applicant for the same wage.
If they are still looking for a job, they are not the best. Be aware of online groups, charities and people who help applicants with their paperwork, resumes.
Past interview experiences will be shared. Methods to be ready for complex interviews are offered or sold online.
Always interview and ask new questions.
Talk to a lot of good lawyers before hiring any new staff so the interviews can only result in the best workers been selected.

Comment I am as insecure as POTUS's phone.... (Score 1) 481

Because I'm sure that's the only device he has with him ever, and never does he have an aide standing by that holds onto whatever phone the Government issued him.

You mouth breathing moron, do you realize that that the phone is a huge security risk without him ever making a single call on it? If it is an unsecured phone, it could very well be broadcasting POTUS's GPS coordinates constantly. This would give his exact position at all times away to anyone with hostile intent. Further, smartphones have microphones in them. If you root the phone, you could possibly listen in to conversations happening in the same room. What harm could occur if 'bad guys' (Trump's words) could start listening in on POTUS's confidential conversations? And who knows, Trump might just disregard the Secret Service instructions and use the phone sensitive calls. He seems to have established a track record for making poor judgements.

Yes, it is a very good use of elected officials time to make sure that a POTUS who wants to be a loose cannon is not allowed to jeopardize the safety of America.

Comment It is all obama's fault... (Score 1) 481

yup - and after 8 years of Obama we have more racial tension than ever before, more blacks hating cops, Iran getting payoffs....the national debt DOUBLING...

In the last 8 years, vast numbers of stupid people felt empowered to express their poorly though out world views on the Internet.

Thanks Obama.

Comment Re:Operation Quicksilver needed. (Score 1) 427

How low level could that be? Does the telco or device OS hardware or software log an account has been swapped?
The US gov could just then have software to look into a device log for that setting and see it was changed mins or a hour ago.
The first and only lie needed would be about that phone.

Comment Re:This won't be popular... (Score 1) 427

Most security staff for any larger US brand would be aware of what other nations do to any US device that enters their nation.
Hotel staff help look for any devices in a hotel room, wireless or physical access is attempted.
Most security would suggest entering another nation with a totally clean phone ready for that nations telco services.
Any VPN use, cloud or other long term per device settings are what any nations security services are looking for.
Re entering the US and having that device scanned will show any crypto, apps.. just like any other citizen re-entering the US with a digital device.

Comment Re:Business opportunity (Score 1) 427

Most of that is the new chat down ideas that get sold by private groups to the US gov. Buy their expensive chat down system and all US staff/workers can then see if a person has something to hide. Great for the groups and brands selling such technology and constant further education to the US gov.
Such questions will flow on with car rental services, helpful airline staff after a flight, taxi, local hotel staff, currency, technology shops once just in the USA.
A lot of that is now online, digital, but if still possible some chat will be attempted.
The questions are in depth and part of a public/private partnership. CCTV is also kept for many months. Did a person need to hire a car, had local friends... who are the friends?
Pay cash, a CC? Go to a hotel? Drive or get driven deep into the USA but mentioned they needed a local hotel... ?
Every driver and passenger face, their license plate gets recorded driving in and out of the area. Very few big new roads make that simple :)
All staff in related shops, providing services will try the same chat down but have been told to hide it under a friendly cover that a tourist would expect as just been part of friendly service.
It is done to random people so no group in the USA can then claim they are been selected for extra questions.
Most interesting groups, faiths, cults, spies now understand such approaches and have prepared for all such approaches and chat downs.

Comment Re: IIRC, you don't have to give them the password (Score 1) 427

As a US citizen a person would face the normal courts and legal protections after discovery of digital material, items that are illegal in the USA.
Returning to the USA a person cannot start lying, or block that discovery.
Congress and courts in the US are very clear on what can be asked, searched for and how a person is then moved into the court system.
i.e. a person does not get to enter the USA with anything illegal just by having a US passport and demanding a court needs to approve a bag search.
The bag is searched, every image on a digital camera is looked at, any images get recovered.
On discovery its US lawyer time and then time to face a US court. All rights are respected and apply.

Comment Re:IIRC, you don't have to give them the password (Score 1) 427

Thats nice if a person is a citizen. If your not a citizen, a person will not get to hide things, i.e. a person is lying and will be removed.
Most nation have seen all that legal effort by citizens. Most nations ensure everything can be searched, questions asked. Images can be looked at, recovered. Bags searched, devices accessed.
Any expected questioned asked to anyone entering that are blocked, refused is lying. No protection is granted to lie.
If a person is not a citizen, they don't get cover to lie. If they are a citizen the questions and investigations have just started.

Comment Not having a phone is not normal (Score 1, Interesting) 427

So have a phone. A new phone with a new account from back in your own nation thats account ready for your destination.
It powers on, has a list of apps. It can be called. So any security questions about devices will fit in with what is expected of most people in 2017.
A laptop should be new. Only have productivity apps.
A camera should have a new card/s in it. Do not use the card. Any images on it will be looked at. Any camera deleted images can and will be recovered.
For any paperwork use your work or normal home email. If asked to produce any account passwords do so.
Lying is the most easy way not to enter a nation when asked.
Talk to your boss, company security if you have a work phone. That you will have to show it and any data on it. Any accounts, data on that phone might be copied, inspected. Buy a new phone for the trip.
Expect any social media accounts to be on file when questioned. Expect questions about any aspect of social media use going back years.
If a user was happy to support political movements, leaders, showed support for wars, a cult, faith or other issues in their own nation expect most nations to have that found that information and have questions ready.

Most nations do not have to let a person in. Their entry points are created to be a void of most legal protections. If every person wanted court access, a lawyer no bags or devices could be searched. Anyone could enter a nation with anything just by holding up their passport.
So questions can be asked and lying is not going to help. You will be searched and all devices will have any and all data extracted. Any encryption efforts will be discovered. Decryption may not be an option but lying will result in removal.
If your a citizen of that nation, your rights then apply but you have been discovered with something legally interesting.
Courts and other issues happen after questions. Lying is the most easy way to block a person from even entering a nation.
So be ready for a lot of questions, don't have anything on file, or thats been deleted. When asked to give an email password, give it.
If asked about social media, give the password. All your details are on file anyway. The question is asked in the hope that the person will lie and can be removed.

How to avoid all that? Dont use social media outside a work account. Only have email accounts.
Most nations will track down social media by 3 hops. Friends of friends. If any of them have been political interesting in any way, expect a lot of questions.
Telling lies about friends of friends is another easy lie to be caught in.

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