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Comment Tidal locking? Sign me up! (Score 1) 265

Tidal locking would be GREAT for developing life. Having a constant source of light/warmth is wonderful for a lot of types of life. Sure, there wouldn't be a photosynthetic life developing on the dark side of the planet, but could you imagine the abundance of life that might grow on the light side of the planet? Imagine a planet with a constant, never ending spring or summer. Of course the actual orbit would likely alter the temperature seasonally, but 24/7 (relatively speaking) light would be fantastic for life.

Comment I am as insecure as POTUS's phone.... (Score 1) 505

Because I'm sure that's the only device he has with him ever, and never does he have an aide standing by that holds onto whatever phone the Government issued him.

You mouth breathing moron, do you realize that that the phone is a huge security risk without him ever making a single call on it? If it is an unsecured phone, it could very well be broadcasting POTUS's GPS coordinates constantly. This would give his exact position at all times away to anyone with hostile intent. Further, smartphones have microphones in them. If you root the phone, you could possibly listen in to conversations happening in the same room. What harm could occur if 'bad guys' (Trump's words) could start listening in on POTUS's confidential conversations? And who knows, Trump might just disregard the Secret Service instructions and use the phone sensitive calls. He seems to have established a track record for making poor judgements.

Yes, it is a very good use of elected officials time to make sure that a POTUS who wants to be a loose cannon is not allowed to jeopardize the safety of America.

Comment It is all obama's fault... (Score 1) 505

yup - and after 8 years of Obama we have more racial tension than ever before, more blacks hating cops, Iran getting payoffs....the national debt DOUBLING...

In the last 8 years, vast numbers of stupid people felt empowered to express their poorly though out world views on the Internet.

Thanks Obama.

Comment Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes (Score 1) 294

I feel confident in my hunch that president Trump isn't versed in ancient literature, so I hope someone reminds him of Virgil's quote:

"Beware of Greeks bearing gifts"

Anything Russia offers up as a gift should be viewed with some strong skepticism. Back during the late cold war, there was an excessive amount of anti-soviet paranoia. Now, it seems that there isn't enough...

Comment Unlikely? (Score 1) 229

All the math teachers I ever had tended to be be very precise and open about the algorithms that they use to arrive at your final grade. Of all the teachers I had, I would generalize that they were the least likely to grade on feeling or hunches. Partially because they have a subject that is very discreet in nature (you are generally either right or wrong, with little opinion in the process) and because the sort of person who is attracted to math likes structure and order.

You could be correct, but your story has a odd smell.

Comment TO COURT WITH YOU, MS KNAVES! (Score 1) 261

Well, technically it is a violation of the federal anti-hacking laws to alter, view or delete data on someones computer without permission. Now, I am sure that MS lawyers would argue that by installing windows updates you are granting them just that permission, but it seems to me that any impartial judge would agree with an argument to the effect that this implicit permission has limits and that MS doesn't have Cart Blanche to do anything to your system that they want during an update.

perhaps a quick trip down to the local Federal Court would settle this matter.


Comment Your attitude makes me sad. (Score 4, Insightful) 176

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. your philosophy"

Yes, you are correct, you don't need much math for some types of programming. However, it saddens me that you would attack a man for wanting to expand and master the study of computer science. He has literally devoted decades of his life to writing books to help programmers such as yourself get better at their craft. If you don't want to learn more about your trade, that is fine too. But don't get upset if you get passed over for a job in favor of some other guy who cracked open Knuth and worked all the exercises.

Comment Organized crime is bad for you (Score 5, Insightful) 456

Cocaine damages the heart. Cocaine use finally caught up to Carrie Fisher. In an era where people are calling for legalization of drugs, you might want to consider that people had motives for banning drugs in the first place.

High velocity lead is bad for you too. Legalizing drugs takes organized crime out of the equation, and reduces the incentives to run around murdering people for large amounts of cash, drugs, and turf. People will always do dangerous drugs, why not just legalize them so that people who don't want anything to do with drugs can walk down the street without getting shot?

Banning drugs is just providing price supports for organized crime. If you are pro-drug laws, you are pro-Organized crime, it is as simple as that.

Submission + - Carrie Fisher passes away ( 1

wiggles writes: “It is with a very deep sadness that Billie Lourd confirms that her beloved mother Carrie Fisher passed away at 8:55 this morning,”

Comment Mein Tumpler? (Score 4, Insightful) 600

And, it took all of about 37 seconds before someone compared a businessman and reality TV star to a vicious, military-style dictator who started a world war that caused the death of more than one hundred million people and methodically murdered millions of people in concentration camps.

Old Adolf didn't start as a Dictator. He started as a ex-corporal and failed artist who found that he got a lot of attention screaming about how Jews were filthy and communists were evil in front of beer hall crowds. He wasn't particularly smart, but he was very charismatic. The similarities between Trump and Adolf's character and politics is striking and rather alarming to people who study world history. The people who just want to demonize Trump will of course throw around the comparison as it suits them.

No, Donald hasn't committed genocide. Comparing him to Hitler in that sense is completely ridiculous. I think the concern that people have about him is that he comes off as a populist bully, someone who is completely willing to throw followers of Islam and Mexicans under the bus in order to gain populist support. In that sense of the comparison, he is very much like Hitler.

Godwin's 'Law', notes that it is OK to discuss Nazis in the context of a topic that pertains to Nazis. So provided that we are not just trying to demonize him, it seems fair. There is a real concern that Trump is going to do some very evil things with power, and starting a national Islam database seems very similar to Germany's first steps with Jewish people. IBM was the company who sold Germany the machines to make punch cards and trace genealogy of Jewish people, so this should be a very touchy topic for IBM.

I don't care if you are pro or anti Trump. Don't get your opinions about him from pundits or talk show hosts. Just watch for yourself what he does very closely and think about history. It is usually a rerun...

Comment What did this meeting try to solve, exactly? (Score 1) 551

Looking at the pictures, no one looked delighted to be there.

Would you be? As a leader of a tech company, your business is to be smart, hire smart, and look smart. Trump has made himself look like the dumbest person in the country over the last year, and you have to deal with a fucktard that makes Forrest Gump look downright brilliant. You cannot ignore him, as he might try to help you with what he thinks Tech needs and make your life worse. (Example H1-b visas: tech companies want easy visas for as many tech workers as possible vs. Trump riding a wave of populist racism and trying to lock down immigration.)

He is literally to stupid to be left alone. These guys have to engage with him or risk the consequences, of course they are unhappy. The meeting had no point other than to let Trump try to look like he was 'doing' something to help the economy. None of the guys in the room needed government help to make more money or create jobs.

Comment Laid off with extreme predjdice? (Score 1) 858

But come a few weeks, he will have that full power...and I'd guess pretty much anyone, even the whole department as an entity could be done away with pretty quickly?

Who in their right mind would want to disband the DoE? They have access to nukes, YOU can be the one to tell them they are all fired.....

Comment pump n dump scam (Score 4, Interesting) 436

They are hemorrhaging billions annually, so eventually they will implode and the problem will solve itself. If they actually manage to achieve their goal of a monopoly on the transportation market, they will just get nuked with the Sherman anti-trust act.

I think they know this, they are just a big pump n dump scam for early investors.

Comment pulling taxes (Score 1) 471

1) You clearly don't understand how the economy works, but most people with your point of view don't.

I commend you on your insight into 'my point of view', by the way, what is 'my point of view'? I advocated for no particular POV or change, I just pointed out a few possible pitfalls of the suggested strategy. You sound like the one coming to the discussion with an axe to grind....

By pulling taxes from anywhere you are leaching away from this investment and making us all poorer in the long run.

Arrr, taxes are theft! Ayn Was right, the looters are upon us! Taxes are Socialism and slavery! Lol, I keep waiting for you anti-tax types to go set up in failed third world state that has no government. I'm sure that you will become billionaires in short order with your 100% fiscal efficiency.

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