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Comment pulling taxes (Score 1) 471

1) You clearly don't understand how the economy works, but most people with your point of view don't.

I commend you on your insight into 'my point of view', by the way, what is 'my point of view'? I advocated for no particular POV or change, I just pointed out a few possible pitfalls of the suggested strategy. You sound like the one coming to the discussion with an axe to grind....

By pulling taxes from anywhere you are leaching away from this investment and making us all poorer in the long run.

Arrr, taxes are theft! Ayn Was right, the looters are upon us! Taxes are Socialism and slavery! Lol, I keep waiting for you anti-tax types to go set up in failed third world state that has no government. I'm sure that you will become billionaires in short order with your 100% fiscal efficiency.

Comment The needs of the country have changed? (Score 1) 1429

I learned that the point of the electoral college was to insure that a candidate would have to win support from a wide variety of voters, and not just a numerical large group in large cities. If there were no electoral system, candidates would campaign almost exclusively in New York, Chicago, LA, and a hand full of other large cities where large numbers of people live.

Instead we have a system where a bunch of small states have an undue influence, and as such, candidates spend all their time campaigning there. I live in a big city on the west coast, I have never even seen a presidential candidate in person.

No matter the system that you set up, there is going to be an optimal way to campaign and court interest groups, that will leave someone out in the cold. Straight popular votes benefit urban voters. Electoral systems gerrymander popular votes in favor of distributed geographical groups.

Now, consider that the the country was rural and agrarian two hundred years ago, so it might have made a lot of sense to force the politicians out of big cities and distribute influence more geographically. Now that clearly isn't the case. Perhaps going to a straight popular vote makes sense in light of the fact that more people live in cities.

And for fuck sake, knock of the partisan bitching. This is a topic that should not be about Hillary vs. Donald, but rather an honest evaluation about the system we use to choose our leaders. Election reform should transcend party, we all benefit from a system that promotes the best leaders to power.

Comment Interesting idea, but flawed (Score 5, Insightful) 471

First of, Kudos to parent post for making a well thought out argument for policy that doesn't involve mindlessly demonizing the left or right in some simplistic idiotic fashion.

Your proposal seems very sound, encourage business and lower the barrier to create and compete. Tax the people who profit, not the company. However, I see two problems with your argument.

1) Corporations don't really pass on taxes to the consumers. Most taxes are on profits, not units sold, so unless you are thinking that sales tax is lion's share of tax that is paid out (it isn't), this isn't really an accurate view. A better way to describe taxes for corporations is being paid out of profits that could be returned to investors as profit or used for recapitalization. This would probably just result in the really wealth owners of corporations becoming even more wealth unless you also really cranked up the personal income tax for the wealthy and removed tax dodges. Businesses get to write off business expenses and deduct them from profits already, so removing taxes on profits isn't going to suddenly cause companies to radically change their expenditure on labor or infrastructure.

2) Corporations are used as personal piggy-banks by the very wealthy. By removing any taxes on corporate profits, you allow me as a majority interest holder in a large or wealthy corporation to keep my profits in the corp and then use the profits to acquire more companies and aggregate holdings completely tax free. And only divesting as I needed cash. It would be like being able to put your entire income into a tax free ROTH account, and only deducting money (and therefor paying taxes) when you bought groceries, but accruing wealth and interest in the interim.

If you want to do something like this, you would need to put some rules in place to keep corporations either reinvesting or divesting profits to shareholders and employees.

Submission + - SPAM: This search engine remembers literally everything that's been on your computer

schwit1 writes: Our brains often forget where we saw something among the countless tabs and documents on our computers each day.

To make it easier to find things, Seattle-based Atlas Informatics launched Atlas Recall, which lets you search for anything you've ever looked at on your computer.

Atlas Informatics founder and CEO Jordan Ritter calls the software "a photographic memory for your digital life." In a demonstration to CNNMoney, that proved to be a fairly accurate assessment.

Once installed, Atlas Recall displays personalized search results from the app, desktop search, or Google ,search. This includes web pages, emails, Slack chats, Netflix films, Spotify songs, or anything else that's appeared in front of your eyes on your screen.

How does it work? Once installed on your hard drive and browser, Atlas Recall runs in the background and begins collecting your activity. The company captures all the content you've looked at and stores it on its servers.

Governments and lawyers the world over are salivating.

Link to Original Source

Comment Please cite your source? (Score 1) 325

Why would the marines need anything that isn't a ground attack aircraft or a transport? Giving the marines Apaches or a-10s make sense. Giving them transport helicopters to move troops or supplies also makes sense. But why would they need fighters? When are they working in a theater of combat that the Air force or navy isn't maintaining air superiority for them?

Comment Full context and sound bites (Score 2) 235

Let's use full context here. Banning Muslims from extremest hot spots until we can improve how we vet them. Not much different from banning German men of military age from immigrating while at war with Germany.

...Or putting all the Japanese in Americans in camps. That was another great idea that helped us win the war with the Japs and the Jerries. Also, just to fully frame context of the time that you are getting your good ideas from, you should also segregate your colored soldiers from your white soldiers, and keep them mostly in manual labor and support roles.

Yessir, the 1930s and 40s were full of great ideas that we can mine!

Comment Conservative racist lies (Score -1, Troll) 235

That is a bullshit argument. Conservatives use this lie to cover their hate-mongering as simple, prudent policy, but it is pretty trivial to shoot down. If they are so concerned about enforcing immigration law, where is our wall to keep illegal Canadians out? There are plenty of drugs coming south from Canada, why isn't anyone getting worked up over that?

Selectively enforcing immigration law is xenophobic. Brown immigrants are apparently bad, white ones? not so much...

Comment Drake Equation == 1 (Score 3, Insightful) 258

... we also know things like warp drive are just not feasible...

Yet. Three hundred years ago, most of the mundane tech we use on a daily basis would have been considered to be impossible. FTL travel might be impossible via acceleration, but there are many ways to skin a cat. I think that if we don't accidental wipe ourselves out, we will eventually work out some way to travel between stars.

And there is alien life out there. The trick is just finding it.

Comment JUSTICE IS SERVED! (Score 1) 164

Modifying software/firmware on computers and devices that you don't own or have been explicitly granted access to is criminal hacking, and a federal felony. Your suggestion might work, but I suspect that the definition of 'white hat' doesn't include incurring hundreds of thousands counts of a felony activity.

Perhaps the word you were looking for is 'Vigilante'?

Comment Everyone is a moron to someone.... (Score -1, Redundant) 294

I understand it may get very frustrating to continually deal with mistakes that are, to him, stupid mistakes.

Clearly his code needs to be rewritten then. If people use your code for a decade and a half, and there are still problems after all that time with employing it correctly, who is at fault? The users, or the faulty design that makes it hard to use correctly? I am going to call out the code author here. A good coder will write code that makes it easy to employ correctly and difficult (if not impossible) to misuse.

Yeah, I just called out Linus. Come down off your thrown jerk-face, and fix your sloppy design. Coders who don't know Linux as well as you do shouldn't get tripped up by this sort of thing.

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