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Comment Dont fuck with the feds. (Score 2) 72

What exactly are they going to do besides hem and haw at this?

They will hold a senate investigation into the matter, which anyone in the right mind should be terrified of. They will start issuing subpoenas to people in charge at Yahoo, and start asking them questions on national t.v., (which will likely be embarrassing and detrimental to Yahoo's stock price and reputation). Provided that nobody tries to cover anything up (Federal prison time for lying under oath to a senate investigation), the company might get off with a reprimand, provided that there aren't any laws that were discovered to have been broken. But Senators aren't going to sign up for this investigation to NOT prosecute people for covering this up, so they will be out for blood. There is a good chance that something will have been done wrong, and some larges fines will be implemented.

I predict that there will be a number of c-level and VP early 'retirements', when yahoo's board of directors boots people for putting them in the spotlight like that. Following the investigation, expect a few new federal hacking disclosure laws to hit the books next year. This will probably not go well for Yahoo, short their stock now.

Comment Mo Brightness, Mo Power? (Score 1) 86

from TFA:

NRDC and its consultant Ecos Research found that just a few clicks on a remote control could lead many 2015 and 2016 televisions from Samsung, LG, and Vizio to use up to twice the energy that consumers were told they would.

So, they are accusing the TV manufacturers of cheating on benchmarks, and they go on to say that if a user turns up the brightness, the TV will user more power. I just lost all respect for these clowns.

Comment spend $3billion? Good for him. (Score 1) 161

My initial reaction to this and the MS announcement was to look at the calendar, and make sure it isn't April first, since /. gets particularly silly around that time of year.

My second reaction was to not really care. I hear a lot about fancy pants billionaires buying and selling companies, and promoting crazy ideas, but rarely do they seem to have much of an impact on society.

I settled on: It is a good thing if the latest billionaire dick measuring competition is to see who can cure the most diseases.

Comment This topic hurts my head (Score 1) 537

Well lets see...Electric cars, encrypting communication to keep governments from spying on people, Working to find cures for cancer, and AIDs, mapping the human genome, exploring space and other planets, improving crop yields, working to reduce carbon emissions, identifying genetic disorders, building a vast world network to improve communication, are a few things that techies are working on that I can rattle off without really thinking deeply about it. Coders and network engineers aren't usually working on solving problems directly, but the infrastructure that supports solving problems much more efficiently. Most interesting problems require teams of people with differing backgrounds to get things solved, and not some single savant coder working on the perfect algorithm for 36 hours straight. Its kind of like asking Albert Einstein's auto mechanic what has he did to improve the state of physics. A lot and very little,depending on your POV.

If you are just asking a stupid question like what sort of cool Iphone apps are single handedly saving humanity from oblivion, I really don't know what to say to you.

Articles like this speak volumes about where Slashdot's editorial quality is going....

Comment Who know if it will happen: Absolutely nobody (Score 5, Insightful) 387

Any president would have tried to catch Snowden at that point in the game. If you don't know what someone has, what they intend, and the eventual consequences of their making off with sensitive information, you keep your options open and try to stop them. Obama probably privately approves of what Snowden did at this point in time (he doesn't seem to be a conservative authoritarian type), but politically he isn't going to get involved because it gets him nothing but flack before he leaves office. He may very well sign a pardon as he walks out the door on the last day, because it will make him look good to historians in the long run, and it cost him nothing politically at that point in time.

Here is the fun and dirty fact about pardons: You could blow up a bus full of nus and orphans on National TV, and if enough people wrote their leaders demanding that you were pardoned, you would get a pardon. They have NOTHING to do with justice or fairness for better or worse. Who knows how Obama really feels about the whole incident? Who knows what public opinion will be after the film comes out. I will wager that if the film gets an Oscar or two, (and the added media attention that comes with that), that Snowden gets pardoned because grandma suddenly learns about the whole story and starts writing her representatives in Washington. If public opinion turns, senators will start falling over each other to get in line and demand he be pardoned. The pardon could very well depend on how much money a Hollywood studio decides to spread around to buy a few awards.

Snowden won't get pardoned because he did something that was morally right, but legally wrong. He will get pardoned (if he gets pardoned) because it makes someone in power look good, or it pisses of the opposition somehow. His pardon won't be about justice, but straight up political gamesmanship.

Comment The man is a traitor and should be bought shots (Score 5, Insightful) 343

He committed Treason. There is no excuse, no "okay, this time it was okay". Treason. While you approve of what he let out, how he did it and why he did it make him a traitor. We need to stop glorifying him.

....Along with those treasonous bastards who formed the country. Every one of them were traitors, inciting revolution an revolt against the King. Suffering a single traitor is to invite ruin and the decay of Executive and Federal authority!

Comment AOL IS FUCKING GEENIUS. ER GIENUS, ER... (Score 4, Funny) 107

I said the same thing at first, but if you think about it, its brilliant. When the KGB tries to hack into his personal account, they see it is an AOL account and say, 'Neyt comrade, you are mistakekink. Thees coold not be direcktors account, only retarded child use AOL account. Must be, how you say, hunny pit? Ve keep lookikink elsever.'

These CIA guys, always throwing fucking curve balls. They are like, Inception deep.....

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