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Comment C programmer? (Score 1) 215

I would hire mysidia over you any day. The whole point of common library functions is someone writes something once, and make it perfect, and then re-use it until the end of time. A good programmer can re-invent the wheel. A great programmer knows where all the wheel stores are, and the pros and cons of each one. This isn't 1988 anymore where you have to write all your own header files from scratch in isolation.

Comment Stupid is as stupid reads on the Interneyt (Score 2) 673

First off, by referring to the question I asked as a 'conspiracy theory', you are suggesting that asking questions about the chain of evidence and motives of the parties involved is somehow a crazy crank idea. Subtle straw man type suggestion, there spanky.

It is possible that the DNC isn't saying anything on the advice of lawyers, or at the request of the FBI, CIA, NSA, military or other federal agencies, who are undoubtedly investigating the hell out of this. This was a cyber attack by a hostile foreign intelligence agency, not some script kiddies defacing a AOL web page, so there are going to be a lot of people looking into this.

It is also possible that the DNC is still trying to work out what is real and what isn't. A smart way to manipulate this sort of info is to leave 99% alone, and just change a few key things so there is an air of authenticity about it. It would take a little time to properly work out the dif of the two streams.

To be clear: I never said that the email isn't 100% authentic. I am just pointing out that only a truly stupid person wouldn't start asking a lot of questions about this info considering the source.

Comment Re:Why does this matter? (Score 1) 673

The real issue is the fact that DNC tried to stop Bernie with a few underhanded tactics.

Did they? Curious how you are completely willing to believe the authenticity of data that has been revealed to have come from Russian Intel. They are willing to hack into a server to influence US elections, but they aren't above altering content here and there to sew dissent?

Comment IN SOVIET RUSSIA...I..I just cant do it.... (Score 2, Informative) 673

Conspiring to violate 18 USC/599 is a federal crime.

Assuming that the e-mail is authentic. It might well be, but there should be some serious scrutiny of any evidence that has been 'dug up' by Russian intelligence running false flag ops to influence US elections. They might just be up to something....

Trump and Putin, what a pair they would make...I bet they would get on like Hitler and Mussolini...

Comment MS evil? Nah, probably just stupid... (Score 1) 400

I am having problems with the whole 'embrace/extend/extinguish' as a business plan. Here is the problem:

This is essentially behaving as a predatory monopoly. If anyone ever was to come forward and testify that this was the actual marching orders for a government, MS would get wrecked. While they have vast resources at their disposal, a few irate senators and judges have the power of the entire government.

Now, if this was a small company, they might be able to keep a lid on such designs, but this is a large, multinational company that has been around for the past thirty plus years. If you are telling me that they have the operational security to keep this plan hushed up for that long, with that many people involved, they are better at keeping secrets than every spy agency on the planet.

Remember, just ONE person who has knowledge of these plans has to go blab to ruin everything. It looks to me that MS is mostly blundering around like a drunk bull in a china shop, occasionally wrecking a former partner who happened to be in their path. These people aren't the cylons, they certainty dont have a plan...

Comment Thanks for all the oil, here is the leftovers..... (Score 1) 350

it's incredible how much better some of my cousins can handle the heat better than I can. That wasn't the case when I lived there. I remember reading about it taking a few weeks for your blood to become thinner and more capillaries to grow in your skin which helps you cool off.

I am so very glad to hear that the people over there have the infrastructure and acclimation to handle it so well. They won't mind then if I crank up the thermostat another 10 degrees Fahrenheit, because it can get a little chilly up here in the north during the winters....

Comment Great news everyone! I have a patent on everything (Score 1) 93

... the only way to reconcile free speech with copyright's ability to restrict who may utter certain words and expressions is fair use and other exemptions to copyright, which means that laws that don't take fair use into account fail to pass constitutional muster."

Why would you even need to do that? I don't recall copyright having an amendment. Don't Constitutional rights trump pretty much everything else, period? Remind me when this happened exactly? Copyright/patents are a short term monopoly IN EXCHANGE for sharing creative works and discoveries with society. That means that you have to explain everything completely. If you don't like that, you can always just keep your creations & inventions private. (Coke's formula is a trade secret for example).

Comment Finally, a use for that tinfoil hat I wear..... (Score 0) 107

Take the damned battery out! Hasn't anybody seen NCIS!

power off device completely. Remove battery (if possible). Remove tinfoil hat and wrap phone. That should pretty much solve the problem unless I am missing something, and it gets that goofy tinfoil hat off your head so people stop looking at you strangely.

Comment DRM is teh moar baddest.... (Score 2, Informative) 61

Interestingly, this is yet another reason to never buy DRM controlled music. Not only do you have to worry about all the usual problems with DRM schemes, you also have to pay attention to EULAs. Does the company have the right (not just the ability) to alter your content? In what ways? Have they modified the terms of the EULA since you signed up for it? NEVER BUY DRM CRIPPLED MUSIC, PEOPLE!

I am beginning to wonder if the Gun Nuts have the right, I am not in any way worried about the government becoming corrupt and needing to be overthrown. I ain't scared of the government. I am worried about the lawyers needing to be overthrown...

Comment Run faster on the treadmill (Score 1) 89

Think this is stupid? Read this bit and think very carefully about it:

Create an autonomous A.I. system that can "hunt for security vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to attack a computer, create a fix that patches that vulnerability and distribute that patch -- all without any human interference.

Yahoo Tech notes that it takes an average of 312 days before security vulnerabilities are discovered -- and 24 days to patch it. "if all goes well, the CGC could mean a future where you don't have to worry about viruses or hackers attacking your computer, smartphone or your other connected devices.

Suppose you can write a learning system that grows and adapts to find new vulnerabilities and create fixes for them. That very same system can also be used to find and exploit vulnerabilities at a much faster rate too. Criminal organizations and hostile states will have a new arrow in their quiver to attack with. I suspect that if you build such a system (very hard but doable in theory) you will have the same arms race between black hats and white hats that you have now, it will just be faster paced.

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