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Comment Re:Deforestation (Score 1) 155

You've left no room for bushes and grasses.

Bushes and grasses produce a lot of oxygen .

but it's not just oxygen production.
Offsetting use of a car for a year requires 5,000 pounds of woody material per year (not pure carbon he he but it is a lot of carbon).

Grass, bushes and algae do not lock up nearly as much carbon. Most of their carbon returns quickly to the environment as they are consumed and their smaller less sturdy bits rot quickly.

Comment Re:It's okay, inflation is only 1.6% (Score 1) 206

Look at the BLS hedonic inflation adjustment page. Besides some long hairy formulas that's all they give.

Adjusting for inflation can be tricky- I admit that. New products can destroy several older markets (no mp3players any more).

But the facts are that all meat is up about 25% over the last 6 years. TV Dinner are up bout 25% over the last 6 years (and showing strong signs of going to 35% soon). Vegetables are up over 25%. Admittedly Gasoline is down. The things people actually buy are going up faster than CPI. But the closer your income is to being just enough to buy food, the stronger the inflation you have experienced (the poor and the elderly)

So the BLS hedonically assumes that as beef gets to expensive you'll go to turkey. Or when your 27" CRT dies, you'll get a big screen TV.

Comment Re: Echo chamber (Score 1) 834

The LIbertarians had at least four people running. They only put one on the ballot, because Libertarians do not believe the government should be a part of ANY political party's election. Libertarians don't have any problem with political parties putting their own candidate (singular) on the ballot, what they oppose is the Government sponsoring party politics via the "primary" process.

Can you give me one good reason why the government should sponsor (private) party elections?

Comment Re: Yeah but there's a whole world out there (Score 1) 834

Brexit isn't the horrible choice the anti Brexit people want you to believe. It also isn't the Panacea that the Pro-Brexit people say it is.

It will have good bits, and bad bits, and in the end will mostly be a wash. Which is bad for all the people who want globalism touting it to be the cure all for all of man's ills.

Comment Re:Yeah but there's a whole world out there (Score 1) 834

If Trump wins it will be confirmation that democracy is failing in the English speaking world.

Perhaps you like the kind of Democracy that is in the PDRK, where the choices are made before the ballot box and people only affirm the one choice they actually have?

I guess to people like you, it doesn't matter that Trump defeated, at the Ballot box, against the machine of the GOP establishment, 15 (or so) other GOP opponents, securing his nomination via a democratic process, fair and square. I guess you'd rather have Hillary, who conspired with the DNC to anoint her with a crown, over Bernie Sanders.

Perhaps we just need to have the Political Elite's just appoint our leaders for us, since we are all a "basket of deplorables" and why isn't Hillary winning by 50% ??

Comment Re:Bad? (Score 1) 834

Soros, the Convicted Felon, who made his fortune committing fraud and currency manipulation. Which is Ironic considering how the left tends to view places like Wall Street and its traders. Also Ironic is Hillary taking millions of dollars from Wall Street, and all those former "Occupy" people are still going to vote for her.

Comment Re:Brilliant insight. (Score 1) 834

As opposed to Hillary who believes that ONLY she can fix it, but has a far worse record of breaking everything she touches?

Sorry, but Both suck, but Hillary sucks much worse, because she has a proven track record of breaking shit, and then lying about it. "WE didn't lose anyone in Libya" (yes, she actually said that). The big difference between Hillary and Donald is that with Donald, the press won't give him the same pass that they have already proven they'll give Hillary on every gaff, mistake, foible and .... "dehydration" event that she has.

Comment Re:So Palmer supports a fascist demagogue. (Score 1) 834

Hillary is also a piece of shit, but not one that would immediately alienate 90% of the rest of the planet, and likely plunge us into thermonuclear war within 6 months of taking office.

1) She just called at least 25% of America (probably a lot more) a "Basket of Deplorables".
2) They said the same thing about Reagan. And that didn't turn out anywhere near as bad as all the leftwing insult hurlers said it would.
3) 90% alienation rate is probably highly exaggerated. But considering Chalk Marks counts "offense" these days, I'm okay with offending people. You know what happens when you're offended? Leprosy, you get leprosy. I can only imagine what happens when you alienate these people. Probably full blown AIDS or perhaps retroactive microcephaly on the victims.

You really should get a wider outlook on American Politics than whatever it is that you're digesting.

Comment Re:Incoming liberal asspain (Score 1) 834

That's electably moderate in america.

If you want to vote for Stein please go ahead. But be aware it's a vote for trump if you are in a swing state. We got 8 years of bush, a 3 trillion dollar war, and several conservative justices out of the the last "protest" vote.

If you are in a reliable Clinton state- feel free to protest vote.

(If you are conservative and in a reliable Trump state- feel free to protest vote. Or better yet- vote for republican candidates but skip voting for Trump. Trump's not qualified to be president and a republican congress and senate will check Clinton).

Clinton agrees with Sanders on many positions. She has conservative stances but so does the entire democratic party.

If you want to slit yer own throat, I'm not going to be able to stop you tho.

But mainly- she will not nominate extremely conservative supreme court justices and might even nominate some liberal justices.

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