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Comment Re:"Millennials" (Score 1) 186

Dag Nabbit those lazy Mellennials who are working multiple jobs. Why don't they settle in one good paying job!
No we will not retire (We are going to stay at our high paying jobs until we die), we will not train you to take our position. We will tell them to work hard, when they do we will show them that life isn't fair and hard work isn't the case but just luck.

We want America like it was when the rest of the world was bombed out and rebuilding from WWII. To show how special we were because everyone happened to be in the middle of the war.

Comment Re:"Business People" (Score 1) 162

In some ways but it does correct itself.

The thing is an unregulated market will correct itself but it will experience massive highs which everyone will love than massive drops with could put people in the poor house or dead. So if unchecked people could be putting a lot of money in a failing business until it fails, once it fails it had corrected all the over investments.

However that is economic theory. Real life has real people who need to make it in the world. So there needs to be a moderating force. Regulation when used as a moderating force is quite handy, however it needs to allow some risk in the markets as risks allow wonderful successes just as it can cause massive failures. Communism and similar economics, while prevent people from starving on the street, it also puts the country in a time bubble where there isn't much progress over they years.

So the real question is where to set the dial on control. Too tight you cause your culture to stagnate, too little there is high chance of disastrous risk.

I expect the zone has less regulations than most of Europe but more regulations that the US has.

Comment Re:In other words significantly worse than a hot a (Score 1) 38

Chuck Yeager's Bell X-1 That broke the sound barrier. Wasn't useful for fighting or carrying cargo. All it did was go faster than sound.

Still 70 years later we only break the sound barrier on a limited bases. As its cost and safety are still large concerns.

Now lets say you take this solar technology and make solar power blimps, and we move to slow and steady transportation future.

Comment Re:22 Days? (Score 4, Informative) 38

Like a lot of people you miss the point. Sometimes the invention isn't meant to be mass produced but more of a proof that it can be done. Having it travel the world was a publicity stunt. But it was a stunt to show the advancements in solar energy. Not to spur a world of solar heavier than air aircraft. However the real progress is in using technology to build an aircraft light enough, and with enough power generation to support a long term flight.

Now if we take the stuff that we learned, use these solar panels on our homes, use the construction to make more fuel efficient planes. Even just keep the knowledge around until solar panels get more efficient or batteries get lighter to make such a device more useful.
However to pull such a stunt safely shows progress.

Comment Re:What's wrong with the current iPhone? (Score 1) 31

I think they will have USB-C ones. Vs. the old standard ones if you want Head Phones that are cabled.
Of course the more annoying part is the headphones that come with the iPhone will not work on other stuff.
I am not an audio snob. But the default iPhone earbuds are better quality than many of the cheaper ones. So I will plug them into the Treadmill at the gym, or in my PC. if USB-C actually catches on it will take many years before it will be consistent in most devices. As my Gym isn't going to replace it $4,000 treadmills just because some users don't have compatible headphones. Heck they had the old iPod dock in it that doesn't work with the new devices.

Comment Re:Breaking news: investors are idiots (Score 2) 162

Instead of shorting, I would suggest to just sell the stocks.
Shorting Stocks is buying against the company. So you will have 100 stocks in Nintendo and 100 stocks against Nintendo in essence 0ing your value.

Now Stock shorting is good for reducing volatility in stocks where a similar stock is expected to follow the trend, but not as much. So if both go up, the more volatile stock will still go up but not as much. And when they go down the same thing. Preventing a massive crash.

Comment Re:"Business People" (Score 5, Insightful) 162

The stock market isn't rational. It never was.
A company lays off people the stocks go up. Not because the company is restructuring to something new, but because that is what people are told is how it works. Layoffs raise the stock prices. So you hear about layoffs you run to try to get the price before it rises more.

Comment Re:What's wrong with the current iPhone? (Score 1) 31

Then don't get one.
However they are some people with older models say the iPhone 5 or less. which are starting to feel its age. Where apps for it are no longer designed for that phone and your OS isn't going to be supported going further.
Also they are some android users who may want a newer phone where the iPhone is better for them. (Also some iPhone users will go to Android for the better variety).
However being that the Phone Prices don't drop over time unless there is a new version. Many people will get the new phone when it is released as to maximize their time having state of the art phone.

I had the origional iPhone I got in 2008 and only retired it in 2015 the thing still works, but we needed something better.

Comment Re:Cheesy 80's movie excuse (Score 1) 692

The Media usually has her as a rather cold person who seems to be more strategic than caring. The people who I have talked to and they were all very consistent and worked on different political spectrums said that she was actually a rather warm person who actually listens and cares about the issues you bring up, even if she disagreed with it she didn't just dismiss them but listen to them to see if there was a good middle ground. And for the most part she actually cared about the people being affected by the action and less about just doing what is normally done.

That said, she has been in politics a long time, and her actions do not seem to mesh with people's reaction to her.

Comment Re:Cheesy 80's movie excuse (Score 1) 692

While not trying to sound like a blind Hillary Supporter. Any Politician who has been in the game for a while had associated with corrupt people, and had some degree of corruption from it.

Sanders seem to avoid most of it from being mostly a nobody in the senate for most of his career. Senator (who runs as independent from a tiny state known for it quirky behavior).
While Clinton being First Lady of a Popular president, followed by a job as a Senator of New York (one of the largest states) then a job as Secretary of State. If you were to suckup to anyone she would be a good target.

Now Trump while hasn't been politically corrupted spent his career being the Corrupter.

Also I have met many people worked with Clinton. And apparently the real Clinton is much different than what the press makes her out to be. However corruption comes with being powerful. As people will want to influence you in any way possible.

Comment Re:No, and no (Score 1) 126

I wouldn't worry so much if it was a Microsoft Product or not. The big concern with getting a gaming system when there is a new one expected to be released is the ability to get new games for the system. I am not a gamer so I don't know he details. However if the XBox One and the XBox One S will run the same games going forwards towards the life of the product, and the only difference is being able to run on 1080p vs 4k and you have no plans on getting a 4k TV. Then you are probably good.
However if the One S games will be incompatible with the One on any screen resolution than you may not considering the cheaper price for a shorter useful life on the product.

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