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Comment Re:Floppy drive (Score 1) 270

Despite the grime. If you leave the disk in, and use the drive it more or less keeps the internals clean. I had worked at factories, where the PC's have been running for decades, when I open them up the area where they are fans are grubby, however places where there is limited airflow they are like new.

Comment Re:Clinton is above the law (Score 2, Insightful) 381

Oh just quit all the conspiracy nonsense.

1. Back in the early and mid 00's having your own email was the "Cool" thing to do. As for people in such short term government positions will want an email that will follow them.
2. Shouldn't the government have a track of all the email sent on its servers. And we just pull all of them that went to Clinton's server and we will know what sensitive information that went across.
3. Is there any evidence that she scolded or discouraged people from sending emails to her work email?
4. If this was such a big deal, why didn't anyone bring it up earlier, until she decided to run for president?

In short I don't see where she broke the law. The person who may had broke the law is the person who sent classified information to her email address.
But I agree with the FBI she did have a bad judgement using personal email for work... However she is a politician not a IT expert.

If it was an average guy who did this... Chances are they may had lost their job, but not had criminal activity put on him.

Comment Re:Which is cool... (Score 1) 141

You should be well aware, that the movie industry is opposed to that, and make sure this isn't allowed in their license.

It is supposably to stop illegal sharing of the data. But I think it is more to keep the honest honest approach. Having a file you obtained legally sitting on your PC ready to be copied and shared with your friend who would share it with their friend...

While currently the person would actually have to go to the darknet to get the pirated version.

Comment Re:Bandiwidth is *free* fallacy.. (Score 1) 227

Bandwidth isn't free. However technology makes it cheaper to produce every day.

My cable internet has the same cables it always had for decades. As the companies course of business where they replace their technogy it gets faster and faster. So for your current price you should expect increased bandwidth.

When I was a kid I use to run a BBS. It was first at 2400bps. Then after the modem died I went to 14.4k my users liked the extra speed and there was no way I could find a 2400bps at the store anymore. Then after that died I went 56k modem.

Having a modem die was part of the risk running a BBS replacing it cost money but it was mostly the same amount each time and we get faster speed.

Comment Re: Comment (Score 2) 315

You don't need the DOB for Age discrimination in tech.
If you meet the job experience requirements, then you are too old to work there.

Also even if you are young and like to learn Old Technology and Languages as a hobby better not put them on your resume, because then you will be pinned as an old timer.

Comment Re:Privacy Concerns. (Score 1) 52

The difference is that they know you are in a vehicle and which vehicle. To get that data from your phone, there will be a lot more statistical correlation on the data. So if your phone is going 100mph in a 45mph zone. How do they know it is you, or your just left your phone in a car that went at that speed.

If it is a car that is registered to you, you hold responsibility for infractions of that car.

Also being that we know it is automobile data. if we want to catch speeders it is a much smaller data sets with less big computation.

Select Distinct C.Name, C.Address, Cast(D.DatapointDT as date) InfractionDate from Customer C left join DrivingData D on C.CustomerID = D.CustomerID where D.SpeedSegment >= 75

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