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Comment Re:I guess /. still approves this crap (Score 1) 269

Sadly this is mostly true (but not entirely).
A key part of an economy is the ability to purchase something and have a clear path of recourse if you don't get what you pay for. While bitcoins themselves don't cause this problem it is the anonymous transactions that do. It put the buyer in greater risk because the seller has all the advantages. If I buy x in bit coins the seller will know who I am to deliver the goods however if if I don't know who the seller is then if what I get isn't what I purchase, I have less ability to fight this. Because I will not have a person to bring to judge. However being the seller will have the info to deliver product to me. He could use that data against me if it was to his self interest.

Comment Re:A cubesat also costs less than the ISS (Score 0) 179

Exactly it isn't the cost that is holding us back.
It is the ambition to do so. The individuals with the money to do this would much rather risk their money in someothst can have a better reward for them.
That is why space exploration has been in the domain of governments because it had latitude to try thing for betterment of its citizens.
But today man space flight seems like a waste of effort to the government because of lack of leadership and risks of failure will cause lost jobs

Comment Re:Well Shit (Score 1) 61

For most people if their privacy is invaded they will not get into trouble. However it doesn't mean that there isn't aspect of their life that they would like to keep private. We have our outward persona and our inner desires. They normally will not fully match up. So you know this guy who it Big Tough Ladies man then you dig around and find that he enjoys chick flicks and Musical Theater, doesn't really show anything that would put him in a compromising position. But steps on how he wants to present himself to the world.

Comment Re:"Best" (Score 1) 299

In theory yes... However the following factors are in play.
Managers tend to want to be paid more than their subordinates. So the average worker will get rewarded more than the best worker.
Getting a raise is nice, getting additional power to do your job your prefered way is important too. Also getting a title change is important. Otherwise it can appear that your job is going to a dead end direction. And the best employee may be gone in a few years.
The worst working staying to do the dirty work, often the dirty work still needs to be done well, and have them doing it means it doesn't get done well. Also they get angry for doing all the tough jobs while the better workers seem to be getting all the easy ones. Making it easier for them to seem like they are better workers.


Comment Re:Not a direct boss... but an egomanic though (Score 1) 299

For this case the mistake was that you were rude to the VP, and more or less threatened him.
If you went "I am sorry but I am not allowed to let anyone in without a valid ID."

And if he did pull a "Do you know who I am?" The response should be a polite "No am am sorry I do not." Then if he stated that he was the VP just escort him to someone who should know who he was for validation.

Comment Re:Too smart for his own good (Score 4, Insightful) 299

Well if you said it will take 3 months and he figured he could do it in 2 days, and he has the ability to do it in 2 days. I would probably look at yourself and your team. Perhaps you were exaggerating what happened.
Because I can see your point if you estimated 3 months and he said 1 month of work. As an experienced developer can normally outcode someone more Jr. by a factor of 3 so they may forget this and give you a lower estimate.
But if you say 3 months and he says 2 days. You may want to go back and get more clarification on what is needed to get done. Because it sounds like there is a miscommunication on scope.


Comment Re:And now a Rant from all the Vista Supporters... (Score 2) 167

Windows 2000 wasn't marketed as a Home Operating System. It was a business Workstation OS to Replace NT 4.0
XP was marketed to Replace Windows 98 and ME. When 2000 was released a lot of people did use it for their home PC. But that wasn't MS Intent. But seeing its popularity probably urged XP development toward the NT kernel.
But when 2000 was released when you got your standard Compaq, eMachine, Gateway 2000 or Dell PC. It came with 98 or ME standard. Unless you were going with a business account.

Comment And now a Rant from all the Vista Supporters... (Score 1) 167

Much like how When Windows XP was released it was a hated OS with its FisherPrice Interface, All its problems from moving the Home PC to the NT kernel vs the DOS based Windowed Shell that use to be Windows. When went out of support we had a bunch of lover saying why get rid of it because it is so good.

I would love to see what love letters are coming out from Vista (one of the most hated WIndows Versions (besides ME) to be released)

Comment Re:Leave the original (Score 1) 542

The original didn't hold up to the test of time either.
While the Matrix wowed people in the 1990s and they thought it could be the Star Wars for Generation X it shortly became a product of its time. With the 1990s Dark for the sake of dark because anything light is a sign of campy. Really made the characters too one dimensional and boring after you got the plot of the movie and it's rewatchedabily is low.

Comment Re:Google as gatekeeper of truth (Score 1) 429

Not unpopular but untruthful.
You have the right to say people of x group are bad shouldn't have such rights.
But you are abusing free speech when you say group x did all these untruthful and unproven acts thus my view on x is justified. Especially if you are posing as an expert as it is your job to state this information.

Comment Re:Bias from personal preference (Score 5, Insightful) 183

The problem is that Bosses, Managers and Sales Extraverts, so these open (Noisy) environments are comfortable to them, and all the noise and hustle and bustle is comforting to them that people are working and excited on what they are doing.
While the Problem Solvers tend to be introverts will prefer the quiet space, to be alone with their thoughts, try things make mistakes without judgement, and sit down and really focus on the problem at hand. But to those managers seeing the guy just sit there and think looks horribly unproductive.

That said most of the High Performance employees are also professionals so when things get loud or distraction just just deal with it. However most of them would be happier if they are working in a quiet location than a loud active room.

Comment Re:Google as gatekeeper of truth (Score 3, Insightful) 429

As I see it we are in a no win scenario.
On the Web, Lies, Misinformation, Conspiracy theories, and Passionate Hyperbole carry the same weight as solid truth. Often when something is true, it is often sited a small number of times, while the Anti-truth messages need to broadcasted over and over again so to be ingrained.

While I don't like the idea that there is a small number of people judging what is true and not for the public to see, however as a culture we had abused our free speech rights creating a situation where checks and balances need to be put in.

Comment Re:Not all applications are ported to tablets (Score 1) 242

Your argument 1. Fear of getting stolen because it is in a bigger bag, Is a stupid argument. Thieves will take what ever they can get their hand on. So you if you leave you wallet on the train or a full size tote bag. Chances are they both can get stolen if you are not watching it. However chances are the larger bag will have less of a chance to be stolen as it would be easier for the Thief to conceal the smaller bag then the bigger one.

Your Argument 2. If you are going to be using modern software with all the security patches in place. your P4 will be painful. Otherwise you will be using older versions of the OS and software designed for the slower systems thus not have the security patching up to snuff. Oddly enough most of the bloat in modern software is Security and Stability features to prevent unexpected inputs from causing unpredictable results.

Comment Re:a real keyboard (Score 2) 158

The market isn't filled with built in cases because it is a rather stupid idea.
1. By the time you get the product out Apple will have a new product with a new form factor so you will need to start over again.
2. You are spending a lot of money on a case meant to protect your phone from damage but fill it with damagageable technology.
3. It is huge and bulky
4. When it is in place it no longer looks like an Apple product
5. Most people may want 1 or 2 extra features which can be used with a cheaper dongle, that takes less space.
6. The device is a phone not a PC! You don't get these for all the IO ports and expandability, but for what you get with the device.

If you want an Android device one with the ports and features you want go ahead there is no shame in that. Also if you find the Apple device does what you want go with that there is also no shame in that.

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