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Comment Re:What Constitution? (Score 3, Insightful) 304

This is where slippery slope fallacy isn't really a fallacy. In just today's news, there are several different versions of assault on our liberties enumerated in the Constitution. And while you may be in favor of some of those assaults (from both Right and Left), I can assure you that ALL of them will eventually get passed, when nobody is looking or paying attention. And the real criminals, those in congress violating their oath, will be congratulated by those that support their party blindly.

So, no, it isn't hyperbole.

Comment Re:So... they are making a feature phone? (Score 1) 97

And, I'll bet dollars to donuts that most, if not almost all, of those apps are Webpages wrapped in a GUI package. Notable exception is probably some of your games.

I used to have apps for a lot of those things, but found the website versions to be much better and more consistent to how I normally work anyways. It is convenient for sure, but when shortcut to Netflix Web is ... just about as convenient as the App. You should try it if you haven't already.

Comment Re:So... they are making a feature phone? (Score 1) 97

Actually, most of the "impteen million apps" are crap, even for those that have tried them. If you have ten active users of your "app", and Billions of people don't want / need you have a very small niche market. That makes it more or less "crap" for the rest of the billions of people.

MOST of the Apps, the big ones, have millions of users, and those are fairly easy to identify. The problem is, Facebook isn't going to write an App for NEWOS, until there is significant user base that is there. And you won't have significant user base, until Facebook (et al) are there, creating a nice little chicken/egg problem for NEWOS adoption.

Unless there is a significant differentiation between the NEWOS and the other two (iOS/Android) that provides significant user experience improvement .. it is unlikely to be an instant hit.

Comment Re:sigh.. (Score 1) 213

All you hear from the left is "take away freedom A" and all you hear from the right is "take away freedom B".

Same bird. Wings are being clipped. And people wonder why we are flightless chickens.

Stop voting for the side that is clipping wings, because it will eventually cause your side to fall out of the sky too.

Comment Re: Windows Phones... Do they sell them? (Score 1) 75

The fact that Tiles make Windows Phone look like AOL from 95 is besides the point, right?

Besides, My android home screens are exactly what I want, minimalistic, with only the icons for the six or eight things I regularly use, and everything else in the App Drawer (hidden). And the number of customizable Widgets (think "smart tiles") is way more numerous than any smart tile options Microsoft thinks its users want.

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