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Comment Re:Competition is good (Score 2) 170

The problem with recent Mac OS releases is their seemingly anti-user direction. Style - not over function, but - against function. Thinner fonts that look like crap on regular, non-HiDPI monitors? Check. Pale pastel colours? Check. Removing any hint about widgets outlines? Check. Hiding or even removing functions because most people don't use them, even if they were available before? Check.

Things started to fall apart when "Mr. Industrial Designer" became in charge of GUI design. Hint: industrial design does not equal user interface design.

Comment Re:Add THIS to the map (Score 1) 39

How do you suggest getting rid of the boom box bass cars? You hear them from a mile away, cannot see them, do not know exactly where they are because low frequencies are omnidirectional and by the time you call cops they'll either tell you there's nothing they can do about it without a license plate number and/or they can't stop people because of "freedom of expression" or some other shit.

Comment Re:Simple explanation (Score 2) 51

Since Samsung also manufactures its own batteries, they have to up their game. It's not just about smartphones, it's also about their own 2170/21700 batteries going head-to-head with Tesla/Panasonic.

If they can't give proof that they're being extra-careful, nobody's going to want electric cars with Samsung batteries in them, which in turn means electric car manufacturers won't buy Samsung batteries.

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