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Comment Re:No complaints here (Score 1) 265

Indeed. My son-in-law's best friend fights wildfires, and he's expecting a bumper summer, because despite lots of snow in Coastal British Columbia, interior regions have had far less snow, which means there's a high expectation that this is going to be a very bad year for forest fires. The costs of those fires are monumental, and many of those costs are spread fire and wide by insurance companies who will need to jack up premiums across the entire pool to make up for the costs. Insurance rates are literally the canary in the coal mine here, and actuaries have been factoring the numerous effects of climate change for some time now.

Comment Re: No complaints here (Score 2) 265

No, deserts heat up and expand, and you have hundreds of millions of people trying to move into your back yard, meaning you have to pay a fuck ton more in taxes to support border patrols, armies, all the while you're facing food and water supply problems because your bread basket regions suddenly are less productive, and you become more reliant on foreign sources of agriculture. Meanwhile many other costs, like insurance, start skyrocketing, or many climate-related problems simply aren't covered. Oh yes, and as mentioned elsewhere collapse of many major fisheries, which will lead to huge pressures on coastal populations in many parts of the world where those fisheries are a significant, if not primary source of protein.

Will it happen in your lifetime? If you're under thirty, very likely yes. I'm in my mid-40s, so hopefully I'll miss some of the nastier effects. My kids and grandchldren won't, sadly. But the West is pretty wealthy, so doubtless will pull through relatively alright, though tens of millions of refugees fleeing regions far more vulnerable and far less economically capable of weathering the worst of it, will start showing up, as I mention above, and the costs of keeping them out or integrating them will be huge. Some areas will simply become unlivable by even the hardier animals, and people have this habit of not just sitting down and dying when survival where they are becomes impossible.

Comment Re:This! (Score 1) 63

I should also have provided my solution. I have Mac, Linux and Windows versions of Keepass and KeepassX on a thumb drive. I clone the drive and maintain a backup in a safe. My thumb drive contains the keepass DBs as well as the binaries. It's portable and self contained so I don't worry about someone snagging my data. The master password is a beyatch for my master DB containing other passwords. Other keepass DBs which actually contain connection data have a 32 character random "strong" password stored in the master.

Comment Re: No complaints here (Score 1) 265

What we do know is that Saudi Arabia is spinning off the largest sovereign wealth fund in history. The Saudis know full well that petroleum's reckoning is coming soon, so they're making what they can of it while they can. Like I say elsewhere, in a hundred years I bet large swathes of the Arabian desert will be salt reactors and solar collector arrays. I'll wager they have every intention of being energy titans, whether that be in the form of fossil fuels or solar.

And really, who the hell would want to invest in oil right now? It's clear that OPEC has lost any power to manipulate the price. Every time it looks like supply is going to be restricted, boom the price gets knocked again. Up here in Canada we're watching investment in the oil sands fall simply because production costs are so high, and oil prices so low, that there's little point to even bothering. Shell has sold off 1.3 billion dollars in assets in Canada, so when the big guys begin to act like the end game is coming, you know it isn't far off.

Of course, for the petroeconomies this is a disaster. Whether it's the extreme case like Venezuela, or the more moderate economic contractions of Alberta or North Dakota, a lot of jurisdictions who have basically lived off the oil teat are facing long-term woes.

Comment Re:This! (Score 1) 63

if you don't control the Git server you suffer from the same problem. Once someone obtains your files, the cracking can begin. I'm not saying that cracking would be easybut the amount of resources available to hackers is insane. There are millions of compromised hosts being used constantly for these purposes, as well as sending spam, serving malware, etc... The old days of simply being concerned with State Actors is no longer valid.

Comment This! (Score 2) 63

I know of companies (perhaps even my current) which recommends people use LastPass over KeePass/KeePassX. The fact that they recommend a person use a password generator is good, but anything in the Cloud means that you _DO_NOT_ have physical control of the system storing passwords. The First rule of security is that you must have physical control of everything. All other Security rules come after that one.

The Company problem is a symptom of promoting "marketing geniuses" and "number crunchers" to be in charge of Security, instead of promoting Security geniuses to be in charge of Security. As a security expert I have some great horror stories about bad decisions, and can tell you that stock options are constantly ready to be sold.

Comment Re: No complaints here (Score 1) 265

Others make the case better. I'm just here to call out pseudo-skeptics for what they are; liars and morons. Do you think, say, anti-vaxxers, Creationists and the whole "HIV doesn't cause AIDS" crowd deserve some sort of continued decent respect. At some point, people who make false and absurd claims should simply be treated like the intellectual midgets they really are.

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