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Comment We tried to tell people (Score 3, Insightful) 196

They don't care that IoT is a horrible idea, and they ignore countless other security practices to increase their own pocket wads. Power holders want to track your every move and dig every loose penny they can find out of _your_ pocket in the process.

Stop connecting every damn thing to the Internet, and start securing what you have to have connected. This is not a mentally challenging thought process, so if you don't "get it" that makes you...

Comment Wow (Score 1, Offtopic) 122

You start okay, because yeah many of us are fed up with a political class running ram-shod over the rest of us so that they can work toward their global domination agenda. Obama's UN speech made it clear that he does not care as much about sovereignty as he does about that agenda. The "We" in his speech that need to make sacrifices to support that end do not include him and the political class who has been wiping their ass with the US Constitution for decades. You in Europe are not much better off, but in fairness we have lost much more liberty because we had more.

Then, you go off to the deep end. Most intellectuals working in security are for personal Liberty, which is the exact opposite of Sanders. That leaves us with Trump as the only hope, which does not have great odds but it's better than a very well known liar. Sanders attracted crusaders who are not well educated in history, not the students of history. Sanders was shat upon, but that was in the cards when he was chosen to run against her. He got a decent retirement plan for his efforts, he's not too worried. People who followed him on the other hand found the system to be corrupt and many have dropped out. Study Communist transformation, and you will see that demoralizing the populace is requirement in large doses. This crap was well known 50 years ago and published by defecting KGB agents.

Why do people say "Russians"? That is a multi-part answer. The easiest is that it takes people's eyes away from the wrong doing you started with. Will this double dipping person face any penalty for shafting tax payers? Will the people who employed her? Obama is running around on Tax payer dollars for Hillary fundraisers and campaign purposes. But hey, look at those stinky Russians.

I'll grant you that the game is complex, but it's not "that" complex if you focus on the team playing. They own the media and own most politicians, and it's a club that you can't join.

Comment I still won't use it (Score 1) 29

I know some people love it, but I am hard pressed to think of anything worth saying in 140 characters or less. I always saw Twitter as like an emergency broadcast system for the Internet, not a form of conversation. Adding an image won't change my view, I have wind in my sails. Just read some of my posts.

Comment Re:Disgusting (Score 1) 55

Making education entertaining conditions children into enjoying education.

Prove it. If that was true today's society would be producing a populace with higher IQs than we have previously had, yet we have a massive reduction in IQ's over the last 70 or so years. Facts show you are wrong, and was the point of my post. How many people were patting Descartes on the back and giving him and his classmates participation trophies? How many circuses did Einstein attend during the public portion of his schooling? He dropped out because it was easy, not because he was not entertained. Socrates must have been surrounded by all of the artists and courtesans in Athens, show me some proof that he was "entertained" to learn.

A common thread among the geniuses of the past is that they all started education at a very early age and it was ground into them, so they almost instinctively had it become their raison d'tere.

Veritably untrue if you are using a generalization akin to modern schools. We start kids in School at 4 to 5 years old today, way before kids were walking miles and miles to and from school. Most kids at 4-5 were taught at home and performed menial chores. Interest in education starts young, but school is not the culprit for sparking interest.

You can't roll back the clock, so talking about the good old days doesn't solve anything. Work with where we are now, the world we are in today.

I may be cynical but I ground my position in facts. You on the other hand are defeatist and don't seem to care much about facts. So you lose, give me my way! My side has to win every couple hundred years to put reality back in place. Seriously, check a history book sometime.

Comment Dishonest (Score 1, Insightful) 379

He is not a fugitive from rape, he is "wanted" for questioning regarding allegations of rape which were answered long ago. Read the case and it becomes clear that the case most likely a setup for what Assange claims. "To give the US the ability to extradite him for charges of espionage, and dozens of other charges that will land him in jail for life." You should really either find facts before speaking or be more cautious with your words. He was never put on trial, never convicted of a crime, and to give you a shortcut both women are ex-girlfriends who had consensual sex with him frequently long before any allegation. Allegations came out much later. Assange has offered to answer questions and face inquiry in safe space and that has been refused. Sweden has refused to guarantee him amnesty from extradition if he came in for questioning. You can dislike him for a whole lot of reasons, but making false accusations makes you worse than him releasing too much information.

There is a history here in the US of false rape allegations for political agendas. Duke got us Title 9, UNLV and at least a dozen other high profile allegations were completely fabricated yet hyped to continue to divide the country and used for political gain by our Progressive left. You don't have to like facts, but don't ignore the facts. There are plenty of articles and legal experts who defend Assange, and if you understand the media collusion with politics you will see why they are hidden from public view on your favorite TV show.

Your question can simply be answered as "no", but I think it's a good bluff. If the US accepts it pretty much demonstrates that the charges were fabricated and Sweden was colluding with the US to arrest someone they dislike.

Your second question demonstrates complete ignorance, or perhaps it was just buffoonery. France is not in the legal equation, at all.

Comment Disgusting (Score 4, Insightful) 55

Education _IS_ entertainment. The most brilliant minds in history were not surrounded by circus clowns and gladiators to learn, they took pleasure in learning because the end result is finding more knowledge and teaching others. The Academy in Athens was not full of hookers and cocaine, yet it produced the overwhelming majority of Political Philosophy we see today, the majority of the Mathematics we use and see today, and extended a language which became the root of most languages spoken today. Socrates died middle class yet taught, and still teaches those willing to *gasp* read a book today. Aristotle s Trig and early Calculus, Euclid's Geometry, and Pythagoras's Math are still taught today. They did it without bright flashy lights and everyone being required to path them on the back and get trophies for "trying".

We have immense problems with Government mandated "common core" and that's after more than a half a century of curriculum cutting and reorganization to turn "Education" into "Indoctrination". And you want "entertainment"? Are you speaking from a position of ignorance or insanity?

Either way, you and people making these types of statements and demands make me understand why the USA has gone from one of the top places in the World for education to the 29th for math and science. This is not a problem of kids being dumb, it's a problem of parents being dumb and believing propaganda over facts.

Comment Remember (Score 1) 87

More often than not posts are considered "trolls" because they differ from, or harm the opposition. I occasionally get posts rated "troll" where the only argument against my position is ad hominem. My position tends to harm the progressive agenda, go figure.

As to not restrict my point to my own personal anecdotes, see how Trump has been treated since day one in media. I don't agree with all of Trumps policies and can happily debate where I think there are problems. The media flat out lies and claims he does not have any. I guess they can't find the keys to that interweb thing. Perhaps the people in charge of finding and reading papers are all now working at the same outsourcing firm as the Disney people?

Hillary on the other hand has scandal after scandal and MSM refuses to acknowledge them, let alone actually perform their journalistic duty and investigate any of them. I heard Prager and Shapiro talk about the people paying to play, including some of the people in the game. MSM however is way too busy telling everyone how courageous she is for taking a few days off the campaign trail for pneumonia. Oh, and did any of those same people praising her offer an apology to the people they demonized as "conspiracy theorists" for saying something was wrong with her? Has Hillary apologized to the people she may have infected from the magical time of diagnosis (Friday which no media person could confirm) until they had to wheel her away to that great medical establishment called "Chelsea's Apartment"? I know she lacks the Bernie and Trump support, but I'd bet there were at least a few dozen people exposed in the three days of campaigning.

I am pretty sure my cynic is showing.. sorry about that.

Comment Wait, what? (Score 1) 87

A social media outlet who has been repeatedly proven to censor information harmful to certain Marxist/Progressive/Socialist agendas, and been advocate for propaganda to politicians is being criticized and you claim the person making the criticism is a Russian Troll? How about you talk about issues which are derived in fact and stop protecting the various forms of media which would make the Pravda jealous? Are you paid to shill using the rules for radicals? Mkay then

Comment Correct, but.. (Score 2) 87

We have customers demanding that we host their data in the cloud. Making matters worse, our executives all see it as a great way to cut costs. In other words, people worried about security are ignore when people above them can get fat bonus checks for cost cutting. Given the lack of punishment those people receive from all levels, that won't be changing any time soon.

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