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Comment Re:Is it overreach both ways? (Score 1) 164

Which bathroom to use isn't recognized as a basic human right or a protected classification by federal law, so states and lower level legislators have leeway to operate. Until it is something the federal government acts upon, they are free to do as they wish within the bounds of the law. They are empowered to do that by the 10th amendment.

Comment Re:I am curious if people think this is good or ba (Score 2) 164

Airbnb/VRBO has had a very noticeable impact in the lease and sales market in many cities in Southern California. Landlords can make more money renting out a house a few days a month over the course of a year than they do with a 12 month lease. It's the middle of March, most of the nation is still chilly, some experiencing very wintery weather. It was 80+ and very sunny in the Southland last week. People pay big bucks for that.

And that's ignoring the impact it has on local communities, businesses, and schools. These newly transient communities are turning areas with neighborhoods built around community into cities like Parker AZ where nearly any decently located property is a vacation rental property.

Comment I can't hear myself think (Score 5, Interesting) 183

When I'm in the office I can't hear myself think, and anyone I'm on the phone with hears everyone around me. It loses us customers as they believe it wholly unprofessional. My employer has an open layout approach and no white noise along with no noise cancelling headsets, so all my customers and I hear is everyone around me. And some of these assholes take pride in being loud("you're telling me to change who I am!"). Luckily, I work from home or on the road the majority of the time, so I don't have to deal with it, but, ultimately, fuck open layouts. Give me offices, or at least tall cubes.

Comment Re: LG (Score 1) 71

Which phone? The G4, G5, V10, and V20 all have raised camera apertures that are next to the power buttons(which are all flush or recessed compared to the body), and on the G3 the camera aperture is flush but the power button is recessed. There is no way to set the device down on a flat surface and push the power button without bending the phone enough to crack the screen.

Comment Re:rear is better (Score 4, Informative) 71

Grip around sides.. index finger rests right in middle, where the scanner is. The only time that doesn't apply is when holding landscape style.

When gripping the phone to activate frontal fingerprint readers you actually need to let the phone hang loose a bit to get the thumb onto the reader, which is problematic on large format phones. I have an iPhone 7 and an LG V20. The V20 is more natural to hold and activate.

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