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Comment Re:And this is why my primary browser isn't Firefo (Score 2) 156

I use it for work, just like Java. And by that I mean I have customers that use these plugins for essential tasks and without a browser to run the plugins, these customers are left out on their ass. For instance, I'm currently logged in to a customer's system through a browser based Java RDP client. They do not have other options. They don't have the resources to purchase other options. They don't have the IT staff to implement other options. What they have works. In order to make it continue working, I need to have a browser that can use the plugin or create a VM with the supported browser and plugin installed and auto-update disabled on the browser. I have other customers that use Flash similarly.

And, of course, this doesn't save us from anything. HTML5 is just as much a vector as Flash or Java.

Comment $3/mo ain't bad (Score 1) 316

Slacker has a solid catalogue and has local caching for multiple channels, both curated and self-created playlists/custom channels, for offline listening.

Outside of Slacker, Amazon Music allows me to listen to my own catalogue from basically anywhere on basically any device, which is very useful and less of a hassle than having to transfer files manually, and since you can stream it you don't need to take up storage space in these newfangled devices without expandable storage. Their selection of streamable music isn't nearly as robust as other services, but I don't pay anything extra for it, so I'm okay with that.

Comment Uh? (Score 3, Informative) 22

Amazon Music already exists and already streams music. The only thing they don't have at this time that other channels have are curated channels, but they do offer the similar musician channels that other services all offer(Slacker, Pandora, etc). And, even better, I can upload my entire library and have it available on any device that supports Amazon Music(which is basically everything but WP and Blackberry)

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