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Comment Re:Reeks of desperation (Score 1) 256

Spend a few hundred thousand upfront for commercials and other advertising or spend that same money on what is effectively direct marketing with guaranteed capture rates? I think I'll go for option 2.

Personally, I'll consider using Edge when it supports NoScript completely. Chrome still doesn't, so I don't use it.

Comment Re:TISP (Score 1) 160

You misunderstand how they are replacing those water lines. The modus operandi in Los Angeles is to wait until it bursts, then fix that section. There is no widescale replacement going of the 100+ year old pipes that are still active. They're merely playing the bandaid game. Obviously, you can run wire through water mains this way in any efficient or practical manner.

Comment Re:Microsoft is relentless in being obnoxious late (Score 1) 118

I have not disabled Windows Update and I have installed the Anniversary Update without any change.

Now, setting new defaults through the Windows 10 interface is difficult, and, yes, you must use the Windows 7 interface to do so. That is pretty shitty. I went through it the other day to change defaults and noticed you couldn't pick an executable, only from their preset list of apps through the Windows 10 setup control.

Comment Sad but unavoidable (Score 2) 162

This is what the ecosystem allows. You want to be open, that means that you're stuck with this, unless you can write the updates in ways that allows patching through the app store without affecting the vendor "customizations".

Perhaps Google should rethink its strategy of how they offer software and encourage some type of buy-in on updates for support in the hardware and software dev process

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