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Comment Re:Stereotype field manual (Score 1) 144

I've been in programming and IT since I was 18 years old and I've NEVER seen an issue of age discrimination. As an example, the CTO at my current job is in his 60s. I am 34.

A trend I do see is that older people stop caring after a while. I work in the healthcare industry and we get strict audits constantly due to HIPAA regulations. At a previous job, about half our staff was laid off once due to refusing to fix issues that came up during 3 different audits. The majority of these employees were older, 45+. They attempted legal action, but it didn't get anywhere. The things that came up were explained off by responses such as 'it's not a problem' or 'we don't have the resources to fix that'. The company got tired of hearing no and losing clients, and after an investigation via a 3rd party, they fired all of those that refused to do their jobs and brought in newer folks. The newer folks fixed the issues within 2 months and the company doubled in size, revenue, and profit. All of the newer folks were people in their prime years, all getting married, having babies, etc. Most in their 20s and 30s

Comment Hyperbole (Score 1) 197

The so called 'Brexit' is media hyperbole and nothing more. Mark my words. The slang 'Brexit' itself was invented by the media. Will there be change? Oh sure, there will be. Has there always been change? Yep. Is change bad? Nope. Will the world end as predicted by CNN or other news sources? Nope. Anything to drive the traffic...

Comment Re:Businesses need to stop expecting the impossibl (Score 1) 496

That's not the employee's issue, that's the employer's issue. Standards are set too high. The company doesn't want to be on the hook for training. Companies of old had classrooms where people were trained. Investing in your Employees meant investing in your company. Companies all over the world are going to be hit hard as time goes on. The global economy is already showing signs of hitting a ceiling.

This also ties in very closely with wage inequality. As wages go down, so does the GDP for a given country. People can't spend money they don't have (excluding using credit cards, etc.) That means 'growth' will no longer be possible, and instead you'll be seeing recession after recession as the market continually corrects itself.

Note that I don't have a horse in this race (I make a good salary).

Comment Re:So a useless 'bot, then? (Score 1) 180

I have. I didn't even fight it, I just filed it away in my filing cabinet since it didn't have a court date or anything. I was on camera where I parked. I took a picture of the signage (it was a bit confusing the way it was worded, this was NYC well over a decade ago). Next time I drove into NYC, the signage was changed to be more clear. I haven't heard a peep out of them since. No collection letters, nothing. The only theory I could come up with is that they got sued over the signage being unclear. If they had attempted to collect on it, I would have taken them to court. I actually still have that picture to this day.

Comment Re:Stolen? (Score 2) 104

Yes, they can. I've had it happen on about 1% of the purchases that I've bought from G2A (publishers DO report chargebacks, which filter up to valve). G2A refunds the money for sure, but they are left holding the bag. You don't get notification when valve revokes your license, nor will you with other publishers such as blizzard. Took me 2 months to get an issue resolved with blizzard (didn't notice until after the revocation had occurred). While G2A resolved it amicably (after I reported it), I've not bought a game from them since. G2A is a fly-by-night company. If they went out of business tomorrow due to charge-backs, the owners walk away millionaires and leave you, or your credit card company, SOL.

Comment If you are in IT... (Score 2) 258

If you are in IT, chances are you have shopped around for wage increases anyway. I learned my lesson with a 'career' job long ago when management for said position couldn't be bothered to even give me a raise to the average salary for the position I was working in. 3 weeks later and a 30% salary increase...goodbye.

Comment Re:PUBLIC STREETS belong to the public (Score 1) 767

Yep, and for this reason, I live on a dead-end road near a cul-de-sac. The closest main road has two 4-way stops, so anyone trying to 'cut through' due to construction will find themselves in stop and go traffic for about 20 minutes. It's the perfect setup, I can get out easily (4-way stop) and I'm far enough away for traffic not to be a factor. In a city where 90 or so people move in every day, it's a godsend. Oh and did I mention there is a pool?

Comment Re:Anyone else have had these issues with Windows (Score 1) 664

Sounds like you have hardware issues not related to your OS. Not only have I been running Windows 10 on an astounding number of home PCs (8!!!), but my company is in the middle of a mass deployment and things are working out just fine. The only issues I've hit are an occasional explorer stall out...which appears to be related to the start menu. I even copied 4 TB of data from 2-2 TB hds to a RAID-1 5 TB array without issue. Took 13.6 hours and completed with no problems. Not a fan of microsoft at all (I'm a mac guy with a broadwell macbook pro...though I'm loving ubuntu 16.04...dual booting it!), but senseless bashing shows you are a shill. Don't be a shill. Please?

Comment Newsflash (Score 1) 217

Many banks also use cobol. Nothing to see here, move along. Side note: Note a big fan of using an extremely old, well established, yet un-maintained language (except by a small niche, don't believe what you read on wikipedia, most of the cobol code out there has existed for longer than the average north american lifespan,) I've dealt with it before, I've watched companies dump hundreds of thousands or millions into it...only to discover a bazillion security holes or performance issues in whatever product was being offered (ERP in the cases mentioned above)

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