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Comment Re:AD shaming (Score 1) 172

No? What you described and what is allowed in the US are vastly different versions of each other. Drug companies ARE allowed to advertise their offerings, but they aren't allowed to claim they are recommended by doctors and must include all of the side effects, etc. Most drug commercials ere are depressing reminders for those of us who don't suffer from such conditions.

Comment Has slashdot been taken over by the poor? (Score 0, Troll) 172

Honest to god. The people that USED to visit this site were developers...This clearly isn't the case anymore. I got into this industry making close to $100,000 15 years ago without even so much as a college education, I make far more then that now. I don't worry about the couple extra bucks a cell phone plan costs. I just want it to work. What happened to the developers of slashdot? Because pandering over dollars isn't what we have ever done. I am not defending Verizon at any rate. If a carrier actually had better coverage I would switch...even if they costed more than Verizon. I've tried. Multiple times. I always went back to Verizon. Yes, their plans are shit. Their data limits are crap, etc. At least I have internet when I'm on vacation in the middle of god knows where and need to know what restaurants are open. On the RARE off chance my work does follow me home, at least I can remote in and help them through some god forsaken emergency. I guess it's true, Slashdot really has lost it's target audience to Reddit.

Comment Honestly... (Score 0) 277

I honestly cannot figure out how to respond to this. The very nature of this post describes why Linux as a whole faces severe challenges in adoption in not only the world of the desktop, but also in the server market as well. You know what? You call bullshit on alpha level code (insider fast builds are 'alpha' builds...and outside of Windows insiders, no party has received these builds) and I call bullshit on Linux in general. I am DONE with Linux as of now. The community is far too elitist for me to deal with. To this day Windows runs better on all my hardware than Linux does. I only supported Linux for it's principle and it's freedoms. Let's be honest here, my Macbook Pro runs Windows better than it runs Linux. I am more than happy to support open source to the end, but posts like this show me exactly where Linux is failing...it's user base. Windows + Ubuntu alone will claim year of the desktop. No other. I'm sure that some poor idiot will claim victory out there...but the only victors here are Ubuntu and Microsoft. No other.

Comment They all do it... (Score 4, Informative) 116

Oh it goes FAR deeper then that. Many of these companies know a lot more about you than even YOU know about you. Forget browser fingerprinting. Forget tracking. Every piece of information you give away to every advertiser or company allows them to individually put together pieces of information about you. What you don't realize is that even if you use incognito mode all the time, change your user agent, etc. they can track your HABITS. They can track your LOCATION via the IP address you use to visit. They can even track you based on on the type of porn you look at. This information might not be worth much by itself, but it all gets fed into a system that grades it on it's quality and uses the results to identify you, profile you, and then find you (I say 'a system', but there are several competing products out there) and sell personalized products/services to you or worse. Even if you use a VPN 24/7/365 someone likely has a handle on you. It might not be a good one at first, but they will build a profile, and combine it with other data/profiles...and eventually they'll be able to tie it all together. You might think that staying off the internet can help you, but at this point, the world has become so connected that anyone can be found and identified. Have a drivers license? You are on the radar. Get a ticket/go to court/sue anyone/get sued? On the radar. Use a credit/debit card or checking account/ACH? DEFINITELY on the radar (even if your bank has a decent privacy policy, Your transaction crosses several different boundaries, so it's impossible to guarantee your privacy when doing a financial transaction of any kind except MAYBE cash...and even then...)

Comment Re:What a Circus HTML5 is. (Score 1) 40

Yes it is. I've never seen a quality Java web app, desktop app, etc. Even android apps have issues with speed, memory usage, and battery life. I've worked with Java and .NET (among other things) for a long time, and I'm amazed they haven't both disappeared into oblivion. A lot of Java developers will try and defend the architecture by saying exactly what you said. However, I want you to find me a single sub-100-ms web app (one that actually does something far more complex than serve static html) that can service hundreds of millions of users on minimal hardware.

Comment Re:SImple reason its not firefox: group policy (Score 1) 113

Firefox tends to be buggy. I have run both chrome and Firefox for long periods of time without closing either/or on the same system...Firefox either blows up (crashes, FF windows stop rendering, or it just stops working) or eventually just quits for no reason at all. I've had the same chrome session running nonstop for a while now. Longest stretch of time was 5 months. The only time I restart it is for an update. I've never had it crash or blow up. I was one of the earliest users of Firefox as well...I used it since the very first build was released...long before it was called Firefox. The problem is that the Mozilla team has not spent enough time stabilizing it and working on speeding things up. Firefox STILL doesn't have a reliable 64 bit build, multi-process tabs, compatibility with webkit css etc. Mozilla needs to reinvent themselves again...before they become irrelevant yet again.

Comment Re:Chrome took the users? Who'd a thunk it? (Score 1) 113

I wouldn't necessarily agree with that. I don't use Edge, but I do use Windows 10. The reasons I use chrome are simple: 1) Your browser history, bookmarks, passwords, etc. get saved. (and I don't care about the privacy implications), 2) Add-on support wasn't in Edge for the longest time (no ad-block, etc.) 3) Edge STILL isn't 100% standards compliant (took 2 weeks to work around an Edge/IE issue while working on a project recently) 4) Edge is just ugly in general, and doesn't seem to work all that well.

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