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Comment Re:Extraordinary claims require ... (Score 1) 109

Indeed. But Occam's Razor only applies to a conclusion's relation to the information you have at hand. It is conceivable that if you collect enough information the same heuristic can lead you in a different direction.

It should be able to confirm his genetic relationship to his putative great-great-great grandchildren, and thus let a lower limit on his age. That and other documentary evidence of him and his descendants could make his age seem plausible. In a world with seven billion people, outliers can be very unusual indeed.

Comment Re:Oh boy. Another scam. (Score 0) 61

1) The USA can just say "Give me that guy". And have his head handed over on a plate.

If he's handed over it will be after years of extradition proceedings, involving significant due process, which is the exact opposite of how you characterize it.

2) The nation of which you are national will not lift a finger to help you.

See above.

3) That a stupid copyright issue is the reason for all this. In this case.

He didn't burn a CD for his mom. He ran a huge organization with billions of visitors and tens of millions of dollars, with most of that coming from sharing copyrighted materials.

4) That and more means there is no place on Earth safe from the corporate greed propagated by the USA.

Yes, America invented greed. And copyright law.

Comment Re:You have no rights when applying for entry to a (Score 1) 191

Different setup in Beijing where any meaningful interpretation of "moving about the airport" involves going out of doors between terminal buildings.

Shanghai/Pudong seems like a much nicer airport, though (only been through there once). I particularly enjoyed the calligraphy shop and getting to watch and have a chat with the chief calligrapher as he worked.

Comment Re:Why is this bad?? (Score 3, Insightful) 153

Let me spell it out for you:

1. Google created and maintains at its own expense a mechanism for redirecting users to your site and Google doesn't charge you anything for it.

2. Now you're demanding that Google pay you for what you're already receiving at no charge to you.

If, given (1), it sounds like (2) is pretty fucked up, that's because it is.

Comment Re: America = lame (Score 1) 336

Jedidiah, you're normally pretty astute, but on this issue I must inform you that with all due respect you have not got a single fucking clue.

*Neither* of those things happened to me when I was hospitalised in China a couple of years ago.

What I did get was prompt, professional, and effective treatment by very qualified doctors and staff using the latest equipment in a very modern and well-maintained facility.

I also received a bill for 1600RMB, because I'm not a Chinese citizen and I informed them that I was able to pay.

Can you remind me which US hospital it is that only charges $250 for ER admission + overnight stay? I can't seem to recall...

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