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Comment Re:Don't (Score 1) 454

Uh, that's pretty much been America for the last 30 years. Janet Jackson shows a boob on broadcast TV and half the country goes into hysterics, yet that same half of the country, statistically speaking, plops their kids down in front of WWE and let's them watch two grotesquely humongous men pretend to beat each other half to death and it's good, clean fun.

Gotta love our sense of priorities.

Comment Re:Simple (Score 1) 354

My point (which you know, yay for being deliberately obtuse!) is that insinuating that Amazon and Barnes and Noble are in any sort of trouble just because Apple is releasing a 7" tablet is fucking retarded. The iPod certainly didn't kill off all other MP3 players, the iPad certainly didn't kill off 10" tablets, so why the fuck would a 7" iPad kill off the Nook or Kindle? It's completely ridiculous, and this is just click-bait.

Also, I really love the fact that, to you, iPad:Nook/Kindle = house:cardboard box. The fanboy is strong with this one!

Comment Re:Oh please (Score 1) 757

Are you serious? Pretty much every single atheist I know is decidedly not materialistic. Honestly, it's the Christians I know that think they need to acquire crap to prove how much God has "blessed" them.

I have never in my whole life heard anyone define atheist philosophy as materialistic, which leads me to believe it was just a subtle dig at atheists by another CINO (Christian In Name Only).

Comment Simple (Score 0) 354

By costing 1/3 to 1/2 less then the iPad Mini. There's still a lot of people out there that don't want to pay the Apple Tax.

This is just stupid. Look at how many 3rd party MP3 players were on the market before smartphones took over that role for most people. It's the same reason why people went out and bought a $50 Sansui instead of the $150 iPod Nano. Despite what the average fanboy would believe, price is still a motivating factor for a lot of people. I know many people that specifically went out and bought cheap-o MP3 players because they didn't want to risk losing/breaking the iPod which cost three times as much. For all intents and purposes, they both perform the same functions, after all, regardless of the price tag.

Comment Re:Was that from Armageddon (Score 1) 757

Since he's a fan of Ayn Rand he might as well be called Andrew Ryan.

Ruh Roh! Looks like the romance has ended.

Oh, what a difficult thing it must be, to be forced to reject a person's entire philosophy because of their atheism, which has nothing to do with said philosophy at all anyway. I do heartily enjoy watching him swallow that bitter pill, though.

Comment Re:Do not what? (Score 5, Insightful) 184

Yeah, I don't know what people are smoking these days, but you've got to be seriously delusional if you think that Do Not Track is going to be respected in any way. They'll track anyway, and if they get busted, they'll call out the lawyer brigades and nothing will fucking happen. Hell, maybe they'll even end up with some sweet legal precedent saying they have every right to track us if we deign to navigate to one of their websites.

I trust NoScript and Adblock, I sure as shit do not trust "we won't track you, we promise!"

Comment Re:How come the water don't smell like coffee? (Score 1) 294

I have the same problem, not from lack of coffee (which I drink a half-pot of every morning, and have since I was 14), but from lack of soda. I've tried to ween myself off of goddamned Diet Coke many times over the last couple years and I just can't, because by day three I always have a pounding headache. As someone that quit smoking cold turkey, after smoking a pack a day (Newport, no less, no piddly shit Marlboro Lights) the fact that I can't break myself of my Diet Coke habit drives me mad.

One would think I would be getting my caffeine fix from the java, but I'm definitely having withdrawal symptoms from something in the soda that is not present in the coffee. If not caffeine, what else can it be? The cola itself? Perhaps. All I know is within a couple days without my head feels like it's in a vice. I've gone similar amounts of time without coffee and suffered no ill effects, outside of being a fucking zombie for half the morning, of course. That's the other weird thing I've noticed: the caffeine in soda doesn't seem to have the kick for waking me up like coffee does. I lived down in Georgia for a time and the people down there drink Coke with their breakfast, but that was never sufficient for me to jump start my day for whatever reason.

It probably is all psychosomatic (well, not the headaches from the caffeine withdrawal, but the need for it to function like a normal human being before 10 AM) but regardless, the headaches are miserable so I'm stuck on the Diet Coke until I find a more healthy substitute.

Comment Re:Life is hotter in the south (Score 1) 233

iOS users can happily use any video service (like Vimeo for example).

So you're saying they finally removed the 'auto-destruct on attempt to use a non-Youtbe video service' function?! Whew, finally!! I was wondering what was going on on Vimeo but I didn't want my iPhone to explode so I just kept using Youtube. Free at last, free at last!!

Oh, wait. That actually never really was a thing. So the people whining about not having a choice for a video service are just retards that are too lazy to type in a url, huh? Sure seems that way.

I'm not a fandroid, BTW, but that's just a dumb argument. Nobody forced you to use Youtube other than yourself. I know people that make it a lifestyle choice to avoid Google at all costs. Lets not try and seem helpless here...

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