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Comment Next up Kansas shooter's phone? (Score 0) 457

So next will the FBI be investigating the Kansas workplace shooter's phone? Or does the FBI only give 2 shits about workplace shootings when it involves teh Muzlimz.

Ordinary (Christian) Americans shooting up their workplace? Why that's just plain patriotism and 2nd amendment celebrations!

Comment Re:Suzie can vote. Suzie can get a pitchfork. (Score 4, Insightful) 954

I'm always amazed by the consumer who thinks that he can demand production and enjoy the benefits of other people's capital.

I'm always amazed that people think their "capital" has any sort of meaning unless the mass of society can benefit from it. Guess what, the only thing preventing the masses from stringing you up and taking your capital is the basic social contract that allows you to get rich as long as standards for the masses don't fall too far. You violate that social contract no amount of funny money or gold bars or factories is going to save your head from getting blown off as the police officers and military you depend on to live find it expedient to slay you.

Comment Re:What's the angle here? (Score 1) 123

I must be missing something. Iraq got invaded for far less, and it was later shown they didn't actually have shit.

That's precisely the reason they are developing weapons. Dubya's "War to Avenge Daddy" showed dictators that if they cooperate and disarm, then they are going to end up like Saddam did, dead. Of the "axis of evil" countries, Iraq had by far the weakest military and the fewest weapons, and guess which one got invaded? The man child has fucked up the world for generations to come, and any dipshit who voted for him and supported his attempts to play army man have to take responsibility for the current situation in the middle east and North Korea.

Comment Re:Let me guess... (Score 1) 179

Are they though? There are a lot of SF writers that get the details wrong but get the overall state of society right. Go read "Player Piano" and tell me that Vonnegut did not nail the current economy. A small number of automation engineers making tons of money? check. Society scrambling to find "make work" jobs for the masses that include the army and pointless infra projects? Double check. Now granted he got a lot of the technological details wrong(obligatory 1950s sf reference to caverns filled with vacuum tubes etc.), but his description of what society, especially American society, has become.

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