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Comment Re:Reverse engineering (Score 1) 502

Yeah, because as we all know Obama inherited a great economy and Trump a crappy one...oh wait thats right, reality is Republicans greatest enemy. There is a huge difference between policies enacted by a president and the fallout from that vs the conditions of the country when said person became president. If there were massive #s of terrorists from these countries in the US currently then yes you could blame Obama. But us grown ups like to live in what is called the "evidence based world". You should join, then you can see what a insecure clown Trump really is. I mean ALL HAIL THE GREAT AND GIGANTIC PENISED TRUMP!

Comment Re:Praying (Score 1) 118

That's actually what motivates a lot of western terrorists. Look at most of them(Al-waki, the Nice terrorist, the Charlie Hebdo guys, the Orlando shooter, the list goes on) and you will find that most of them lead very "sinful" lives before "finding" religion and then committing terrorist acts

The religious leaders convince them that they aren't at fault for "succumbing" to sin, its the fault of society for allowing them to fail in the first place, thus the "logical" conclusion for them is to attempt to change the society so it won't allow such sin in the future by installing Sharia law. First step in doing so is obviously killing as many infidels as possible....

Comment Re: So MS is basically bailing on the phone busine (Score 0) 162

Yes, I am on occasion forced to use MS garbage and I just laugh my ass off every time I do. It's so insanely primitive compared to it's competitors, and buggy as hell to boot. The sheer # of bugs I uncover after just 5 minutes of Windows use is fucking hilarious. Don't even get me started on the shitfest that is Azure, Amazon doesn't even give 2 shits about Azure because it is such a buggy, unreliable mess. Randomly rebooting my web service? Pure brilliance MS, how did you know I wanted that "feature".

C# is also a muddled mess of a programming language, grow up and use a real language that is supported by open standards and doesn't constantly contradict itself.

Comment So MS is basically bailing on the phone business? (Score 3, Interesting) 162

What a shock, MS is bailing on the phone business, i.e. an industry where their bully monopolistic practices were useless and they had to rely on their shitty, shitty code, interface, and business practices to compete with competitors who actually know how to make software that isn't a steaming pile of shit. Shocking! But of course, MS won't reverse course on developing shitty bug-ridden software, they have trademarks to protect after all.

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