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Comment Re: Can we see this evidence? (Score 0, Offtopic) 493

How about, "vote for Hillary, she's not promising to take health insurance away from millions of people from day one"

or maybe, "vote for Hillary, she's not promising to jeopardize the health, and imprison ("there must be punishment {re: abortion}.. Donald Trump") 1 in 3 women by nominating supreme court justices who will put roe v wade on the "ash heap of history"

Or how about "vote for Hillary, she realizes climate change is an actual phenomenon, and not a Chinese conspiracy"

any of those work for you?

Comment Re:Has Wikileaks jumped the shark? (Score 0) 269

It's not like Trump is talking peace.. And its not Clinton who is promising to inflate the defense budget by trillions of dollars
And what about the women who might need access to a safe and legal abortion, the kind Trump/Pence promise to "throw on the ash heap of history" -- no skin off you neck, Mr. Leftist purist, I guess

And what of the poor people who now have access to healthcare via the medicaid expansion, or the affordable care act (which Trump promises to trash on day 1). What about them??

just collateral damage in the quest for purity I suppose, let em "lay in their beds"

Comment NGV's (Score 1) 296

I would hope they would add an exception for natural gas powered vehicles for use-cases where pure electrics don't fit.
Hopefully by 2030 these use cases are few, but I imagine that some would still exist.
NGV's are a good compromise as they produce less carbon than gas, and virtually none of the other nasties that have to be filtered out with catalytic converters, urea, etc..

Comment Re:Call me strange but... (Score 1) 203

From a science standpoint its amazing stuff, but when there are so many unwanted children out there, it kind of makes you go.. huh... I had a boss that spent hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fertility treatments for his wife so that they could conceive, again.. huh..

Of course, I had two children with my wife, when we were both over 35 without really trying, so the genetic imperative wasn't really an issue for me. I'd like to think I would be just as fulfilled with adopted kids, or no kids, but I can't be my own control group.

Comment Re:Abolish Jobs (Score 1) 192

This is the potential of technology, but it will only be realized if we get smart and do things like mandate shorter work weeks, or a universal income

unfortunately our corporate overlords have so completely brainwashed the population into thinking such ideas are dangerous that it will never happen, and we are just going to end up with a bunch of excess population.

Comment Re:It's about time... (Score 1) 135

I agree with this, generally, but I think 140 is a little too tight. I find myself with thoughts that end up in the 160 - 200 character range, and it's annoying to break them up.

Of course there are numerous "tweet longer" services that will turn a longer post into an image, so it's not hard to work around if you choose to

Comment Re:No such thing as a .20 gauge (Score 3, Interesting) 644

Well, I'm not going to say it deserves a +5, because it's my comment, but you are confusing some things here, namely how shotguns are sized (bore or gauge), and how the shot within shotgun shells is sized :
Shotguns, in modern usage are spec-ed out in the following sizes: 12 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge, and .410 bore (yes I know there are others, but this is what you'll find at your local walmart)
Note there are two UOMs here "gauge" and "bore"..

I don't know the conversion from gauge to inches

Well.. again.. and as I said earlier, gauge isn't a measurement of inches. It is a measurement of how many lead balls of the size of the bore would go into a pound (I double checked, it is a pound)..
Now, naturally, given the density of lead this can be (and has been for modern manufacturing) standardized to a given diameter.
So that is how gauge and bore works..
PS: You can also go the other way if you want to be silly, a .410 bore would be a 67 "gauge"...

shot sizes, like #4 bird, or #4 buck, or #8 bird, or BBB, or T, or F is measured differently, a different conversation...

Comment Re:Nonsense. Hillary supporter lying 2 cover is FA (Score 1) 306

Name the Biology Professor

Peter Deusberg, there you go, Mr. Angrypants... that name wasn't that hard to look up...

And what are your qualifications to determine that he is incorrect for what he actually states?!

My qualifications, besides a BS in biology are the ability to read the overwhelming consensus of peer-reviewed scientific studies performed at credible academic institutions.
It's the same qualifications that let me know that the universe is expanding, quantum entanglement is real thing, and a whole bunch of other stuff that is outside my immediate fields of study is actually true

A crackpot with an advanced degree is still a crackpot....

I'm supposed to believe a Harvard degreed Medical Doctor with a specialization in Internal medicine for 25 years is a nutjob for expressing her "expert" opinion, because of a zero like you?

yes, she is a nutjob, but not because of what I think, because the opinion she states goes against decades of peer-reviewed scientific research from reputable academic institutions...
being "harvard-degreed" doesn't preclude one from holding stupid and dangerous, and wrong opinions...
PS... fuck you very much, you angry asshole...

Comment Re:Nonsense. Hillary supporter lying 2 cover is FA (Score 1) 306

I think that's enough background to have reservations over vaccinations.

No it isn't. Having a degree does not equal being right about something.

The a biology professor with a background in infection diseases (emeritus now I think), that will tell anyone who will listen that HIV doesn't cause AIDS.
He's wrong, and all his degrees and experience don't make him any less wrong...

Comment Re: Criminal (Score 2) 306

Both of the major political parties have their issues, that is not debatable

But, proclaiming "meh, there all the same" is just intellectual laziness pretending to be jaded, streetwise cynicism.

The democrats support gay marriage, the republicans do not
The Democrats acknowledge man made climate change exists, and is a significant problem. The republicans maintain, its a myth, a conspiracy cooked up in the scientific community to damage capitalism
The democrats maintain that the government has some responsibility to assure citizens' access to basic health care, the Republicans think selling health insurance across state lines will magically fix the problems despite statistical evidence that it will not
Hillary Clinton states that she will maintain the governments ban on torture, Trump states he'll bring back waterboarding "and a lot worse"

There are legitimate, impactful differences whether you pretend you don't see them or not.

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