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Comment Re:Nonsense. Hillary supporter lying 2 cover is FA (Score 1) 275

I think that's enough background to have reservations over vaccinations.

No it isn't. Having a degree does not equal being right about something.

The a biology professor with a background in infection diseases (emeritus now I think), that will tell anyone who will listen that HIV doesn't cause AIDS.
He's wrong, and all his degrees and experience don't make him any less wrong...

Comment Re: Criminal (Score 2) 275

Both of the major political parties have their issues, that is not debatable

But, proclaiming "meh, there all the same" is just intellectual laziness pretending to be jaded, streetwise cynicism.

The democrats support gay marriage, the republicans do not
The Democrats acknowledge man made climate change exists, and is a significant problem. The republicans maintain, its a myth, a conspiracy cooked up in the scientific community to damage capitalism
The democrats maintain that the government has some responsibility to assure citizens' access to basic health care, the Republicans think selling health insurance across state lines will magically fix the problems despite statistical evidence that it will not
Hillary Clinton states that she will maintain the governments ban on torture, Trump states he'll bring back waterboarding "and a lot worse"

There are legitimate, impactful differences whether you pretend you don't see them or not.

Comment Re:What drives me insane: (Score 1) 147

They probably actually are encoding the input..

usually what happens is raw input is passed through some kind of OWASP filter or something similar which turns any naughty characters (sql injection or whatever) into something safe.. The only problem with that is that if you feed that into your hashing algorithm it ain't gonna match...

So whatcha do then smart guy? you encode it before it ever leaves the client, and then de-encoded it back to the naughty characters for purposes of hash comparison...
Or... you just get lazy and block the naughty characters from being chosen..

Of course, even if you aren't completely lazy, your little scheme isn't perfect: What happens then is, unless you somehow prevent it when the passwords are generated (which is just a different kind of lazy than blocking characters), some QA jackass manually types the encoding pattern in their password which breaks your little scheme.
Of course what happens then, you append some unique to you combination of symbols and characters onto the encoding scheme (and you don't tell the meany in QA) so that you know when it's "really" encoded naughty bits, and not intentional..

Comment Re: pop (Score 2) 671

And the notion that C++ is some kind of magic language that is always, without exception, faster, better, more "real", and robust than all other languages is nothing but parroted bullshit

I personal worked on a rewrite of a hard real time implementation that was rewritten from C++ to java using a real time JVM, and the java version performed better in every way imaginable..

this isn't 1996..

Comment can somebody explain (Score 2) 83

How playing these games in browsers work:

Level set: I work as a developer, mostly on the backend with Java and Java-like languages (groovy, scala, etc..), occasionally .NET, but I actually do some front end work using Angular and EXT-JS... so I'm not a complete buffoon went it comes to front end development..

Still I wouldn't even know how to start emulating games in the browser.

Comment Re:Fastest in what way? (Score 1) 183

It's a race car, a drag car specifically so range is a nigh useless measurement... ..
Yes bestill your pretentious, and I assume European, heart, drag racing is a thing, and cornering isn't that important...

In perspective, At full throttle, the fuel pumps in a top fuel dragster are pumping out over 380 litres per minute, and they don't have anywhere near that onboard, so the range isn't so hot, but it can do one thing, namely propel one human being from point A to point B, .2 miles down a flat, straight racetrack faster than anything else short of being shot out of a cannon...

Comment Re:new MS? nothings changed. (Score 1) 123

Then you haven't looked too hard, because their are .net opportunities in every city with significant tech employment (and even in some that don't), small, medium, and large companies .
I haven't been in the .net world in almost a decade, been working in java with the occasional foray into scala and groovy but I'm thinking about trying to bone up outside of work, just to keep my options open..

Comment Re:Great technology, but what about the energy? (Score 1) 144

The economies of scale that might apply to power plant level CO2 sequestration do not apply here

from a sequestration standpoint, yes. Although using methane as the energy source instead of diesel cuts down on C02, and virtually eliminates the other nastiness that comes from burning diesel.

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