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Comment Re:"glass of wine has heathful benefits" (Score 1) 125

What I've seen from most of these studies is that the beneficial affects of moderate drinking is irrespective of the form of alcohol consumed...

I would seem like a glass of dark red wine would be better for you than a pabst blue ribbon, resveratrol and all that jazz.. But it doesn't appear to be the case.

Comment Re:Eat Fat, Get Thin -- Refined carbs makes you fa (Score 2) 242

Trying to boil diet down to some kind of simplistic equation, this=good, that = bad, doesn't work
My personal anecdote, my grandmother, of eastern European descent, ate potatoes, in some form, with nearly every meal (EWWW CARBS), and nearly every day would eat sausage or low grade, hi fat cuts of pork or beef (jowls etc...), for lunch and dinner... Also lots of cabbage, turnips, and vegetables of that type...

lived to be 98, and was physically and cognitively intact all but the last 5 years or so.

There is no simple equation, except maybe, don't be a fatass, and try to not eat food that comes off an assembly line.

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