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Comment $90K? (Score 5, Funny) 266

60,000 employees, a $7.5B budget, and all they have to show for it is $90K in graft?

If they privatized that train wreck of a federal agency into a train wreck of a corporation, their top brass would be getting millions in unearned bonuses, millions more in golden parachutes, and that's not even counting the embezzlement.

Government inefficiency at it's worst.

Comment Worth noting... (Score 1) 67

Family plans usually have a "one household" restriction in their terms and conditions, but here Spotify didn't put any requirements on where or who the...

primary account holder and up to five (5) subsidiary accounts (“sub-accounts”)

...need to be.

The conspiracy theorist in me says it was intentional, since Spotify and Apple Music know they could make way more money if they cut their subscription rates—and have repeatedly tried to do so—but the labels are adamant about a $10/mo minimum. This could be a clever end-run around their contractual obligations.

Comment Re:Apple genuii (Score 5, Informative) 106

No, fire the summary writer.

The bug was fixed, this is just a practical way of exploiting devices running the affected versions.

Also, there have been no battery fires, but aluminum feels pretty hot when it gets to 50C and people assumed their phones must be OMG about to CATCH FIRE!!11!!eleven

Comment It was fixed... (Score 5, Informative) 106

If it wasn't clear, the bug was fixed in 9.3.1 - this only affects devices that haven't been updated.

Also, I think the highest temperature recorded was 54C... not something you'd want to touch, but not likely to catch fire either.

Finallly, if it's like the previous exploit, the device isn't completely bricked... when the battery goes dead or is disconnected the device can be reset.

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