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Comment Re:Imagine when the dishonest and corrupt CIA (Score 3, Insightful) 120

I suspect more the reverse; it will be a convenient way to deny anything inconvenient.

1. Leader: 'X'
2. Leader: 'I never said X'
3. Opposition: 'But hundreds of people heard you say X'
4. Leader: 'Either they are my enemies, in which case they are liars, or they are my supporters, and know in their heart I didn't say X'
5. Opposition: 'We even have a video of you saying X'
6. Leader: 'And you just made that up, with your computers and things! Enemies! Off with your heads!'

There seems to be a global current these days, away from the principles of Enlightenment and Absolutism, back toward Authoritarianism and the denial of objectivity. When facts become subjective, all viewpoints are equally valid and 'truth' can be determined by vote or decree. Quite Nineteen Eighty-Four (although it predated Orwell by thousands of years).

Comment Moore's Law (Score 5, Insightful) 51

It's funny how we say Moore's law is dead when it's about the only thing still kicking.

Clock speeds, the x86 architecture, and software design are all more or less stagnant, which means your typical single-threaded business logic is barely running faster year upon year and CPU benchmarks are pretty flat.

But anything parallel and transistor-hungry is improving by leaps and bounds: the 1080Ti is ~70% faster than its predecessor (with 50% more transistors), AMD is offering 8 cores for the price of 4, 32 for their server models, Intel's Phi is at 72... even smartphones are at 8-10 cores. As Moore predicted, dense ICs are packing more transistors every year, and it looks set to continue for the next several years at least.

Comment Re:Ajit Pai? (Score 5, Insightful) 57

I don't think the argument is that Trump is himself a racist, it's that he is an amoral narcissistic demagogue who caters to and encourages the worst in his constituency, including racists, sexists, chauvinists, xenophobes, and anti-intellectuals.

Besides, racists tolerate 'lesser races' so long as they occupy lower rungs on the social ladder. Only when racists have to compete with or serve their 'racial inferiors' does the bile start to flow.

Comment Re:Is this possible (Score 1) 475

Apple has been using USB for 19 years (they were the first major adopter, in fact). They're in the process switching to Type-C ports, but at most you'll need a new cable, adaptor or hub to connect your older devices.

Firewire was never particularly successful, but Apple kept it around for well over a decade, and again you can still buy an adaptor for modern Thunderbolt PCs.

SCSI? Really? We put up the terrible hardware for the speed and protocol improvements over early IDE, but SCSI products were always niche in the consumer world and the writing was on the wall by the mid-90s. But on the off chance you saved all your data on SCSI drives and then hid under a rock for 25 years, you can still pick up a PCI-e SCSI controller (and a PCI-e to Thunderbolt box if you really have to hook it up to your new Mac).

While Apple is relatively aggressive at removing "non-essential" ports and features, USB seems the least likely of all ports to be removed, and even then Apple would sell an adapter to get you through the next decade or more. Past that, you could probably find an aftermarket USB-to-new-whizbang interface for another decade or more. Hell, your Mac can still party like it's 1989 with an ADB adapter and Token Ring bridge; USB will be with us for a long, long time. Even beyond that, you could borrow an older machine to access the data; it's not hard to find a ten- or twenty-year-old PC; most Slashdotters have one in their house.

But this is academic; by then you'd surely have shifted your data onto a newer drive anyway. Drives fail, even when not in use, so if you care about your data you'll be maintaining a few copies on various media and spending a few hours per decade moving that data onto fresh disks. Compatibility should never be a hurdle.

Comment Re:Higher profit margins? (Score 1) 40

A 'brand' is a stamp of quality, so mixing budget and premium products into one brand is generally a bad thing. HP and Dell make a lot of good high-end computers, but also a lot of poor low-end ones, and the bad reputation earned there bleeds over to their premium lines.

Unless HTC can make their brand stand out, they will be stuck in a race to the bottom with Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Vivo, Oppo, Oneplus, Elephone, and a million other budget Android products.

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