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Comment They failed to double-blind the experiment. (Score 1) 63

They failed to double-blind the experiment.

They also failed to have a set of test subjects which they tested, and *post hoc* asked them to self-identify their social class.

It would also be interesting to scale "self identified social class" vs. "actual social class", across the results vectors.

Pretty crappy experiment. Sorry.

Comment Re:Why shouldn't they? (Score 1) 69

never forget it's you that pays for that bullshit.

Nope, it's Comcast/Google who pays. See, notice how when the law passed, Google Fiber's announced prices didn't go down. Sure, if the costs get too high, they'll have to raise their rates, but until then prices are determined by many factors other than cost of production. In fact, I don't think anyone really looks at cost of production to set prices, just to determine if a product should be discontinued because its unprofitable..

Comment Re:That's great (Score 1) 86

So are you complaining that Notepad is too Unix-like philosophy, or are you complaining that it hasn't kept up with the times? Maybe adding ribbons, making the UI more like Chrome, or throwing some JavaScript on it to host it on the cloud would be better? As I recall, those UI changes were very lauded by Slashdot.

I'm complaining it is not fit for purpose in any sense. It can't even open some random README that comes with a product because it might have Unix style line endings. It would be a relatively trivial option to detect the line ending style when opening a file and correctly render and save back to it. It doesn't even do that.

Comment Re:That's great (Score 1) 86

Off the top of my head, here are some ways it could be improved:

Why can't it grey out the options I don't have permission to modify or at least show an icon in a column which indicates read-only?

In sections such as HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT why can't I click on a file extension and have a summary of what process opens that file, what shell extensions are associated with it and so on. Why can't I click on an interface IID and see what DLL or EXE hosts it and also what objects interfaces are by the same binary. Why can't I deregister the DLL from the editor. Separate tools like OLE view are necessary for this but they could be incorporated into regedit.

Why won't Regedit help with all the bullshit introduced with Wow6432 where chunks of the registry are in different places thanks to various 32-bit and 64-bit differences? e.g. maybe let me flip from 32-bit to 64-bit view or show both together in separate panels where I can see the information in one place.

Why can't I live monitor changing values in the registry? Why can't I snapshot the registry and observe what values have changed since the last snapshot?

Why can't I right mouse on a REG_SZ holding a path in the registry and choose "Explore to here"?

Why can't I import / export bits of the tree using the clipboard instead of via files?

Some changes are more modest than others. I'm sure people who spend their life in this tool could think of other ways. The point is that for all the effort has put into the front end of Windows, they're barely lifted a finger to improve the lower level stuff.

Comment Re:That's great (Score 1) 86

Notepad is greatest for nothing whatsoever. It is a crap editor by any reasonable definition. Given how many files such as readmes, config files that have Unix line endings, it would be nice if Microsoft lifted a finger and made the trivial changes necessary to open and save these files properly. Other things that would be useful would be in/outdenting selected text, UTF-8/UTF-16 conversion, some config settings to control indentation tab / space behaviour, being able to "save as" a file without it tacking .txt on the end, and a few other minor improvements. Nothing that would take a few developers more than a month to implement.

And yeah you can replace it for something else but that excuse Notepad for being so terrible in the first place. Seriously. Open Notepad.exe in Windows 3.1 and aside from wide character support and some minor differences it's the exact same thing.

The other tools I singled out which are in Windows are antiquated too. I expect anyone who has to use them on a regular basis could think of 10 or so often minor or modest changes that would make them substantially better.

Comment Noise (Score 1) 209

Noise isn't a problem. It's unpredictable noise or unwanted noise that's a problem. Or noise that cannot be controlled.

In IT, working in a deathly silent office is bugging. I need the background of fans spinning to "feel right", but I don't think it needs to be loud, or even immediately audible. And anything beeping will drive me to distraction as my brain is tuned to find that beeping thing and fix whatever the problem is.

But a tap dripping? Or headphones tizzing? Or someone tapping their foot or banging a door? Even a mouse clicking? That drives me mad. That's why the background hum is good - it washes them all out.

I work in an office with a technician. He's young, keen, not used to workplaces with lots of other young people.

We have a "swear jar" of sorts. It's for when he hums, whistles or breaks into song. Playing music, I've told him, is right out. Like others, I've worked in places with fed-in music and it drives me insane. I spent a year in an IT office with a badly-tuned radio locked to BBC Radio 1 and it drove me mad.

I work in schools, so some weeks/months of the year there is nobody around. All my speaker-sets go missing as the office and teaching staff use them to take advantage of the empty offices by having their music up louder than they'd ever be allowed while others are around.

Run an after-school event and all the kids want to plug themselves in while they work. I'm sure that's good for them but the noise leakage from their tiny in-ear things is immensely annoying and often means it's banned even through headphones (not just by me). Even on the school PC's, no apps, games or anything else that makes a sound and internal speakers are switched off - when you have 20 PCs in a room, that's just a cacophony of nightmares.

It's a matter of courtesy. Even if you NEED sound to concentrate, you need to understand that others NEED silence. If you can find a way to have your sound without interfering with their silence, they won't have a problem with you. But blanking out sound is immensely harder than drowning out silence. and there's a fascination with having music so loud that everyone can hear, even out of sound-insulating headphones. That's just unnecessary and rude.

And when you get into singing along, humming, drumming, tapping or anything else, I will break your fingers and shove them down your oesophagus. That's not necessary at all and does nothing but inflict your sounds on others that have already chosen not to listen to your music.

I own a couple of sets of headphones. At a reasonable price, set to a reasonable volume, you literally can't hear a thing from outside them. And I couldn't hear a thing outside when wearing them. So it's not impossible to cater for such tastes. But people don't do it. The problem is that there's no earplug or set of headphones that can provide silence in such a situation. The closest you get is bassy tinnitus coupled with heartbeat, blood-rush, swim-ear sounds, with the background slightly muted in the background.

So when you're on your own, out of earshot, do what you like. When there are others around who don't like sound you need to get a decent set of headphones and keep it to yourself. I know that means restraint in your personal tastes, but you also have to stop picking your nose, scratching your feet, farting, undressing, and all the other distasteful habits at that point too.

I will make one exception: With babies around, you should not be asked to be silent for them to sleep. All you're doing is breeding people like me who can't relax in silence by doing that. And a baby will sleep through ANYTHING. Babies will fall asleep outside in a noisy shopping centre, at a party, with a movie blaring, etc. *Sudden* noise might wake them but that's only more sudden and scary against the silent background than if you just all talked normally over the sleeping child and someone sneezed or whatever.

And if a baby wakes, it wakes. Nobody INTENDS to wake them. That's my one exception - talk normally around babies and even sleeping children. You're subconsciously teaching them to be able to cope with a noisy environment without actually disturbing them at all.

But otherwise? Shut the hell up or isolate your noise from me.

Comment Re:Just like China (Score 1) 419

The meaning of "progressive" is defined by the history of progressivism,

Typically meanings are "defined" by current usage, not (directly) history. You should know that.

And the reason they could get away with that and stay in business is that (1) government has limited competition and (2) government has limited the ability of customers to sue those companies.

For #1, let's take an actual example. How exactly did the gov't allow MS to become an OS near-monopoly for desktops?

Per #2, most of the customers I was paid to screw didn't even know it. You can't sue if you don't know you've been manipulated. Part of the art of manipulation is not letting the manipulated party know they've been had. (I'm not condoning it all. I just ended up in such situations.)

Further, much of it wasn't illegal, just sneaky. Most trickery is not illegal and shouldn't necessarily be illegal.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 897

Beneficial? Hell no. As far as I'm concerned, shoot them at the border. But that's more my misogyny talking, I'd shoot you too, given free reign and no repercussions for killing.

I'd just like to know where that gang raping is taking place. I have no plans for Saturday and need some entertainment.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 897

Care to tell me what book tells that kind of story? Somehow I have a hunch what publishing house I'll be dealing with...

If that was at least remotely true, the German armies could not have rolled over the borders like there was no resistance. Where were those "massed forces" when the Germans steamrolled all the way past Kiev, Leningrad, Odessa and all the way to Moscow and Stalingrad?

Comment Re: Exactly what we need (Score 1) 67

The customers will not demand these features. For them, these aren't features. To them, they're at best useless, at worst a nuisance. Where's the benefit for the user if his device doesn't harm him, only harms others, and he's not responsible for it?

Yes, he should feel responsible. But people are not that way.

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