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Comment Re:Next steps... (Score 1) 34

Grohmann Engineering was a Germany-based company. Of course, German law also allows for non-compete covenants, though I have no idea how they are enforced. In that specific case, one could argue that the new company wouldn't compete with Tesla as Tesla has shown no interest in servicing German customers.

Also, I wouldn't seriously expect this to happen, that was more a "wouldn't it be funny if..." kind of thought :)

Comment Next steps... (Score 2) 34

Grohman founds a new company, most key employees leave for the new company (*), Tesla is left with a bunch of patents.
<sarcasm> Smart move, Elon! </sarcasm>

(*) Between leaving for a company with dependable clients and staying in a company continuing to lose money quarter after quarter, the decision shouldn't be too difficult.

Comment Re:What happens? (Score 2) 184

Dream on. People will just keep staring at the idiot box, and possibly complain a little louder on Twitbook. The fact is, people really will lap up whatever's thrown at them, and watch the ads too, even if they're just watching so they know when to unmute the sound. People want to consume, and they don't want to put any effort into thinking about it.

Comment Re:Pay your fucking taxes instead (Score 4, Insightful) 161

And that's exactly the attitude that leads to this situation: the belief among a large subset of the population that they will eventually get rich and benefit from all of the loopholes that aid the rich. The overwhelming majority of the richest people in the world were born rich. They didn't come from being lower middle class and work hard to earn their money.

Comment Re:Slow news day (Score 2) 184

IBM used to have a bunch of aptitude tests for entry-level technical jobs. I was recently speaking to a retired alumna at my college who applied to their admin track and after doing the tests for that was asked if she'd be willing to try the technical track tests. She did well in those and stayed with the company for 10 years, helping to design System/360 and 370. She was particularly smug about the fact that her boyfriend at the time had failed the same aptitude tests.

Comment Re:Another outrage article (Score 2) 268

Then, almost by definition, it is worthless

And yet it works in exactly the way Libertarians are telling us things will work: companies put an agreed-on label on their products, they have an incentive to check unreasonable-sounding claims from their competitors as do consumer groups, and there is redress through the courts (and bad publicity) if anyone is caught cheating. For once, it's a free market solution that is working with a minimal amount of government intervention.

Comment Re:OO is "well supported" in JS ? (Score 1) 185

It doesn't really matter how you want to wriggle out of it, you're saying "Erlang is what OO is meant to be, but it's not OO".

You realise that makes no sense right? If it's not OO, then it's not what OO.

You're caught up on such random vagaries that you completely miss the point of OO - to be able to think about systems as objects, and classes of objects because that's an effective way to map to the real world. Hence why we have the pillars of OO - the very definitions of what an OO language has to support to be able to support object oriented analysis, design, and programming.

I'm sorry that you have a completely nonsensical view of what OO is and why OO is, and why JavaScript isn't by any measure a proper OO implementation, but that's really your problem.

Still what else would I expect from someone who criticises Java whilst defending JavaScript? You're pretty clearly just some script churning amateur. Leave development to us experts, you might break something.

Comment Re:Windows is Bloated (Score 1) 133

As with a lot of annoying Microsoft things these days; the fact that you can't is more of a licensing issue than a technical one.

On the desktop, Windows 10 LTSB is the de-crapified version you actually want; but haha, volume-licensed enterprise SKUs only!

If you have the appropriate Windows Server version license; you can install "server core" or "nano server"; which have even more cut out; but while that can at least be purchased in single units; it's a fairly expensive way to declutter a workstation.

It took a while; but Microsoft did manage to disentangle a lot of the formerly mandatory bits and pieces; it's just that they seem loath to actually sell that to you unless they've exhausted all the alternatives.

Comment Re:Choice (Score 1) 268

Plus, leaving one job after just a few months is a big red flag.

A big red flag showing that the workplace environment is toxic there? As if we didn't know already?
Why would an employee care about a high turnover rate at the company he's leaving anyway?

Shouldn't we be the ones with the leverage here?

Only if the employees join their forces rather than trying to undercut each other. Leaving the place can be a solution at a personal level, but not at the society level: it takes more time to bleed dry a company (that will play PR games like renaming itself, pledges by the CEO, denouncing "isolated" incidents, etc) than it takes to the "industry standard" to step down one notch (bad managers also hop between companies).

Comment Re:The Cloud (Score 2) 82

This isn't the reason the cloud makes a terrible backup. The thing that you want to avoid with a backup is correlated failures: things that cause a failure of your primary store should be different from things that cause a failure of your backup. Your house burning down or thieves coming and stealing your computers will cause failures of both your original and on-site backups. It's a lot less likely that the founder of your cloud provider will be arrested for the same reason that you lose your laptop.

Remember: it only matters if your backup storage fails at the same time as your on-line storage.

Comment Re:It's true (Score 2) 268

Pixar was unique in Silicon Valley companies in that we had deadlines that could not move. The film had to be in theaters before Christmas, etc. I'd see employees families come to Pixar to have dinner with them. I took the technical director training but decided to stay in studio tools, first because Pixar needed better software more than they needed another TD, and second because of the crazy hours.

Comment Re:Wonder how it compares to Airlander (Score 1) 119

That accident sure was a black eye for them... but the design is now better because of it. Also, gotta love having an aircraft whose crashes are in slow motion ;) "Coming soon on World's Least Dramatic Air Crashes!"

I imagine for the pilot it was sort of like when you're driving down a slope on ice and you lose traction, and you end up skidding down the whole slope at a several kilometers per hour: First, alarm and futile attempts to regain control, followed by acceptance, then "Okay, you can stop any time now...."

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