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Comment Re:Pretty cool (Score 1) 173

A few points: 1. My new TV box puts itself to sleep when I'm not using it (It detects via the HDMI channel when the TV turns off and sleeps). 2. It has no moving parts to break and my last one lasted two years and is still going strong (gave it away). 3. The whole thing total cost me CDN $49.99 so I don't get your replacement parts cost at all.

Comment Re:Even bad its good (Score 1) 86

The only way to do power saving with modern TV's is to use ARC, and ARC support is just not very widespread yet.

Two of the tree devices plugged in to my TV support ARC. Both my Chromecast and my Android box support it. Only my seldom used Blu Ray (I rip my blu rays and toss them on a fileshare for my android box to play) does not support it.

Comment Re:This is my shocked face (Score 5, Insightful) 275

This is exactly it. I find when I negotiate with Chinese companies that they tend to be very accommodating and they try to give me whatever I ask for. If you want a feature, they will add it. In fact, I once had a DSLAM company add protection circuit (protect against DC polarity reversal to avoid fireworks) to their equipment just for me along with some software changes. The trouble happens when you tell them you want it cheap. They will cut every corner and give you the cheapest piece of trash you've ever seen..

Its the same with outsourcing: When you go cheap, you get all of the people who couldn't get jobs elsewhere.

Comment Re:My first criterion for a cloud provider: (Score 1) 59

The ISP I work for is running out of IPs and is looking at buying new IPv4 addresses on the open market. Google reports that 30% of all US traffic to their servers and 13% worldwide use IPv6. We are already at the point where on mobile networks IPv6 offers a faster page load time thanks to their use of CGNAT on the IPv4 network and that will only get worse as more ISPs roll out CGNAT.. IPv6 is not hard to setup and given how many web hosting/cloud/VPS/Server providers who support IPv6 there is no excuse for building new sites on providers that only manage to support IPv4.

Comment Re:Proves that Brexit was the right call (Score 1) 564

Apple would never have even considered this deal if Ireland had not been a part of the EU. The reason the EU has these rules is that once you are inside the Eurozone, there are restrictions on how much anyone but your home country can tax you and they have a right to be pissed that Apple redirected all of it's EU profits to Ireland and then payed almost no tax.

Comment Re:"topic of discussion for many across the world" (Score 5, Insightful) 116

Not entirely, People here hate FOX because they tend to be mindless cheerleaders of anything right wing and have a questionabe relationship with the truth. I hate it even though I tend to be fiscally conservative, Personally I lost any of my last respect for them the day they hired Rachel Marsden who is famous in my province for having her swim coach fired for sexual harassment for turning down her advances. Unfortunately for her(and the university), it turned out he kept the voicemails she left on his answering machine. But that's FOX they don't care about accuracy, only controversy that generates views.

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