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Comment Re:Windows is Bloated (Score 1) 133

A basic Linux install also tends to have an office package and other productivity apps so it's not comparable.

For a better comparison, I just checked my monitoring station and it uses 4 GB of drive space and that includes two web browsers but not an office package. We recently tried to install Windows on one of those machines and abandoned the idea after windows filled the 14 GB MMC drive to the point where it installed but barely and without enough room to install updates.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 365

You can find the reasons here

It is good for servers with complicated boot dependencies such as a clustered fs on top of iSCSI which before systemd, used to require me to hack the init files every time. Systemd was designed to solve problems on servers and that was it's primary justification. The fact that is makes desktops boot faster was a happy side affect, despite the meme.M

CentOS did the Systemd transition badly, Debian's was more smooth with the exception that I wish they hadn't abandoned /etc/default at the same time.

Comment Re:Because the salespitch was a lie (Score 4, Insightful) 619

If the program really was there to fill a labour pool deficit, it never would have allowed for visas for positions where the wage was below the current median wage (for those employed, not for empty positions waiting to be filled). You'd still get downward pressure on wages as labour supply increased, but it'd be slower. If the program was there to fill a labour pool deficit, it would never be allowed to be used in an instance where employees have to train their H1B replacements before being let go.

Comment Re:Can't blame NASA (Score 2) 166

I don't think anyone is defending NASA's budget, only correcting the statement that NASA is the easiest to go to for pork barrel politics. NASA is bad, but the defense spending is far worse mainly because if you question defense spending your loyalty to your country is questioned so it's a great place to force the military to buy overpriced things, or worse yet, things they don't even need.

Comment Re:Good luck with that, I just won't upgrade anymo (Score 1) 322

That is of course, assuming that the IPMI controllers are net accessible and that the IPMI controllers allow you to update the SSL certificate to something with modern encryption. The first problem is solvable by creating a local certificate authority. The second one is not solvable at all..

Comment Re:Go to the police! (Score 1) 122

I have, twice.

Once when someone thought it would be funny to send a link to one of the sales staff that flooded his screen with porn popups. He called for me, I walked up and yanked the power cord out of the back of his machine figuring that cleaning up after an unclean shutdown was better than having to look at the pictures.

And once when some kiddy porners were using my employer's top list system to evade website shutdowns and I found it completely by accident when browsing the lists..

Didn't take long for me to quit that job which turned out to be a good call considering my boss ended up closing the Montreal office, moving back to Russia and becoming a hard core spammer (in jail now, assuming he is still alive)

Comment Re:Redundant (Score 1) 141

The opt out link doesn't always work even for legitimate senders. I have had a few places keep sending me email after the return link errored out.. or in one case, I lost the password and they would not change the account settings without it. In both cases, I blocked them at the mail server (rejected, not bounced) and when I got around to removing the block 6 months to a year later, I was removed from whatever list I was on.

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