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Comment Re:Who would have thought (Score 1) 71

Exactly. If you're taking 9-figure investments, you ought to have a sustainable business model sorted out by now. At that level, raising more is supposed to be for things like accelerating growth in existing markets or expanding into lucrative new markets that have high barriers to entry, i.e., work that builds on an existing successful formula. Investing that kind of money in a business that couldn't survive without it was always a dubious proposition.

Comment Re: Encrypt Everything! (Score 1) 117

why does the government think that Terrorism, (or whatever excuse they want to use), gives them the moral right, ethical right, and legal authority to just ignore their own laws, rules, and promises, and do whatever the fuck they want?

Because the spectre of terrorism (in the media) exists for precisely this reason.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 141

Well, actually, his EPA head says that climate change is an engineering problem that can be met with engineering solutions. I'm not sure why Trump would put a guy like that into office if he thought it was all hogwash and wasn't open to real ideas and facts about it.

What is hogwash is the idea that only by retarding the economy and making things more expensive for first world countries can climate change be tackled. There is more than one way to travel across town, there is more than one way to make a gallon of paint, there is more than one way to make a computer process information. All of that took time and effort to discover and the ways increased over time. Climate change is nothing different and even if there is no other way right now, there will be later and more later. We have generations to deal with it. It isn't happening over night.

Comment Re:CO2 levels are falling (Score 1) 141

Maybe- if all other factors are removed like different carbon compounds being created from the rotting plants or animals and bugs doing what nature does and it ends up as different carbon compounds or trees not actually rotting and instead being used in buildings and such which is actually buried in a land fill (read sequestered) instead of pushed to the side of the road to rot when they are torn down and replaced. But hey, we don't need to worry about all that other stuff as long as the point can be made.

Comment Re: Dangerous comment (Score 1) 112

open ports are necessary for communication. Open ports are ideal for phones. Apps that open ports are expecting communications of some sort and as long as they are updated and not full of bugs, it is not a problem.

In a server environment when the entire role of the system is to act as a server, you close all unneeded open ports not pertaining to that role because what is important is what is listening on the open port. When you have something not needed listening, you are not only chewing up resources the system could be using to serve should the need arise, but allow attack vectors that are not monitored as closely as the processes critical to the serving and it is easier to overlook security flaws. However, this is a different situation than what is essentially a multi purpose desktop computer where you install software and expect it to do different things at different times. If what you install needs a port open, it isn't a bad thing unless what you install is insecure or malicious.... That is where the problem is- not the open port.

Comment Re:Open ports (Score 1) 112

Probably the same reason why an app to connect to your blood pressure machine via blue tooth to retrieve readings needs access to your images, contacts, email, and account information. If you can figure that out, let me know too. But my best guess would be to update or change the advertising and track you (and the ads displayed) should you disable internet access for the app itself (say a card game that only needs internet for advertising).

Comment Re: List of Problematic Apps? (Score 1) 112

Presumably, you would know because it would be listed in the open ports. I suppose it could filter it's own results though.

You could just install a terminal app and run the built in netstat command? I like termux but choose whatever. You should be able to pipe the output into a text document that you can move to a computer with a full screen to inspect. The thing about using a native OS command in a terminal window instead of a utility app to run the command is that it will not or will be unlikely to be able to censor out its own vulnerabilities (open ports). This is especially true if you vary the command and look for discrepancies like using the -lt switch or -tp or -ac and watching for changed information over time.

Comment Re:You were hired to work for THEM (Score 1) 386

Every salaried position I have taken stated it was for an expected 50 or 60 hours per week. I based my consideration on the job by dividing the pay by the hours to see a somewhat rough estimate of an hourly expectation. I say rough because I never expect to work the prescribed 50 or 60 hour base. One week it might be spot on, another it might be over. When it is over, I take off early the amount that was over to keep the average close to the stated amount. Sometimes the gap is too wide and productivity would be hit too hard to take all of it off. (all the salaried positions I have held were for a specific amount of time discussed before hand)

But regardless of what the stated expected hours actually are for a salaried employee, the amount of pay must be greater than or equal to minimum wage in your area and by checking your actual hourly rate (pay divided by the actual time per pay cycle) and verifying it against industry averages, you have the opportunity to decide for yourself if you wish to remain employed there or seek employment where the grass is greener. I understand that choice is not always easy, but you have it as well as all the tools necessary to make an informed decision concerning it. On my current gig, I'm averaging about $5 per hour over the industry average so I'm not concerned about working over from time to time.

Comment Re: Does it apply? Is it useful? (Score 1) 386

Wow.. I thought Linux Journal went out of business a decade ago. Judging from the number of comments on some of the articles I saw, I'm probably not alone. Good to see that both- I was wrong and the articles are still feature rich and easily understandable (at least the ones I glanced at). Maybe someone from there needs to submit stories to slashdot and whatever and get the word out. I used to purchase linux jounal off the news stand until it disappeared in my local area. This was before I had a regular reliable internet connection though.

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