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Comment Re: Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 454

I live in a rural farming community and have my entire life. I know what the different priorities are. And so far the vast majority are incapable of comprehending the actual scale of the world and cannot fathom things like human actions altering the climate or even simple shit like other cultures existing in the world and they're not hollywood creations.
You think the average rural person should have more power than 3 city dwellers? I fucking laugh at you as I watch ANOTHER person who has lived here their entire fucking life slide off the highway outside my house because they forgot ice is slippery, just like they did every other year of driving their entire lives.

Before you say another stupid something, I still live here because I have lived surrounded by mountains my entire life. More than a week away and I start getting agoraphobic. And the ocean is just creepy as all get out.

So, you supposedly know what the differences are, yet you deign to belittle the concern.

The EC exists to protect rural interests from those in more urban areas. AND VICE VERSA.

It's about trying to achieve a balance of concerns.

And please understand, nobody promised you equal representation in electing the chief executive. EVER.

And, because you've already done something stupid and equated rural living (for anyone who isn't you) as making one stupid.

Try Chicago during the first snow. People, en masse, forget how to drive on snow and ice. So accidents skyrocket.
It's just proof that ANYONE, from ANY walk of life can be dumb and careless. Ascribing it just to some rural yahoos means that your perspective is severely truncated.
Probably because you're still not thinking straight after your horse lost the race...

Come on back to this argument once you're ready to calm down and apply actual logic to your argument.

Comment Re:The electoral college is already 60% dead (Score 1) 454

If states with at least 105 more Electoral College votes adopt this compact, then the Electoral College will have been eliminated. No need to amend the Constitution.

That, however, leaves it open to direct challenge in court and therefore an injunction.

Only an Amendment and ratification thereof guarantees that such a movement doesn't waste money and get summarily dismantled.

Comment Re:"Feel forced?" (Score 1) 309

Would you eat at an unregulated restaurant if it meant you had a chance of getting food poisoning every time you ate there?

I literally feel more concerned about food poisoning in a typical taxi than a typical Uber. Add to it that Uber drivers never try to rip you off by driving a longer route. And then there's the biggest issue: Uber drivers are actually willing to come pick me up, but taxi drivers are not.

Comment Re:Good for everyone. (Score 2) 162

If self-driving vehicles can deal with the weather conditions there, they should be able to deal with them in the rest of the country, and most other countries as well. Sunny days in California don't expose the hazards posed by rain, snow, slush, and black ice.

Do you have any idea how many lines of latitude California crosses, or what range of elevations we have in this state? We have all of that stuff. I've literally dealt with all of it within fifteen minutes of Santa Cruz. You know nothing about California. Do you know anything about cars?

Comment Re:Irony is delicious (Score 1) 187

Cutting off someone's emergency comm makes Verizon liable.
Grow up, this is how the adult world works/quote>

The obvious thing to do to get the non-adults refusing to bring their phones in for replacement with something else to actually act like adults is to refuse to let their phone do anything but call Verizon service or 911.

Comment Re:Liability? (Score 1) 187

Samsung is legally liable by contracts with Verizon, that's SOP for any carrier reselling phones.

If I were Samsung, I'd certainly want to write into my contract that I become not-liable if I issue a general recall and they ignore it. It's not like Samsung has only recalled Verizon's phones.

Comment Re:What Verizon Meant to say: (Score 1) 187

While I agree that these people are idiots for hanging onto their defective phones despite all of the warnings, suggesting they deserve to die is a step too far.

They're putting the lives of others at risk. House fires commonly spread to other dwellings and take lives, to say nothing of the potential for property damage. This is not exactly fire season, but the phones only become more likely to start a fire as they age, with thermal cycling.

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