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Submission + - SPAM: SNES Game Preservation Project Revived After Package Located

Xenographic writes: Byuu's SNES Game preservation project has been revived after social media attention led to the discovery of the $10,000 package of SNES games at an Atlanta, GA mail recovery center. As you may remember from Slashdot's previous coverage, byuu was working to preserve PAL format SNES games when 100 titles that were lent to him vanished in the mail. It turns out that the shipping label became separated from the package, causing it to fail to be delivered and only through special effort on the part of USPS were they able to locate the package and return it.
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Submission + - AZ Bill Would Make Students in Grades 4-12 Participate Once In An Hour of Code

theodp writes: Christopher Silavong of Cronkite News reports: "A bill, introduced by [Arizona State] Sen. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, would mandate that public and charter schools provide one hour of coding instruction once between grades 4 to 12. Kavanagh said it’s critical for students to learn the language – even if it’s only one session – so they can better compete for jobs in today’s world. However, some legislators don’t believe a state mandate is the right approach. Senate Bill 1136 has passed the Senate, and it’s headed to the House of Representatives. Kavanagh said he was skeptical about coding and its role in the future. But he changed his mind after learning that major technology companies were having trouble finding domestic coders and talking with his son, who works at a tech company." According to the Bill, the instruction can "be offered by either a nationally recognized nonprofit organization [an accompanying Fact Sheet mentions tech-backed Code.org] that is devoted to expanding access to computer science or by an entity with expertise in providing instruction to pupils on interactive computer instruction that is aligned to the academic standards."

Comment Re: Except for those arrests for conspiracy... (Score 1) 507

None of those are relevant to *this* case. All you're saying is that sometimes people lie, so you won't believe anything unless you want to.

And for the record, I don't expect to convince you of anything. You're literally incapable of agreeing with me on that issue no matter what.

Comment Learn from Wikipedia? (Score 1) 408

Report facts and give a list of verifiable sources. Don't expect people to believe that anonymous people told you what you wanted to hear.

It's terribly simple and they'd know it if they hadn't fallen down into the clickbait hellhole, but random internet comments often have better sourcing than stories from corporate media outlets.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 1) 906

The consensual sex only came to light because of the sexual harassment that Bill settled. Bill was disbarred for not telling the whole truth about having sex with underlings when they were discussing whether Bill expected to get sex from his interns as part of the discussion of whether he had created a hostile workplace.

But you would prefer to just ignore the women for whom it was non-consensual, right? Unlike this case, both sides had their day in court long ago. Bill settled it out of court after a number of adverse actions, including the one that got Bill disbarred.

Comment Why be prejudiced? (Score 1) 906

> I know, I know, they cleverly hid it behind the first link in the story.

Claiming you have proof is not the same as actually showing it to us. It's perfectly reasonable for us, who haven't seen these screenshots, to withhold judgement until either we see them or she wins the court case.

There's no prize for being the first person to judge someone. The word 'prejudice' literally means judging someone beforehand.

Why can't we wait for all the evidence to come out in court before we condemn someone or make up our minds? I will hold no position either way and will let the courts judge this. She can show the proof to them and they can judge this, there's no need for any of us to pre-judge this.

Comment Re: I do (Score 1) 171

> Then again I really can't see how dumps could screw this up

Some dumpers added logos and other crap, others added trainers. Some just plain got a bad dump and screwed up some graphics which may or may not have any major impact on the game. Really, there are lots of stupid things that can go wrong. In the post I linked earlier, byuu describes some of the bad dumps he found.

Comment Except for those arrests for conspiracy... (Score 1) 507

> It'd start by realizing that you don't have proof of a conspiracy or anything.

Except for those arrest records from the DC Metropolitan Police Department for Conspiracy to Commit an Assault -

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Metropolitan Police Department announced an arrest has been made in a Conspiracy to Commit an Assault offense that occurred in the 500 block of 14th Street, Northwest. After a thorough investigation, it was determined that several individuals made plans to disrupt inauguration activities in an unlawful way.


Comment Re:Go visit Mar-a-Lago and complain (Score 1) 507

> So you can point them out? How about you do that then instead of going on and on and eroding our trust in you with each post?

I did that in the very first post just up thread. Since you somehow missed that, here you go (again) -


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