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Comment 3DS (Score 1) 116

The 3DS's death knell happened when they got access to the boot ROM, and discovered sighax. They can't update it with a patch. The hacking community can now sign their own firmware for the 3DS. Only option is a hardware refresh that will require everyone move to the new-new 3DS.

In short... Yes, the Switch is here to oust the 3DS, at least temporarily.

Comment Re:You don't know how hormones work, do you? (Score 1) 397

And I too find it ok that there are people out there who don't understand basic biology, and believe that people's feelings on things trump facts and data. Because hey, if we didn't have special needs posters on the internet, Everyday Feminism and Infowars would have went out of business long ago.

Comment Re:You don't know how hormones work, do you? (Score 1) 397

The dysphoria itself is not a mental illness.

As mentioned before, wrong.

The fact that it has gone from "Gender nonconforming behavior" to outright dysphoria IS the mental illness. That's why it's dysphoria and no longer "nonconforming behavior."

No one's calling a tomboy a TransMan. (Well, some idiots on Tumblr might, but they're idiots.)

But when that tomboy is put in a state of deep depression because puberty is hitting and she's starting to blossom? That's (gender) dysphoria. And that's when treatment comes into play, which is often toughening up, therapy, or rarely, transitioning.

Comment Re:You don't know how hormones work, do you? (Score 1) 397

and sorry, those are the only two genders

If that's not trolling then it's just blatant ignorance.

See also: XXY
See also: intersex (or hermaphrodite)

Non-binary sexual organs exist, non-binary genders exist. Accept it, get over it.

Those are not genders. They are birth defects and genetic abnormalities.

There is no such thing as "non-binary" gender. You are either male, or female. There is some debate about what it means to be male or female, which is healthy and important. But there is also a large number of transsexuals out there, including some who have munchausen syndrome (i.e., the aforementioned "TransTrenders") who are demanding we legitimize their demands for attention. No.

Male. Female.

That's it.

Sorry, but it's true. And no amount of worthless Post-Modernist Gender Studies degrees will ever change that.

Comment Re:Chrome is smarter than that. (Score 1) 144

Specifically, the violation of my trust was expecting a software updater not to install new, tangentially related, apps. An update to a DLL file to fix a security flaw is an update. A software extension to Google Chrome that mimics "Print to PDF" is a new install. Due to Windows restrictions I could not give them access to the former without access to do the latter. They abused having access for the former to do the later.

There's also the colloquial version of the term in that this was probably unethical.

Comment Re:Chrome is smarter than that. (Score 1) 144

Yup. Tossed the icon up in the bar and sent me to the Adobe page.

I immediately uninstalled it, force closed Chrome, and ran a full malware scan, since clearly I had been compromised by some form of browser hijacker, probably from a banner that got past uBlock. Imagine my delight when I found it wasn't a security violation, it was a violation of my trust.

Comment Re:You don't know how hormones work, do you? (Score 1) 397

Leah's own post says it was because of the dismissal, not the bulling.

Bullying is mentioned 4 times in the article. Fired is mentioned 16. Continuing:

Leah Rowe, libreboot's main developer and founder, is a transgender woman herself, and several transgender people have contributed to the libreboot project. What the FSF has done is truly disgusting, so Libreboot voluntarily left the GNU project in protest. GNU is funded in large part by the Free Software Foundation. We will not name the person who was fired, for their privacy and safety.

She says right there she left in protest for "what the FSF has done." I.e., fired a transwoman under what she claims (without evidence) was retaliatory. In addition, as mentioned above she does not speak for Libreboot, she merely has control of the website and is acting as a gatekeeper. This is a standard tactic for these authoritarian marxists -- see also the disaster that was Mighty Number 9's Dana for another good example.

In addition, in what universe is "sound familiar" a stereotyping race trigger? You unhinged loon, do you literally see racism everywhere you look!?

It's a reference to how this kind of social justice faux outrage always goes. Wild accusation, no evidence, demands for evidence are ignored or interpreted as harassment / trolling / "sea lioning," demands for some form of reparations, usually in the form of control.

So... the title is accurate and you're full of snot.

Also, you need to get caught up on your lingo. The term "Fake News" is already on it's way out because it turns out that Journalists live in some very thinly pained glass houses indeed.

Comment Re:How to get it in future? Where is it lodged? (Score 1) 397

And if course, Kita follows it up with some transphobia.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, you see why I put transphobia in quotes earlier. Because that term is so vague and has so many alternate definitions that you can literally be transphobic by saying "Hello Ma'am" to someone when they enter your business.

Comment Re: "Open Source is a meritocracy" (Score 1) 397

Yes, proudly so. If you are not able to work under your own merits, get the fuck out. It's one of the reasons the Post-Modernists were actively trying to sabotogue open source projects, with authoritarian and easily abused "codes of conduct," attempts at nailing Linus Torvalds with a rape hoax, repeated attempts at tone policing the Kernel Mailing list, and now an unhinged transwoman raving about how the big bad FSF hates transgendered people.

(The Code of Merit should be required viewing for anyone demanding a CoC be added to their project.)

Comment Re:How to get it in future? Where is it lodged? (Score 1) 397

"So...which is it?"
If I read his post correctly, wouldn't a transvestite be under medication, and a post-op trans be cured?

Not sure. I was under the impression that the term "transvestite" is now a slur.

Here's an interesting thought experiment. If they managed to create a low cost pill that would "cure" dysphoria by realigning the person's brain with their body's natural hormonal output -- a cure that would not require transitioning. Would it be right to push people into that therapy + that medication rather than transitioning?

We're rapidly accelerating to the point that SRS surgery is going to be indistinguishable from a "cis" version of that person. I do have to wonder how society will change once consequence free transitioning is a thing.

Comment Re:You don't know how hormones work, do you? (Score 1) 397

This is one of the most annoying thing about today's SJW babies -- and one of the biggest reasons why society is finally fed up and not taking any more of it -- everything to them is about "hate." Anything they don't understand must be because of hate. People expressing opposing ideas or viewpoints are hateful. Must be so sad to live with such a disturbed worldview.

Actually, you bring up an interesting topic. Everything to them is about "hate."

That's because the same kind of thinking that religious belief is based around also allows for this Post-Modernist claptrap.

You see, if you turn the world into a nice black and white, then all you have to do is compare it to your predefined list of bad things and work backwards from there.

Is it a sin? Is it against the noble eightfold path? Is this heresy? If so, it's bad. Find a reason why later, it's bad, that's all you need to know.

They have swapped out this religious thinking for identity politics.

Is this sexist?

Is this racist?

Is this conservative?

Do normal straight men like it?

Is this capitalist?

If so, it's BAD. Find a reason later. That's why you see an ever-expanding bubble of "bad" surrounding them. "You're just a racist sexist Tea Party MRA GamerGate transphobic Alt Right islamophobic CIS WHITE MALE BernieBro benefiting from the capitalist heteronormative PATRIARCHY!"

The word salad doesn't matter. They really mean "bad."

The leader of the Honey Badgers has a great video up on it here. She's incredibly articulate and covers this in excellent detail.

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