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Comment Re:Just get the memo already: (Score 1) 74

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

So, when did Congress pass laws establishing a national religion? What you are speaking of is that all religions, including Christianity, are allowed to freely practice their religion. Would you rather live in a country where religious are not free to practice their religion? Feel free to move to China than if that is what you want.

Comment Re:double standards (Score 1) 123

World's largest polluter in what?

According to this, China is the top of the pile for CO2. The US environmental regulations have caused us to have very clean air and water, where China has no regulation and pollutes their land air and water to the point where people are dying from it. But I guess you don't care about facts and figures and work more off your gut?

Here's another article about it:


You don't see people walking around with dust masks on in the US, but I am sure you already knew that.

For fine particulates, China is still pretty bad, though Saudi Arabia surpasses them there. Likely it is due to the desert there though.

Most polluted cities, US not even on the list anywhere:

As far as disproportionate, not really. VW has more diesels on the roads in the US than any other car manufacturer. The impact is more for this issue than other diesel manufacturers who were also fined steeply. Considering the EU feels it can fine Apple for paying the taxes they owe in Ireland, I am not sure how you think this fine is somehow disproportionate.

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