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Comment Re:Does it account for greedy homeowners? (Score 1) 108

If I were to wager, I'd say their algorithm probably maintains a constant speed through curves and up and down hills with a suitable buffer zone in front of their car so that their car(s) dampen the standing waves that are the primary cause of traffic congestion.

People could do this if they were taught how.

Comment Re: Is it news? (Score 1) 223

>> why not put it in orbit around the Moon

Several reasons.
1. It's at the wrong orbital inclination to go to the moon, and the plane change maneuver alone would exceed the life of the existing engines many times over.

2. It isn't designed for the radiation environment of the moon's orbit, and long-term visitors would rapidly hit maximum lifetime exposure limits.

Comment Re:"Shows Why We Can't Have Nice Things For Cheap" (Score 1) 182

In any given 2-3 year time span, there's like what, maybe a dozen professional golfers so skilled that they are able to hit the ball on a predictable basis? The remaining pros vary wildly and the amateurs are all over the map, so assessing the claims and technology of golf balls is pretty difficult.

Robots are regularly used to compare golf equipment for that reason. Google "Iron Byron" for details.

Comment Re:Private sector will increase costs. (Score 1) 134

If it costs money to do something and you hand it over to the private sector it will cost money plus profit to make it therefore more. If the argument is that somehow the private sector magically has better management then improve the management and reduce the costs but that simply is not true. Better management always equals higher cost as they always charge more than they earn.

Costs are lower in the private sector due to competition in the marketplace. If there is a monopoly on any item or service, you better believe the costs will be astronomical.

What we have seen in the past 5-10 years is the end of a monopoly by ULA as a result of Space X and others. While ULA had a monopoly in the private sector, the SLS made sense. Now that there is competition, that is no longer the case.

Comment Re:Adjust your vm (Score 1) 10

You make a good point. The fall of Milo did more to damage the alt-right and the asshats who follow him than any external force ever could have. He was built up as the acceptable face of it, the likeable and funny guy with a sophistic answer for everything, which just made his fall even harder and more devastating for the movement he was figurehead of.

It's hard to imagine what the next four years will be like with Trump. Having failed at basically everything so far, with little prospect of getting much done in the foreseeable future... Will he eventually be worn down and sidelined while others do the work, or will he keep the pantomime going until people just start to ignore it?

Comment Re:Just the start (Score 1) 92

GameStop rely on people constantly trading. You never pay cash for stuff, you always trade something in whole or trade+cash. So yeah, their used stuff is overpriced, but they also give you over the odds for your trade-ins too, and in the end as long as you keep trading it's not too bad.

Obviously doesn't work for people who want to occasionally buy something with cash and don't sell their old games, but the kids prefer to just keep trading.

Comment Re:What precentage caused by man? (Score 1) 243

I'll get modded down for this, but reason is not the way to convince people like that to act. Money is.

That's why taxes on pollution and CO2 emissions are so effective. Of course, deniers will claim it's a conspiracy by LED lightbulb manufacturers and the mighty wind power lobby that seems to have completely eclipsed the underfunded, ineffective oil lobby.

Comment Re:There's an interesting statistic (Score 1) 243

You can explain these results quite simply. People in countries that have benefited greatly from causing climate change through the emission of CO2 are less willing to accept that their actions are the cause. People in countries where pollution is bad and the effects of climate change are more apparent are more likely to accept it.

Japan is an outlier because people there tend to accept expert opinion and broad scientific consensus, rather than assume they know better or that it's some giant conspiracy theory. If you look at the rest of the countries where people are skeptical, it's obviously Dunning-Kruger at work. Most of the people who think they are "experts" on climate change really just googled a load of conspiracy theory web sites and enjoyed the confirmation that their 20 MPG SUV isn't the problem.

Comment Re:SJW purges in full swing now (Score 1) 520

Seems like he wanted to leave anyway, that tweet was just the thing that pushed him to do it then and there: http://www.polygon.com/2017/3/...

To be honest, if the guy quits over mild criticism (not threats, not demands to have him fired) of a fucking tweet... I don't think the people criticising him are the ones with the problem here. Anyway, if you exercise your freedom of speech, even on twitter, you can't expect people not to react with their own free speech.

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