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Comment Re:Thinner (Score 1) 317

You should have seen the reaction of the saleswomen when I walked into the store and said "I think it's time to upgrade my S3"... her response was "uhh.. yeah".

My only real complaint was the battery life.. just sitting at work (with crappy reception) would drain the battery even if I wasn't using it. Figured it made more sense just to start over than replace the battery.

Comment Re:Well then... (Score 1) 590

Obama actually had a position stating that he would not vote for the FISA amendments act until telecom immunity was removed. When the vote came before the Senate, he voted for it, and then changed his web site to remove that section. He flip flopped quite a bit on surveillance from the time of his campeign to when he took office.


Samsung's Upcoming Galaxy S8 Flagship Smartphone Won't Have a Headphone Jack: Report ( 317

Samsung is planning to ditch headphone jack in its next flagship smartphone, called the Samsung Galaxy S8, reports SamMobile, a Samsung-focused blog that has a pretty good track record with these things. From the report: Removing the 3.5mm headphone jack enables Samsung to make the Galaxy S8 thinner while also freeing up more space inside for a bigger battery. Samsung may also integrate stereo speakers which some believe will be made in collaboration with Harman, a company that Samsung is acquiring for $8 billion.

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