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Comment Re:Coren22, hosts are about networking (Score 1) 129

You have proven, yet again, that you know nothing about how network stacks work, and that you can only insult and lie about me.

I am not stupid, despite what you try to say.

I am not a ne'er-do-well or a menial.

I have done things, my refusal to demonstrate them is more about you than me. I don't feel like you stalking me in real life like you do here.

I have proven your lack of knowledge in networking repeatedly in this thread and others. You still persist in your assertion that you use a bridge without understanding the first thing about them. You still claim to get around Slashdot's AC limits by using a bridge, as if that is a possibility.

No, I have not contradicted myself, that you think I did points to a serious read comprehension issue on your side. Keep it up, keep the insults coming. I know I am getting to you with my truth when you are forced to break out all the insults.

Comment Re:Topic was adblock vs. hosts stupid (Score 1) 129

Aww, now you have to jump to me being brain damaged. So, since you lost the argument, you have to try insulting yet again to make your point? Asperger's Syndrome, and Autism as it is now called is not the result of brain damage, so perhaps you should rethink your attacks, as they make you look ignorant.

So, where is your consideration of the impact of name resolution of every entry not in the hosts file? Where is your consideration of the impact of directing hosts file entries to (as you recommend) and the timeout wait of this (or the impact of running a web server that returns a blank page for every possible query)?

You like to slam adblock, but you don't have to wait for adblock to timeout items that aren't even attempted to retrieve.

With domain name system, you don't have to wait for every query to step through 200k records to have a cache miss that finally times out to public dns, so you get that improved performance. You also don't have to wait for however many records to be stepped through to get to every entry. Domain name systems use a branching tree algorithm (you know, a programming term?) to look up entries, so it doesn't have to process all of the records every time you do a lookup, just the one you are looking for.

Comment Re:Coren22 = Mr. "ne'er-do-well" & liar (Score 0) 129

APK, your post history shows that you don't know the first thing about networking or how the network stack works. You think that waving away the issues with hosts files will make them not exist, while I am many others have pointed the failings of your solution out to you, you still stick your fingers in your ears and act like you are superior to all, despite having a horrid solution for non security.

Comment Re:Coren22's delusions dismantled (again) (Score 1) 129

So, where do they suggest that a 200k+ entry hosts file will be faster than the same thing loaded into DNS? In fact, did you even read those answers?

DNS' shortcomings are far outshined by the shortcomings of your solution. Are you going to add all the entries needed for an AD environment to the hosts file just to TRY and make a computer respond as quickly to local queries? You seem to not understand the way DNS or AD work if you think this is a viable solution, or frankly that it will even work.

Sure you know what a bridge, if you are using a bridge to access the internet, why hasn't your computer been compromised 30 different times already?

You claimed that you use bridges "to get around Slashdot's posting limits", which is categorically false, as a bridge does not have the ability to do that.

Perhaps you should go buy a book on networking. You seem to be confusing Router/Firewall with a Bridge, which are totally different functionally.

Comment Re: Question (Score 2) 129

I wasn't aware of those issues, thank you for the heads up.

The Brianna Wu interview had me rolling. She is a bigger troll than any of the Slashdot trolls. Every question was a complete suck up question to get her to talk about how awesome she is. It was awful, the ask side challenged her to actually answer for all the terrible things she has done, but not a single one of those questions apparently even made it to her inbox.


It sure made my faith in the interview posts disappear, but I never would have expected the amount of post deleting you bring up. Some of those don't even make sense. If people don't like Beta, they don't like it. Deleting the posts won't suddenly make more people like the crappy interface.

Comment Re:Coren22 = Mr. "ne'er-do-well" & liar (Score 0) 129

he hasn't done squat in computing (+ he can't prove otherwise, & he's ALL mere 'talk' being a chattering blabbermouth know-nothing DO nothing mere fake online name using TROLL, lol - fact).

Thank you for proving me right APK, you are so easy to predict. You are just jealous that I am able to prove my points without an appeal to authority like you try to use.

* I also avoid a security issue riddled DNS system (massively bloated resource pig too if locally installed w/ more moving parts for breakdown/exploit too)

Yeah, the DNS that outperforms your solution....horrible horrible DNS.

Comment Re: Question (Score 2) 129

Trump only appears racist because the media likes to portray him that way. Me not being able to find out WTF you are talking about with a jewish accountant does not make me a bad Googler however, as apparently it isn't being widely reported on.

If you really think that Trump is a racist for wanting to build a wall, I have news for you, Hillary wants one too:

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