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Comment Re:**including** U.S. service members? (Score 1) 468

Its all about narrative for the progressives. They like to play with language, redefine words, ban words, rephrase things... and its all to misrepresent situations, hide inconvenient realities, or otherwise push their preferred narrative no matter how irrational or baseless it is...

Projection much?

Comment Correct figures? (Score 2) 866

I wouldn't be sure that the numbers are correct.

Here in the UK 59% of the population claimed to be Christian in the 2011 census. However attendance at churches of all varieties runs to about 6% of the population. So what happened to the other 53%, are they really Christian or merely putting themselves down as Christian because it sounds better?

One thing that has been reported in the past is that while 40% of the population of the States reports that they attend services each week. However when actual counts are taken the figure is only about 20%

Conclusion? The 77% might be overselling the number of people who are actually Christian compared to being cultural Christians.

Comment Re:Old Joke (Score 1) 105

Microsoft teams up with a vacuum cleaner company, to finally produce a product that doesn't suck

Given my experience of Miele and their products this could be a godsend. A device that contacts "Customer Experience" directly when it breaks down yet again without me having to wait 20 minutes listening to "music" and advertisements because "all their operatives are busy" (though my call is valuable to them).

Comment Re:US-centric Slashdot misses much of the point: (Score 1) 649

This came out of a row in Britain over an investigation into schools in Birmingham. Unlike the US situation, what brought this about was a charge that Muslims were trying to take over schools in Birmingham and alter the lessons to support Islamic Ideals.

Yes, this is largely a damage limitation exercise in order to look as though Gove is actually in charge of things. In actuality he is the worst secretary of education for a very long time.

Comment Re:Doesn't solve anything, pure politics (Score 1) 649

Politicians interjecting themselves into what subjects teachers are allowed to introduce in the classroom and how such subjects must be discussed does _nothing_ to produce an educated population.

The syllabus in the UK is largely developed by subject specialists, not politicians. Having said that Michael Gove, the current secretary of state for education has attempted to put his imprimatur on one or two subjects, particularly English. He has essentially removed any books from the syllabus not written in Britain (Of Mice and Men has been removed for example), his interference has been treated with derision by those with some knowledge of the subject.

The other thing he is famous (infamous?) for is distributing a signed copy of the King James bible to every school in England and Wales. Not for nothing is his nickname Pob.

Comment Poor summary (Score 1) 1010

There are (at least) three positions a person can hold regarding God's existence:

1. "I believe that God exists" (aka religion) 2. "I believe that God does not exist" (aka atheism)

This is extremely restrictive in that it frames things in terms of a single god and only in belief. The more common atheist position is:

2b. I lack belief in the existence of gods.

While your 1. hides the existence of the asymmetry between theism and atheism, every theist I have ever come across believes in a single god or particular pantheon of gods and either lacks belief in the existence of other gods, actively disbelieves in them or thinks they are a misattribution of the god(s) that he worships.

3. "I hold no beliefs concerning either the existence or the non-existence of God" (aka agnosticism)

Is a misunderstanding of what agnosticism is. Theism and a-theism (not the privative alpha) are about belief, gnosticism and a-gnosticism are about knowledge. It is perfectly possible to lack belief in god(s), i.e. be an atheist while at the same time not being certain that god(s) do not exist, i.e. agnostic.

Comment The department is run by the archetypal politician (Score 1) 113

The DWP is run by a politician, Ian Duncan Smith, to whom the aphorism "How can you tell a politician is lying? His mouth moves" applies in spades. He is also not very bright as well as being incompetent. The government of which he is a member is one of the most ideological we have had in decades and cares little about actual evidence for the policies.

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