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Submission + - SPAM: Poll Suggestion

Thelasko writes: What is your DNS provider?
— My ISP
— OpenDNS
— Google
— I run my own DNS
— Other

Submission + - SpaceX Test Fires First Raptor Engine (

Thelasko writes: Elon Musk is preparing to unveil his plans to colonize Mars at IAC tomorrow. As a tease to his lecture, he has released some details about the Raptor engine on Twitter, including pictures.

Mr. Musk states that, "Production Raptor coal is specific impulse of 382 seconds and thrust of 3 MN (~310 metric tons) at 300 bar." He goes on to note that the specific impulse spec is at Mars ambient pressure.

Submission + - SpaceX Can't Identify Cause of Fire (

Thelasko writes: Elon Musk stated on Twitter last night, "Still working on the Falcon fireball investigation. Turning out to be the most difficult and complex failure we have ever had in 14 years." He went on to say, "Important to note that this happened during a routine filling operation. Engines were not on and there was no apparent heat source."

Other Tweets mention a "bang" sound before the fire, and that SpaceX "have not rulled out" the possibility that something struck the rocket.

Submission + - Invstors Concerned Over SolarCity Sale (

Thelasko writes: Bloomberg is reporting that investors are voicing concerns over Tesla's purchase of SolarCity.

“Investors expect Tesla to keep all its focus on completing the gigafactory and on quickly ramping up production of Model 3 in 2018,” said Salim Morsy, an analyst with Bloomberg New Energy Finance. “Both of these goals are existential for Tesla. A SolarCity acquisition doesn’t help execute these critical milestones.”

Elon Musk States:

“From my standpoint this makes Tesla’s future execution easier, not harder,”

What's Elon Musk's plan for SolarCity?

Submission + - Chip Cards Are Not As Secure As They Should Be (

Thelasko writes: Home Depot is suing Visa, MasterCard and several banks because the chip cards they are issuing don't use a PIN.

“Visa and MasterCard know perfectly well that a signature alone, without the additional step of requiring a PIN, provides virtually no protection against many types of payment card fraud,”

Looks like Home Depot has become much more conscious of security since their 2014 data breach.

Submission + - Is Going Into Finance Good for Society? (

Thelasko writes: The title of the financial historian William Goetzmann’s new book is hard to argue with: Money Changes Everything.

In the fallout from the Great Recession, it’s been commonplace to vilify those working in the financial-services industry. But Goetzmann argues that finance is a worthwhile endeavor, beyond just earning a ton of money: Its innovations have made the growth of human civilization possible.

Submission + - X-37B Celebrates One Year in Space (

Thelasko writes: The stubby-winged craft was boosted into space by a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket on May 20, 2015, departing Cape Canaveral for a 20-minute ride into a 200-mile-high orbit inclined 38 degrees

This X-37B carries at least two payloads, revealed by the military before the ship took off — an experimental electric propulsion thruster to be tested in orbit and a pallet to expose sample materials to the space environment.

Submission + - Tesla is aiming for something the world has never seen before (

Thelasko writes: In response to high demand for the Model 3, Tesla is preparing to build 500,000 vehicles per year by 2018. RBC analyst Joseph Spak notes, "...Tesla is increasingly asking the equity investor to sign up for a complex manufacturing ramp (5x in 2 years) the likes of which we don’t believe has ever been seen before."

Can Tesla pull it off?

Submission + - Poll: Web Conference Software

Thelasko writes: What is your favorite web conference software?
  • Adobe Connect
  • Genesys
  • GoToMeeting
  • Join.Me
  • Skype for Business
  • WebEx
  • Other
  • CowboyNeil
  • Talk to... People?

Submission + - Names That Break Computers (

Thelasko writes: The BBC has a story about people with names that break computer databases.

When Jennifer Null tries to buy a plane ticket, she gets an error message on most websites. The site will say she has left the surname field blank and ask her to try again.

These people are real life Bobby Tables.

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