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Comment Why do people patronize the major labels? (Score 1) 38

I assume that people watch videos containing major label music instead of Creative Commons music because major label music is more familiar to them. Then the question becomes how major label music became more familiar to them in the first place, despite Creative Commons music being readily available for both download and streaming. Is it that people without a big cellular data plan still listen to FM radio, which plays almost entirely major label music?

Comment Re:Wider range of professions for women? (Score 1) 60

Disney fans may need emojis.

Considering how many stories we get about Marvel this, Star Wars that, Pixar the other, and people holding onto cable because ESPN owns exclusive broadcast rights to professional and collegiate sport matches, there are probably a lot of fans of Disney products and services who read Slashdot.

Comment Re:Hosts speed up the web 2 ways (Score 1) 194

[Kernel-level DNS blocking uses] Less power/cpu/ram + IO use vs. DNS/routers [...] + less security issues/complexity.

Eh, pihole is faster.

You still need to provide power to that Raspberry Pi. And you didn't address "complexity", as you also need to build your Pi (or do they come in cases yet?), install Pi-Hole, configure Pi-Hole, and keep Pi-Hole updated.

Comment Re: The same PR talk crap that everyone else does. (Score 1) 176

That's what you get for not insisting that your software vendor make a version available for other platforms. You've willingly made yourself dependent on that one software vendor (the business application provider), instead of looking for alternatives or making your own, so now you suffer the consequences.

Comment Re: This works for me (Score 1) 262

So where are they going?

It was easier for smart Germans in the 20s-30s: they could just go to America, or maybe Canada. It was easy to get in, it was industrialized, etc.

Where are smart Americans going to go now? There really aren't a lot of great places to flee to. You could go to Canada, but Canada is basically joined at the hip with America. If America's economy tanks, Canada's goes right with it, and Canada seems like they're usually echoing America's moves. You could go to the UK, but they're even worse: the pay for tech workers there is atrocious (like half of what you get in a decent tech hub here) while the cost of living is insane, and they're busy trying to turn themselves into the place envisioned in "1984". You could go to China, but you'll need to learn Mandarin (no easy feat) and wear a gas mask at all times because the pollution is so horrific. You could go to Japan, but you'll need to learn Japanese (also not easy, but probably easier than Mandarin), and they're really not that welcoming of foreigners, nor are you likely to get a great tech job there. Plus with Trump in charge, America might pull back on their support of Japan and China could end up taking over the whole region. You could go to western Europe, like Germany, where it's not so hard to learn the language, and it'd be easy to adjust to the culture and food, but they don't seem to be that interested in immigration from America for some reason so it's not very easy to get in. Plus they seem to be having a lot of problems with unrest and terrorism lately, and are busy electing their own far-right demagogues that look much worse than Trump.

I do read about American expats living in places like Cambodia, but I can't imagine that places like that have much to offer experienced tech workers. Perhaps Australia?

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