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Comment Re:not profitable (Score 1) 222

You don't need to guess. We have actual history. Rural communities did not pay a premium. They got no service.

And like virtually everyone on your side of these arguments, you are pretending that history never took place. Because if you acknowledge what actually happened, your argument would be nonsensical.

Comment Re:Just stop this nonsense (Score 2) 163

So you send ballots to everyone, even those who have no desire to vote, and have not bothered to study any of the issues at all because of that.

It's cute you this makes them less informed than the average voter. 'Cause the people who "care so much" tend to vote for the first candidate on the ballot. http://insight.kellogg.northwe...

Comment Re: Just stop this nonsense (Score 1) 163

And this is enforced how!?

Usually by denying other government services. Since we're talking about 18-year-olds, they'd notice by being denied access to student loans and grants, or TANF.

Theoretically it can be prosecuted, and the government has plenty of data to do so - they know your age from your SSN and they know your address (or parent's address if you're a dependent) from taxes. Though without a draft they're not going to bother prosecuting.

Comment Re:The fix is in (Score 1) 163

So you breach the voter registration database, and remove/alter registrations before election day.

And it's not like that caused problems....oh wait...

A poll worker who was on duty during the election testified the computer system checking in voters would not allow her to give the correct ballots to 36 Democratic voters.

"By the third time I said 'Oh no, this is a problem,'" said Dianne Post, who also counted about 20 other voters that were listed in the wrong party.

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