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Comment Re:Just needs a little nudge. (Score 1) 211

The ISS gets regular orbital boosts to stay in orbit. So yes, the whole assembled station is designed to handle acceleration.

Here's the mean altitude of the ISS: http://www.heavens-above.com/I...

The large vertical jumps are when a resupply ship thrusted it to a higher altitude. (I don't know what's up with the data point in January)

Comment Re:Death really is unnecessary (Score 1) 127

Death really is unnecessary from an evolutionary standpoint. We have grown beyond the need to pass on genetic traits that allow us to adapt to changing environments since mankind uses technology to do this.

That makes death unnecessary for humans to adapt. Death is still necessary from an evolutionary standpoint.

Without death, why reproduce? Without sexual reproduction, we don't mix our genomes. No mixing of genomes, no selection.

So death is still necessary for evolution. Technology just means we have additional options for adaptation besides evolution.

Comment Re:Broken cleanup mechanism? (Score 1) 127

Does this mean we have an internal cleanup mechanism, but somehow it's gotten subverted over the years?

You're making the assumption here that living a very long time was the goal. It isn't.

Evolution optimizes around having the "best" grandchildren. In species that reproduce sexually, frequent mixing of genomes is the primary source of variation, and thus selection for "best". In order to avoid exhausting local resources, the old have to die to free up resources for later generations.

But with the relatively small number of children humans produce, that death ideally happens after the grandchildren are relatively well-established. Grandma and grandpa take some of the workload off the parents for raising our nearly helpless newborns. But after the grandkids can help gather with the adults, the grandparents are not nearly as beneficial. So they die.

Comment Re:14 times smaller? (Score 1) 319

Wow, you botched the grammar with your gotcha.

The full sentence, with implied object explicitly stated:
"Greenland looks roughly the size of Africa when it is actually about 14 times smaller than Africa"

Your version:
"Greenland looks roughly the size of Africa when it is actually about 14 times smaller than Greenland"

That addition is necessary to make your "it's gone" claim work.

Except you then said "1/14 the size". How could Greenland be 1/14 the size of Greenland? So you knew "than Africa" was implied at the end of your sentence.

Comment Re:What exactly? (Score 4, Interesting) 381

Poor people are living longer, earning more, eating more, all over the world

Not in the United States.

Life expectancy in the US is declining. https://www.washingtonpost.com...

Also, real income went down in the 2008 recession, and have not recovered for anyone not in the top 2% of incomes.

Also, food insecurity is up by quite a bit among the poor.

Comment Re:The question should be, why are costs rising? (Score 1) 374

The amount of salary paid to these 'administrators' only accounts for a tiny percentage of tuition increase we've seen the last couple decades

University Chancellor went from about $150k to about $700k. And that's only one position.

This wage explanation simply doesn't add up. Plus, something like that would get exposed and corrected in the market quickly.

There's this thing called "reality". You may want to investigate it sometime. It turns out, reality does not always match Econ 101 theorycrafting.

Comment Re:The question should be, why are costs rising? (Score 2) 374

Another source is the massive increase in the number of people employed as "Administrators" by colleges and universities. They used to hire students to help push the paper around. Not so much anymore.

Also deans and other high-level administrators are being paid salaries comparable to private-sector C_Os, when they used to be paid far less.

Comment Re:The social effects are much worse. (Score 4, Insightful) 374

Tip: Do not let your political beliefs filter reality.

But we've seen the opposite happen since this flood of subsidy money into education.

There is no flood. There is actually an anti-flood.

Tuition at University of California schools used to be free for in-state students. Then UCs started charging "fees" that could easily be paid for by working over the summer. Then UCs started charging tuition....in the 1970s.

That is the timeframe you claim a lack of subsidies caused people to get "good" degrees.

Currently, UCs charge a pretty hefty tuition. So there are actually far lower subsidies today.

Also, your claim about "useless" degrees is utterly false.

First, all college/university graduates earn more during their lifetime. Including people with "Gender Studies" and "Art History" degrees.

Second, we produce 70,000 more STEM graduates every year than STEM jobs are created, even after accounting for retiring of older workers. So that "good" degree you cite is frequently just as useful as a "Gender Studies" degree when it comes to economic and productivity increases. Because those people with a CS degree that can't find work will be working at Starbucks just like the Gender Studies students.

For example, now society needs to deal with "protesters" who riot and loot any time that the police need to reasonably defend themselves with force when faced with violent attacks by criminal elements

The 1960s existed. You might wanna take off the rose-colored glasses long enough to notice the riots.

Yet there's silence from these same "protesters" when black-on-black violence kills more people in a single weekend in Chicago alone than have been killed by the police over the past decade.

The people committing that violence are not hired by the government to perform that violence. In addition, they are overwhelmingly likely to be convicted, unlike police officers who kill unarmed people who are not threatening the officer.

Comment Re:Capitalism is killing everyone and everything (Score 1) 110

there are those who will not be satisfied with what they have no matter how much they have, or what they desire is a reflection of what their peers have and want to have more than they do.

You solve that by getting those individuals the mental health care they need.

Currently, we revere them instead.

Comment Re:Oh please! (Score 1) 274

Most people who claim that they have a mental illness, or have been diagnosed with and possibly given drugs for a mental illness, are in fact perfectly healthy individuals with these things we can't always control called emotions.

You would not believe the number of people that say bullshit like this to those of us who have depression.

May you never have to learn just how wrong you are.

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