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Comment Re:Does this case fit the precedent? (Score 2) 507

A man cannot be compelled to self-incriminate

Sure they can. Do this field sobriety/breathalyzer/blood test combo. Oh, you refuse? Don't worry, we'll use that as evidence against you in a criminal case because you broke a civil law!

It is not different here. They are nailing the dude for contempt, not for not testifying against himself. There are always ways around that bush

the court may not presume guilt (innocent until proven guilty), and the court can only establish guilt through due process of law (everything from investigation to conviction)

See above.

I'd like to also point out this isn't the only scenario where your "constitutional rights" are subverted by twisted perversion of the law

Comment What am I missing? (Score 5, Interesting) 73

Note: The analysis below is based on an 64-bit IE (running in single process mode) running on Windows Server 2012 R2. Microsoft Symbol Server has been down for several days and that's the only configuration for which I had up-to-date symbols. However Microsoft Edge and 32-bit IE 11should behave similarly.

Ok, there is no information as to why this would affect any version other than the 64-bit IE that the guy tested. Especially since Edge *supposedly* uses a separate codebase, and this is an exploit in the MSHTML engine anyway

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