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Comment Re:I did (Score 1) 181

Well, I think we can ALL make this little argument go away here quickly.

Let's all start going along with the PC/SJW ideology and start with the concept that it is just basically *WRONG* to be a white guy.

If you just start with the correct premise, this all becomes very easy to deal with.....

[rolls eyes].

Comment Re:corporations may not collectively bargain (Score 1) 112

Your analogy fails because union members are analogous to shareholders, not the corporations they form. Personally I'd be fine with individuals opting out of a closed shop as long as they also opted out of any wage rises or benefits the union wins on behalf of its members.

Comment lying (Score 2) 277

I can't use profanity because my Facebook Friends are actual friends, acquaintances, family and stuff.

actual friends, family and stuff are also the people of whom you might not want to hurt feelings and opt to not outright tell everything which goes through your head
("you're ugly as shit", "you clothes/car/whatever is crap", "your idea is stupid and you should be burned in public in the town square for that", etc.)
but where you would restrain yourself
("you've got personality", "well, it's original and has got some charm", "it's a surprising idea").

So again they are the people to which you would "lie" (in a fashion. You're not actively trying to outright deceive them, just not transmitting 100% of the information) which is what this study tries to point out.

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