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Comment Re:climate models (Score 2) 216

whatever causes that

Google "Hadley Cells", they are basically convection currents, tropical storms create huge updrafts which reach the stratosphere and are pushed polewards from the equator by the rotation of the planet. At that altitude the air becomes cold and dry, the cold, dry air falls back to earth and forms the bands of deserts that circle the earth on each side of the equator. As the planet heats up the convection currents become stronger, making monsoons wetter and the desert bands wider.

Comment Re: Sociopaths gonna sociopath. What's new? (Score 4, Interesting) 238

More progressives looking to play with numbers to justify whining about rich people

Your bias sees these studies as part of a political movement, mine sees them as part of the strangely recursive science of anthropology. From the moment we are born to the day we lose our mind, watching others is how we navigate the society we find ourselves in. Those at the top of the totem pole are no longer trying to navigate, they are either trying to steer or have anchored in a safe and pleasant harbour.

Comment Re:Difference Between Europe and USA (Score 1) 403

Australia is an expensive holiday destination for both EU and US tourists. The number of EU tourists far outweighs the number of US tourists here in Oz. Having said that, I've been here for more than 5 decades and I cannot recall spotting a US tourist outside the big cities/resorts, which is a shame since they don't get to see the real Australia, just the sterile Americanised bits.

Comment Re:This doesn't prove what they were hoping to pro (Score 1) 192

Be interesting to see how IBM's Watson would perform in the same test, I suspect (some) doctors would really, really, dislike those results. It must also be said that Watson is not intended to be a "diagnosis app", it is supposed to be a research assistant for human doctors.

Comment Acid rain (Score 5, Insightful) 130

Remember when "acid rain" was the #1 environmental problem? - No? - Neither does anyone else under 40 because Reagan and Thatcher pushed for (and won) a global cap + trade treaty on sulphur emissions. Besides, if climate treaties don't make a practical difference, why has the coal industry spent the last 30-40yrs doing everything it can to sabotage them?

Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score 4, Insightful) 680

That religious meme is mainly confined to evangelicals and southern baptists in the US. It's not their own dogma, it was deliberately fed to them by politicians. Many other Christian sects use the same passages to argue god gave us ownership of the natural world and therefore we are responsible for keeping it in working order. At no point does god say "Don't worry, if you screw up this planet I will replace it"..

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