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Comment Re:Ironically (Score 1) 287

...and, you've said nothing to support your claim, either. Nowadays we have even more methods of processing - freeze drying, refrigeration, canning, etc. So it's much more common to pull a steak out of the freezer than to pull some salt-pork from the root cellar. You've provided nothing to support your claim that "natural" is somehow better.

Comment Re:Why would he care? (Score 1) 146

Assuming that someone willing to spend $400/unit and $6+/serving is going to use the product at least once a day, I'd expect that the continuing profit from pouches would outweigh the one time profit from the machine in a very short time.

Do you think it costs even $2 to pack some fruit into a pouch? That would be over $1400/year in profit.

Comment Re:My experience? (Score 4, Insightful) 167

Greedy parasites? Who are they sucking who doesn't agree with it and like it? Go ahead, create a startup without any financial backers (or venture capitalists, as you call them). At least they're putting their own assets at risk. Do you expect to get support from a shy socialist?

"Y Combinator" "frat-tastic office culture" "aqui-hire" "Where did it all go wrong?"

From the very start. The medium is much more than the message. Really, all that bubble-talk business-speak is meaningless bullshit intended to suck in the naive. Even though Steve Jobs is dead, the San Jose valley continues to live in a reality distortion field. For every Microsoft/Apple/Google/Facebook, there's a zillion dead sock puppets. Is 17 years really so long that people have forgotten what a tech bubble looks like? Hint: this is it.

Who really thinks Snapchat, who has never made a dime, whose business it making pictures puke rainbows and is readily replicated, is worth $24,000,000,000 in market cap? Or that Tesla is currently worth more than GM or Ford?

That show "Silicon Valley" sometimes seems more documentary than comedic farce.

Comment Re:Working from home is career suicide (Score 1) 73

I've worked in 3 employee companies, and 30.000+ ones, east, west, and midwest. The only stack ranking, ever, occurred only when there were impending "layoffs." And that ranking was alway done by direct management, and not cliquish peers. Shove your business-talk terminology (really, "Nash equilibrium?" Are you a fcking leach of an MBA, unable to produce value on your own?) where it won't see the sun, because it's part of the toxic culture.

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