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Comment Re:Is it leaked or is it not yet leaked? (Score 1) 154

"How can a databse is said to be leaked online when the person who says he has it is still considering whether to publish the info?"

It's well described in the summary. There is a vulnerability which allows unauthorized online access to the database. At least one person has taken advantage of that. That's a leak. It doesn't mean it's been leaked to you.

Submission + - Google's My Activity Reveals How Much It Knows About You (

An anonymous reader writes: Google has released a new section to Google's account settings, called My Activity, which lets users review everything that Google has tracked about their online behavior — search, YouTube, Chrome, Android, and every other Google service. Best of all, users can edit or delete their tracked behaviors. In addition, the My Activity tools come with new ad preferences. Google is now offering to use its behavioral information to tailer ads shown across the wider non-Google internet and Google's search pages, which until now was purely done through the use of cookies. The difference between Google and other companies that offer ads like Facebook is that Google is making this interest-based advertising extension optional, or opt-in, not opt-out. Two are two separate behavioral advertising settings for users to switch on or off: signed in ads and signed out ads. Signed in ads are those on Google services, and signed out ads are those served by Google on third-party sites. However, if you're conscious about your privacy, you'll probably want to stay opted out.

Comment Re:The moon on a stick might as well be in the pla (Score 1) 345

No, the two party system is ingrained in the US legal and media systems. It was created by the parties to keep other parties from entering. It's deliberately set up as a Catch-22. To be on the ballot, you must have gotten X votes on the previous ballot. Not a single "third party" is qualified to be on the ballot in all states. The Libertarian Party is the largest, and only has ballot access in 33 states. (I'm talking about overall party qualification, not individual contest qualification - the Libertarians will likely be on the presidential ballot in all 50 states). Along with that is an intentional absence of media coverage. The last third party candidate in a presidential debate was Ross Perot in 1992. That's not the "voter's choice," it's a rigged system.

And the single vote system enforces that. A ranked voting system would help to level the field for minor party candidates, so the major parties will never allow it to happen. They like to tell people a vote for a minor candidate is a vote thrown away.

Comment Re:DMCA (Score 2) 147

"what with all these ACs posting the same stuff over and over again. Not sure what to make of that,"

Could be as simple as people on Steam, or reddit, finding out about this discussion and not having accounts here. Regardless, if they're posting deliberately misleading info, they should be called out. If the info is accurate, what does it matter who posts it?

Comment Re: I'm shocked (Score 0) 185

"will I void my car's warranty if I tint my windows" or something like that. A huge number of people think their warranty will be void if they modify their car even the slightest bit.

And you're misleading them, because it depends on the actual warranty terms, and has nothing to do with the MM Warranty Act. A manufacturer can legally say you can't do modifications if you want the warranty to remain in effect. It's perfectly legal for them to say they won't cover an engine failure if you had ever hung fuzzy dice on the mirror, they just have to say so in clear language. And no, they don't have to prove anything, except that you violated the terms.

The whole "the MM Warranty Act says they can't stop you from doing modifications" simply isn't true. All that bullshit is based on this one section:

No warrantor of a consumer product may condition his written or implied warranty of such product on the consumer's using, in connection with such product, any article or service (other than article or service provided without charge under the terms of the warranty) which is identified by brand, trade, or corporate name

So, they can deny warranty coverage if you have put some performance doo-dad on it, as long as that's spelled out in the warranty (note that it prevents them from saying you have to use brand name X, it doesn't prevent them from saying you can't make modifications). And, no, they don't have to prove the modification caused the problem. They can even say you have to use their own replacement parts (if they're provided free under warranty). What they can't do is say you have to use their oil filters, or have the service done by their dealer, unless it is free.

Believe it or not, most car warranties are pretty reasonable, and only deny warranty coverage for failures actually caused by modifications.

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