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Comment Re:Not who... but what should we blame? (Score 4, Insightful) 63

Oh, great. With IPV6, instead of only devices which punch their way through a NAT gateway using UPnP, every IOT device can be on the Internet. I'm sure that will help things tremendously. Unless, of course, you expect the same users who won't even change default passwords to learn about and configure firewalls.

Comment Re:Dystopian future is predictable... (Score 1) 301

When the EULA screen pops up, I just put a post-it note over the text they provide, which says "By clicking ACCEPT, I can do any damn thing I want with the computer I just bought. Microsoft can go to hell." Then I click ACCEPT. Onerous contracts of adhesion work the same both ways.

Comment Re:Dystopian future is predictable... (Score 1) 301

There can be no legitimate EULA for a Tesla. EULAs operate on the principle of a licensing contract which allows the user to copy copyrighted software. When you buy a car, the software is already there, the user isn't copying anything. No different than buying a book or a CD. Even the copying of software during upgrades is done by the manufacturer and not the user, so again no need for the user to license the software in any way.

Comment Re:More examples (Score 1) 617

LOL. Quoting Huffpost and a fantasy writer to attack Breitbart. You're really, really lazy, because that's obvious, extremely easy, and involves no work on your part. Hell, you didn't even bother to preview and fix the punctuation marks in the stuff you copy/pasted.

BTW, you made a mistake with your link to dailycaller, which you were obviously too lazy to read, let alone quote, since it doesn't support your argument at all.

Comment Re:Sigh not more of this bullshit (Score 1) 446

I can't recall being on a plane where they specifically targeted "wireless," and it's been a while since they said "turn them off." It's now "airplane mode." And, per the previous link - "Cell phones should be in airplane mode or with cellular service disabled â" i.e., no signal bars displayedâ"and cannot be used for voice communications based on FCC regulations that prohibit any airborne calls using cell phones."

Airlines, in particular the pilots, can do what they want, but there's no general rule preventing the use of Bluetooth "during all phases of flight ... gate-to-gate..."

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