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Submission + - Senate Candidate Sued by Copyright Troll ( 2

The Iso writes: Las Vegas based company Righthaven found two articles from the Las Vegas Review-Journal about Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle reprinted on her web site without permission, so it did what it always does: bought the rights to the articles from the Review-Journal and sued the alleged infringer, seeking unspecified damages.

Submission + - NJ cops say rape investigation violates privacy (

The Iso writes: Six New Jersey state troopers accused of raping a college student are asking a judge to block an internal investigation on the grounds that being forced to answer questions about their sex lives would violate their right to privacy. Criminal charges against the troopers have already been dropped, but they have been suspended with pay pending the results of the investigation. Deputy Attorney General Dermot O'Grady argues, "Public confidence in law enforcement would be eradicated if the public believed that law enforcement was helpless to investigate allegations of wrongdoing by its members." Attorney Charles Sciarra seems to imply that the accuser took part in the alleged orgy because she was drunk, arguing, "Three-quarters of us walking this Earth are probably here as the result of a little imbibing nine months earlier."

Submission + - Man marries young daughter; Lynching unsuccessful (

Cal writes: "The BBC reports that a West Bengali man has married his 15 year old daughter in the name of Allah, his heathen god. The constabulary obstructed angry neighbours from bringing him to justice for this sin, and he and his confused wife are currently in hiding at the Holiday Inn in nearby Jaipalguri. Map and driving directions from Calcutta at link."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Spore available for pre-order (

The Iso writes: Will Wright's long awaited game Spore can now be pre-ordered from The release date is 2008-03-03, so all you "next Duke Nukem Forever" jokers can help yourselves to an ample serving of humble pie.

Submission + - Papua considers tracking chips in HIV patients (

The Iso writes: Papua is a province of Indonesia comprising the western half of the island of New Guinea, and Papua New Guinea is an independent country comprising the eastern half. This story concerns the province. In an effort to control the spread of HIV, the Papua Legislative Council is considering tracking the movements and activities of HIV patients. Is this acceptable to combat the disease?

Submission + - Device lets moviegoers report obnoxious patrons

The Iso writes: Regal Cinemas in New York is using science to enable patrons to report ringing cell phones, crying babies, spies from the Internet, and technical difficulties so a staff member can deal with those problems.

A hand-held pager is given to a random member of the Regal Crown Club Loyalty Program who's attending each movie. "If any situation does arise they can just press a button which goes directly to the pager which the manager will have and they'll signal it and they'll go right into the theater and handle the situation," theater manager Heather Dematteis said.
I know there's a Soviet Russia joke in this.

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