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Comment Re:M$ phone? You gotta be kidding! (Score 1) 40

My assumption is that business users that are going to give the whole smartphone-dock-PC thing a go will end up with the productivity applications on the phone that they expect to have, without themselves having to figure out how to install them.

Before Windows 10, we bought three computers from the Microsoft store because for what we were looking for equipment-wise they were the best price. Back when Windows 7 was new we were looking for a laptop for my wife, and bought a Lenovo Thinkpad x301 for probably $300 less than it would've cost from anywhere else. It came with a free Ideapad netbook that I used for several years. More recently, when Windows 8.1 was their modern OS, we decided to replace the five year old X301 with a newer model, and ended up buying a Core I7 based Thinkpad Yoga 12.5 from the Microsoft Store, again, it was far less expensive than from anywhere else.

In all of these cases the computers were very lightly loaded with extra software instead of the bloat that I was accustomed to seeing from other brick and mortar retailers. The only preloaded junk was on the Ideapad, and it was the stupid Lenovo camera-based login crap that we just removed.

At this point I probably wouldn't buy a computer from the Microsoft Store anymore, simply because I don't want Windows 10, and I'm eyeing that Dell "Developer Edition" laptop so that I'll know it runs Linux natively without issues anyway. But prior to Windows 10, the Microsoft Store was not a bad place to get a good price on the hardware and to have much less preloaded crap.

Comment Need better cellars (Score 1) 107

There is something to be said for the way copyright manages to keep some popular collections alive and well-tended, rather than rotting away in a cellar.

What we need to do, is invent a new storage system which is better than cellars, combined with some kind of means whereby the public can access it.

I wonder if the electronics nerds could come up with something. I remember watching a Woody Allen movie called "Take the Money and Run" where Woody's character mentioned his aunt had some kind of special machine. Does anyone know if that was just science fiction, or was it based on a real thing?

Comment Re:What matters... (Score 1) 107

I still miss the days of when artists could avoid the music industry entirely and market themselves directly to listeners

Sorry, just want to make sure I'm not misunderstanding. Are you saying that since that one particular company isn't around anymore, artists can no longer market themselves directly to listeners? (Or that it's maybe not as easy or convenient as it was back then?)

Comment Re:Counteroffer (Score 1) 261

And you can eat something other than popcorn, and you can pause the movie if you need to, and back it up if you missed dialogue that was really important, or if a scene was particularly awesome you can rewind and replay it to just watch it again.

I've had a video projector in one form or another for sixteen years, current model is an Epson 1080p model, works great. 100" screen that I'm sitting about fifteen feet from.

As for the "theatre-going experience", the only movie that I've really enjoyed the experience with the rest of the random audience is one that has played every Saturday night since 1975.

Comment Re:SJW only allow missionary position (Score 1) 646

I've yet to see anyone routinely slapped with the SJW label who supports Drupal's actions here. It might be because kink-shaming is actually anti-social justice. But you'll never get the Gamergate/MRA/Alt-Reichters that infest Slashdot these days to admit that.

Comment Re:Hell, it's about time. (Score 1) 250

Anita Sarkesian tells us were having wrongfun if we enjoy mainstream video games

No, she's never said anything remotely similar. In fact, most of her videos start with her, fruitlessly apparently, pointing out it's totally OK to enjoy media that has themes that could be critiqued.

. The folks at WorldCon tell us we're having wrongfun if we enjoy good SF books without regard to the political leanings of the authors

The only people who have told us we need to vote for science fiction books on the basis of the ideologies they represent are the two puppies groups, who were formed because they didn't like the opinions implied or expressed by recent Hugo winners, winners selected by over 10,000 ordinary science fiction readers. Worldcon is not one of the puppies groups.

It sounds, to me, that you're living in the right wing bubble, where people tell each other nonsense about liberals, and even do the exact things they claim not to do. When was the last time a Sarkeesian critic saw a game with, say, a black medieval knight or a transgender galactic gunslinger, and said "I'm totally fine with that and not going to complain at all, I personally don't like games like that, but I appreciate there's an audience for people who do"?

Comment Re: Good for him? (Score 1) 57

We have an asset tax based on real property. It's called property taxes. We also have taxes on some other goods that are based on transactions, like sales taxes, and in some places taxes on vehicles for registering for license plates that's based on a percentage of the vehicle's initial purchase price, depreciated over time. Thing is, if one documents one's purchases and all of the tax paid (ie, keeps receipts) one can deduct those taxes paid from one's federal income tax filing.

Taxing non-profit-making holdings is difficult because if the system was set up properly to begin with, most of those now-stagnant holdings were taxed when they were initially assembled, and we don't like double-taxation. It's also difficult to identify where the wealth is and how much is there without it moving, it's comparatively easier to see transactions.

Comment Re:PIN? (Score 1) 53

Why do you think that? PIN stands for Personal Identification Number and as such the length is not defined. SIM cards allow longer pins (I use a 8 digit one - but I only need to type that one when I reboot my phone, which is rare), credit cards have allowed longer than 4 PINs for ages. PIN does not imply 4 digits, but 4 digits is the default.

Not even always: the default for our nationality wide accepted smartcard (which are horrible, but it is what it is), is 6 digits.

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