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Comment Re:This is the same state (Score 1) 121

It (HSR) was never going to work, and even if they built it, would lose money, and require more and more Subsidies. The Train was never going to work, it was a payoff to the Unions for their support of Liberal Democrat election campaigns. It was never going to work, because it was already under funded and over budget even before the first train rolled out of the station.

Reality is a bitch to people wearing rose tinted glasses.

The reality is, HyperLoop is much more attractive .. at least in concept.

Comment Re:Exit Nodes (Score 1) 239

I guess the key fact here (and where Manstein and Mellenthin have something useful to say) is that while Manstein proposed the attack, after Hitler got done with wrecking the timeline and moving it forward at least 2 months, he wanted to cancel it. The Soviets had divined the precise plan and had taken countermeasures. Hitler was even momentarily convinced to do so (by Guderian), but under pressure from Jodl and Keitel it was ordered to go ahead.

Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 1) 846

Robert Byrd can renounce everything he did, but that doesn't negate that he did those things. And I have never seen Donald Trump actually courting racists "Hey KKK, I want your vote". In fact, I have seen him courting black people quite a lot, and there are enough black people who don't believe Clinton's "act" in front of Black people (Fake "black" accent, "hot sauce" comments etc).

"David Duke endorsed me? OK, alright. I disavow, OK?" Trump said, seeking to quickly move on to another question.

Apparently that isn't good enough for you. .

Keep in mind, I am NOT voting for Trump. Gary Johnson for me 100% But the KKK has also endorsed Hillary, and I don't see you protesting her.

Comment Re:This again? (Score 1) 308

It's true that they are different, in the same way CPU instruction sets are different, I/O may be different, memory addressing may be different and register sets are usually different. That said, a sufficiently simple example of assembly language for a particular processor is portable to another processor with substitution of the appropriate opcodes and adjustment for different register sets, input/output or memory addressing schemes. Some changes will be trivial (moving from 8086 variants to another one) and some will be very difficult indeed (CISC to RISC, let's say).

Or you could write it in C and let the compiler/standard library worry about that.

Comment Re:What about English? (Score 2) 308

Hello, "normal" computer language IS mathematical.

All your arguments are entirely touchy-feely in nature. And your example is nonsense.

Basically, you want the computer to know *precisely* what you mean no matter how *imprecise* your instructions are, and this is very likely Never Ever Gonna Happen.

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