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Journal SolemnDragon's Journal: Almost time [flowers] 4

The theme this year is "breaking the rules," and should be interesting.

Lessons learned from flower shows in previous years?

1. Get good directions.

2. Bring the chair or borrow one there; it's no good dragons spending all the energy getting around and none on enjoying the show.

3. It won't take that long to see it all. A couple of hours, and you'll be all flowered out.

4. Dress nicely. It makes it more fun.

5. BRING FOOD. Granola bars, sandwiches, whatever, you'll be mighty hungry by the time you leave if you don't bring food. The mediocre pizza available isn't fit for eating.

I hope to attend this year, and maybe bring a group again, that was fun.

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Almost time [flowers]

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  • that your show is one of the Top Flower Shows. Still not driving all that way to see it though.
    • What about to Atlanta for Orchids and Glass Art []? They just finished the Nikki in the Garden event. I like that they always throw a little art into the mix, so you get a lot of bang for your buck.

      What? You thought all I liked was drinking, computers, cars and girls? I can't enjoy pretty things too?

      • i signed up on your stupid social networking multiplication site. Now give me my five bucks!

        (under solemndragon, just as elsewhere on the web. Except the one in japanese, and on the magic gaming forums, and on ebay, and i'm ticked at whoever got my username at those places. It was mine first!)

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