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Comment Re: Suggestions anyone? (Score 1) 457

Not sure if that would hold. The government can claim that they will pay, but require you to do it anyway (wether you want to or not).

Pretty sure I saw it floated as possibly a 1st amendment issue since code has been equated to speech and in this case the government is attempting to force code to be written.

Comment Re:D'oh (Score 1) 285

Was it too difficult to wait until the precedent had been set, before demonstrating that those who warned us that it wouldn't end there they were exactly right?

Be happy Government Intelligence is ahead of the curve.

Perhaps the Court of Public Opinion might come to the correct conclusion and see the man behind the green curtain.

Comment Re:The duck quacked (Score 1) 285

DOJ actively works against citizen's interests. In this case, they are demanding a WMD that will be used by governments and criminals against hundreds of millions of people.

Oooo ... if they are developing WMDs, can we invade and throw them in Gitmo?

I wonder how many would support any presidential candidate that makes this happen.

Comment Re:Forcing Electronic Transactions (Score 1) 558

I think the reduction of liquid capital has more to do with the concentration of wealth than they realize.

If more people have less to spend ...
    and what they do have buys less ...
    while what the amount in their aggregate hands keeps getting reduced ...
    is it any wonder there is less money out in the economy?

Those with the money to buy gold bathtubs only have so many bathrooms to fill.

Comment Re:They want no cash (Score 1) 558

... Check your receipt at big stores when you spend a lot, an unscrupulous cashier can add on a cash back amount and you may miss it. They will apologize, 'must have hit a button'... yeah, take a moment and tell the manager, there is no 'button'. ...

Or ... just don't use a DEBIT card.

Debit cards try to bring the convenience of Credit Cards to Bank Accounts, but they provide so many more loopholes.

Its much better (if you can) to just use a Credit Card, and pay the balance promptly each month.

- No extra penalty (as long as you pay in full, on time, each month)
- Lots of extra protection for fraudulent charges (the money isn't out of your bank account while a charge is being disputed)
- Possible extra perks (reward points/miles/cash back/etc.)
- No "oops cash back" because its not tied to that ability.

Comment Re:its meaningful to have this kind of tight secur (Score 1) 312

1) the drone range is 100m, roughly 330 feet.

2) the spec sheet linked in the summary touts the ability to stream video live

3) the 100m range assumes no hanky/panky with the wireless controller and bluetooth ( ) which might make the battery time (listed at 8m) more of the limiting factor. No idea what its airspeed is to help calculate a "true range", and no idea how antenna hacks for range might affect battery/flight time.

Comment Re:Let them have the drones (Score 1) 312

Well ... according to the link In the Summary ( )

It lists the range at 100 meters which, if you don't speak metric, translates to a little under 330 feet or 110 yards, whichever you feel comfortable with.

To put it a different way, just about the distance from one set of uprights to the other on an NFL football field.

I don't know about you, but my arm isn't that good.

Comment Re:Prevents MTM hardware attacks (Score 1) 410

There's actually a chip on the home button to go along with the finger print sensor. That chip has an ID number and it is what is "paired" with the ID on the mainboard.

I have a 5s with a battery that was failing so I was looking into replacing it. Looked a little too complicated to do myself, but saw a whole bunch of articles about the home button from people who had problems with it when they accidentally ripped the cable.

Comment Re:Profitable? Really? (Score 1) 161

This would be great for Mars. Astronauts land up after a long hard journey and find 30,000 heads of lettuce waiting for them

All fine and well, but what if one of them is rotten and leads the others in revolt?

Faster than you can saw "'slaw in a salad", we're talking about a 30,000 head army awaiting out gallant Astronauts.

Have you considered that? ... I didn't think so!

Comment Re:Elementary school (Score 0) 320

I remember those, also.

Q: What did Commander Scobee tell his wife before he left?

A: You feed the dogs, I'll feed the fish.

Q: What was the last thing that went through Commander Scobee's mind during the explosion?

A: A piece of the dashboard.

I remember hearing afterwards that most of the "quick" jokes that came out, came out of the trading floors as both a coping mechanism and as a way for the stock traders to have something to open a conversation with people ("a new joke"). If true, then at least its something they provided that all the new automated trading systems can't (quick, tasteless jokes).

These were incredibly tasteless (all of them), but its interesting how quickly they came out as part of the human coping mechanism to deal with tragedy.

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