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Comment Re:Compared to 430 computerized shots in the origi (Score 1) 304

Story should always be the primary focus, but lets not forget that CGI can help if done right.

Not to switch away from the big screen to the small screen, but take a look at either Game of Thrones or The Expanse.

Both definitely have their share of CGI scenes, and when they DO go CGI, they go heavy, but in both cases, even if the CGI scenes are sometimes meant to "ooo" and "ahhhh" the audience, they are also in service of the story ... not the other way around.

The simple fact is that way too often a director gets his mind around an action/fight/chase/whatever that will wow the audience, and tries to deliver a bunch of these instead of a good story. Summer blockbusters have usually been especially egregious of forgetting this.


Comment Re: A brief history of Slashdot tr0lling (Score 1) 368

... and here I am without mod point.

Nice addition (and +1 for showing value in an AC post).

I would add that sometimes the IN SOVIET RUSSIA posts (along with some of the other meme trolls) were actually used in a clever or silly way that did invoke a bit of laughter and humor, but there were often few and far between.

Comment Re:It's Heartbreaking you're not in Jail (Score 1) 482

If Trump had demonstrated a consistent set of responses besides "how outrageous can I be for the media" I might be inclined.

Right now, he reminds me more of the crazy old coot sitting on his porch rocker cradling a shotgun and talking about "government".

I might listen carefully to what he says (he IS holding a shotgun after all), but there is no way in hell I'd want to put him in charge. He doesn't even pretend to think about what he says. Thats not a sign of a leader, thats a sign of being in an echo-chamber of people too unafraid to tell you when you're being an idiot (probably because of his beloved catch-phrase of "Your Fired!").

Comment Re:No Headphone Jack? No Sale. (Score 1) 227

As someone who was starting to look at upgrading his phone (5s going strong so far), I know that the lack of headphone jack is going to make me sit right back down and wait on the purchase.

I bet you said the same about PS2 ports, floppy drives and the recently defunct CDROM drives too.

Since you asked (assuming you mean the removal of those technologies):

1) PS2 ports were fine for the Keyboard and Mouse, but honestly USB was a great technology to replace both those and the Serial Parallel ports (and honestly one I looked forward to since it simplified cabling and wiring). The removal of the PS2 ports happened gradually though, after USB had a chance to appear. There were also more options available at the time in terms of Windows computers. Hardly a comparable comparison.

2) Floppy Drives were a bane. I certainly picked up a USB version for the rare times when I needed one, but it wasn't something that affected my buying choices.

3) The recently "defunct" CDROM drives? Honestly, I can't remember the last time I bought a CDROM drive, probably ~1999. Since then its been CDR/DVD/Combo drives all the way. If you're referring to the removal of generic Disc drives, then I'd also point out that this wasn't something that happened all at once. My laptop from 6 years ago came with a disc drive. It also supported USB. The transition to flash drives and everywhere internet access is what drove and allowed the removal to not affect most people. External optical drives also allowed those who wanted/needed one to keep using one.

Yes, assuming Apple does away with the headphone jack in favor of a Lightning connector, I am sure there will be adapters available, however the main reason for the previous changes you listed were because the technologies listed (PS2, Floppy, CDROM) had been obsoleted by existing newer technologies.

In this case, Lightning headphones are a recent niche innovation, solely related to iOS portable devices, and the change will impact the majority of people who use those devices.

Further while the change may certainly make the iPhone slightly thinner (is anyone really calling it fat?), the change also means Apple gets to cut the jack, the DAC and all the ansillary circuitry from the new iPhone, which I'm sure help drive costs down a little bit.

Will it ultimately allow them to make the phone thinner, more waterproof, and allow them to deploy a full wrap-around screen (as some analysts think)? Maybe, and I can understand why it might be good for Apple to implement this technology NOW to help get the market ready for those changes, but I'm less confident that adding a new adapter is going to be that great for the consumer (but for Apple, yeah sure, great move).

Will that alone mean I don't get a new iPhone?

Honestly, dunno. I was on the fence as it was. The additional space and speed would be nice, but as Apple's iPhone sales have shown, existing phone technologies are sufficient for lots of people to not need the latest and greatest as fast as they used to (similar to how computer technologies have advanced to the point that most people don't need to refresh them every 2 years).

If I have to add more costs and changes to the phone purchase (new headphones? adapters of uncertain longevity?) I may take my usual stance on any of Apple's (or any companies) new "innovations".

Wait a revision or two for them to iron out some of the small problems that will almost inevitably crop up. By that time either the market will embrace the change, bringing with it more choice in headphones and adapters at lots of quality and price points and with the added design experience from lots of real world trials (I'm looking at you original iPhone headphone jack), or the market will reject the idea and we'll see the re-introduction of the headphone jack to the next iPhone model.

Honestly I doubt they will revert the decision (if it has even been made, since no one knows apple's plans but apple), but it seems so silly that at the point that everyone (including airlines) have adopted the headphone form factor, Apple has decided to remove it from their lineup.

tl;dr I need lunch :)

Comment Re:So this is Slashdot under new management? (Score 1) 168

Clickbait, and hate seem like driving forces behind not just Slashdot, but lots of "community based" websites.

Don't even bother with most game related forums now-a-days.

Forget "hater gonna hate" it seems like the occasional snark we all knew and loved has been transmuted into vitriol most foul, that is fed as pablum to the masses and regurgitated onto whatever topic they can find.

Part of it certainly is that the Anonymity of the internet allows them to hate and troll with limited or no consequences. The less one feels in control of ones own life, the more joy they seem to get from bringing misery to others.

As for the joy of OSX (real Unix w/a GUI that was mainstream enough to compete with Windows), when you grow up with Apple as a Hipster brand, I guess its hard to think of it as anything but. I'd be curious how many people complaining about Apple now-a-days have ever used the Terminal app.

Comment Re:Are there any videos on YouTube (Score 1) 288

Are there any videos on YouTube of people playing *really* small violins?

Its the interwebs.

Better to ask, "Can someone link some Youtube videos of people playing *really* small violins?", to which I will happily answer, "Enjoy"

This one seems apropos ... since its using canned music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bxauqa7rJgI

Here's someone REALLY playing a violin that size: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ESgWlzQQag

and lastly ... since we're discussing Fair Use and the DMCA, this is appropriate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jrKXf2G-AA

Comment Re:Coming in 3. . .2. . .1. . . (Score 1) 482

Definitely don't LOOK Faraday shielded.

Best article I could find on what they are/how they work: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2014/10/i-let-yondr-lock-my-smartphone-in-a-sock-so-i-could-live-in-the-moment/

They seem to basically be a cell-phone sized sleeve with a "security tag" style locking mechanism.

Comment Re:Nothing technical about it. (Score 2) 482

For those wondering how they block the signal they don't.
It is a just a bag with a lock on it, the phone operates like normal and if you don't put it on vibrate or no sound it will still ring.

Only now you won't be able to get to it, silence it, or shut it off?
Great ... sounds like real "progress".

Comment Re:Money (Score 1) 103

All depends.

If enough of those who got Richer were interested, then it might have happened faster. No guarantees though.

Take a look at the major European colonial efforts. Most were funded by either the Crown or rich Merchant conglomerates.

Now look at our current space efforts that are either funded by governments, and in the case of private sector, similar Rich people who's itch it scratches.

Comment Re: Suggestions anyone? (Score 1) 457

Not sure if that would hold. The government can claim that they will pay, but require you to do it anyway (wether you want to or not).

Pretty sure I saw it floated as possibly a 1st amendment issue since code has been equated to speech and in this case the government is attempting to force code to be written.

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