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Comment Re:Straining? (Score 1) 128

Having and using Prime, I can't believe the number of items are shipped UPS but when you track it you find out they dropped it in the US Mail...
Surely it would be cheaper for Amazon to just mail the item themselves.
And when it comes to third party sellers shipping Prime items, all bets are off on how the thing will get to my home.
I do agree this is not a last resort thing for Amazon. They have many regional warehouses and if you are going to fly planes around you may as well fill them with restocking items as well as orders.

I also really hope they do the blimp and drone thing over big cities... I have this vision of ordering a package delivery drone and it flies itself down with just the controller in a box... used? No, pretested for airworthiness.

Its slightly more complicated than that.
UPS partnered with USPS a couple of years back.
Basically UPS handles the "major" part of the package transportation and dropships it from pickup, to the "local post office". USPS then handles delivery for the "last mile" to your home.

USPS did this as a way of supplementing their delivery service since so much was going to UPS/FedEx, by allowing alternative delivery services to take advantage of USPS's last mile infrastructure (to cut their own I suppose).

That said, yeah, if Amazon can just replace UPS for the backhaul part, I'm sure they can lower their costs and/or make mint on transit charges.

Comment Re:Which customers? (Score 5, Insightful) 293

All true, but the real question is also if they are losing the "Decision Makers".

These are probably not either the "highest revenue-generating customers" OR the "most profitable customers", but are the ones that influence others in their purchasing decisions.

Personally, I buy computers infrequently. My home computer is ~4-5 years old, my phone is 3 years old. I am not the "Ooo shiny! Must have!" buyer who is going to make Apple money every year with a new phone purchase. However I also have been responsible for collectively having 5 people get iPhones, and 4 MacOS purchases based primarily on my recommendation. Will I still be recommending Apple products? Probably, but it will be much more qualified. Windows 10 is pretty good also for most users, and Apple's treatment of hardware is pretty abysmal from my perspective making it harder to recommend them.

End result, I may only be two sales, but if I don't see them as serving my needs, they may lose 11 sales total (mostly from people who fit their bell curve) because the decision maker is now outside the curve.

On the scale of Decision Makers, I'm peanuts compared to real Influence Peddlers such as reviewers, or other vocal critics that Apple is now hearing from. I would also disagree with TFA. While I agree Apple isn't a car with its engine on fire, I disagree that it is merely an engine that needs some tuning. It is an engine with the timing belt failing. It needs to be properly replaced/fixed soon, or the whole engine is likely to come to a crashing halt when you least expect it and in a way that will be very difficult to repair after the fact.

Comment Re:MS Surface has been on my mind lately... (Score 4, Insightful) 293

*nix is the path to the Dark Side.

Linux leads to Apple. Apple leads to MicroSoft. MicroSoft leads to the Suffering. --The Penguin

I jest, Windows 10 has been remarkably stable and good on the 5 year old work computer I;m using ... enough that, based on how shitty MacOS hardware has been looking, I'm considering going back to windows for my next home computer ... for the first time in 15 years.

My iPhone is about 3 years old ... I expect I'll start looking at replacing it shortly and I'm open to looking at alternatives. ... Apple's moves may costing them more future revue than their calculations are predicting.

Comment Perfect Proof of Concept (Score 5, Interesting) 191

This is the perfect proof of concept that Musk is aligning all the pieces needed for Mars Base 1.

SolarCity for the energy collection
Tesla for the storage and local transportation
SpaceX for the "long haul" to/from Mars, as an umbrella for the expedition and for the environmental pieces (habitat design, space suits).

Comment Re:Here's a thought (Score 2) 161

Honestly, I figured he was just lining up all the technology he needed for a future Mars base/colony.

  • SpaceX for the transport
  • Tesla for the vehicle development
  • Solar City for Habitat power

Still needs more in terms of habitat design and environmental controls although that could be piggybacked into manned SpaceX programs.

Comment Re: Don't forget shit like "white hispanic" (Score 1) 470

... It also would mean that slave trade and all the shit SJWs accuse the white man of perpetrating was actually done mostly by people of colour.

Well ... not to be pedantic, but quite a lot of the slave trade WAS in fact perpetrated by "people of colour" (Primarily on the initial Capture and Supply side though, at least as far as Slavery within the U.S.).


... According to John K. Thornton, Europeans usually bought enslaved people who were captured in endemic warfare between African states.[22] Some Africans had made a business out of capturing Africans from neighboring ethnic groups or war captives and selling them.[23] A reminder of this practice is documented in the Slave Trade Debates of England in the early 19th century: "All the old writers... concur in stating not only that wars are entered into for the sole purpose of making slaves, but that they are fomented by Europeans, with a view to that object."[24] People living around the Niger River were transported from these markets to the coast and sold at European trading ports in exchange for muskets and manufactured goods such as cloth or alcohol.[25] However, the European demand for slaves provided a large new market for the already existing trade.[26] While those held in slavery in their own region of Africa might hope to escape, those shipped away had little chance of returning to Africa.

Comment Re:Congress wrote DMCA law, not Google (Score 1) 241

But to go back to what someone else said in another thread, when Warner Brothers is asked if they're sure, and they answer yes, it becomes admissible evidence of a higher level of culpability. Knowing no other facts, a bad takedown could conceivably be the result of conduct that doesn't even rise to the level of negligence--maybe someone got bad info somehow, maybe someone copied all the torrents linked from a page that contains a dozen Transformers torrents, and inexplicably, one for Ubuntu. I can see a jury of reasonable men accepting that with the sheer volume of piracy WB has to deal with, its agents can still make mistakes even when exercising reasonable care.

The counter notice changes that. It's like the difference between an author making a typo even after a round or two of self-editing, and an author getting an marked up draft from his editor with a big red circle around the typo in question, and still not fixing the typo. The counter notice is a big favor to WB, it's a warning to pay extra attention to a specific issue, and WB, by responding Yes, is either saying "We looked again, and this Ubuntu torrent actually contains a terrible movie," or they're saying, "GTFO google, we don't actually care to check our work." At this point, it would be hard for WB to argue that its agents weren't extremely reckless, if not acting intentionally.

Sending the counter-takedown may not get immediate results, but it will yield a treasure trove of useful evidence for anyone with the standing to sue or to trigger relevant enforcement actions under the DMCA or related laws.

Very well said ... and sadly a day when I have no mod points.

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