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Comment RTFA. They DID try it on people. (Score 1) 139

RTFA. Then follow the link to the paper. They DID try it on humans. Worked reasonably well (though the sample was small so it was more "does this maybe work on people, too? Is it worth a big study to check?" rather than "do all the results reproduce in people just like mice or are they quantitatively different in THIS way?").

Interestingly, they used a proprietary commercial boxed Fasting Mimicing Diet - L-Nutra's ProLon (Developed by a team including a USC Davis professor specializing in gerontology and life-extension) - on the human experimental subjects.

Comment What should convince a user to enable JS? (Score 1) 66

Running with javascript default-enabled is like letting any stranger in the world use your house for any purpose they want.

If most people change the default to no JS, what steps should a developer of a web application take to convince prospective users that the web application is legitimate? Or should all applications instead be native and therefore specific to a single operating system?

Comment Re:Intelligence doesn't require that many neurons? (Score 1) 68

Proven by who in what year? At one point this was clearly true. Currently this isn't so clear. In a couple of years it may well be clearly false.

Also, to assert that the neuron network has little to do with how rel complex brains function requires decent evidence. To assert that some particular neural network doesn't have much similarity may well be true, but there are lots of different designs of neural nets out there.

Now I've heard plausible arguments to the effect that the chemical gradients mediated by glia cells are so significant to the functioning of a mammalian brain that you can't have a reasonable emulation without also emulating them, and this may well be correct. Proving that it's correct is a bit of a task, and if anyone has done it, I haven't encountered the reference, much less decided whether or not I believe it.

Comment Re:I blame Trump. (Score 3, Insightful) 535

Well, that's one way of looking at it. Another way is that black people do a lot more murder on a per capita basis. As it turns out, the chances of getting killed by a white guy are less for a black person than the reverse. Which is indicative of the overall murder rate in the black community being several times (something like 5+ times) what it is amongst whites.

Some source data

Anyway paying undue attention to a single person amongst the 6k or so that are going to die this year is politically motivated, as usual.

Comment Re:I blame Trump. (Score 3, Insightful) 535

I agree with you. People say a lot of stupid things when they are drunk. But let's not let any opportunity to blame Trump go to waste, right?

And Leftists wonder why they are getting tuned out.

500 white people are killed by blacks every year and 200 blacks are killed by whites every year. One group is 70% of the country, the other is 13% of the country. I notice the same people whining about this event aren't paying attention to those statistics. A couple people assuredly died in interracial murders since that story broke.

But this one drunken fight in Kansas - we have no idea what was actually said and what provoked this - is somehow more significant.

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