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Comment Re:This should be the death of Capcom (Score 1) 114

It's a bit more complicated than that. There's behaviour analysis, pattern analysis ... ok, in the end, it's "bad code". But the analysis does end at known code, it is quite possible to flag code as suspicious that you have not analysed before. There has been a lot of development in the past years, and the detection gets better. It's still too prone to false positives to be part of a scanner, but it is already a very valuable analysis tool.

Comment Re:Pass on those four (Score 1) 226

Starting with the IDE, Visual Studio is way behind the Java world unless you start adding plugins like resharper.

As for the language, Java hasn't been standing still, a lot of the features that were missing before have been added in the newer versions of the language.

Then there is nuget which drives me crazy and I hate. TBH recently he C# world is becoming too much like the node.js world for my taste.

Comment Well... (Score 1) 226

My best advice to all of you engineers in the Class of 1890 is to bet your careers on coal-powered steam. Yes, we hear talk of internal-combustion this and electric-power that, but they are all just expensive novelties. Coal is efficient, it provides for many jobs among the lower classes in the mining industry, and is also unwasteful in that most of it literally disappears into the sky, far away from the refined mouths of gentlemen like yourselves.

Besides, the electric power proposals proposed rely on coal-powered steam, so why not just cut out the inefficient middle-man?

All of the great engines of our industry today are powered by coal-powered steam. Would you have us return to the days of the wind-mill or water-wheel? I think not.

Believe me, young engineer, you will never want for a well-paying career if you just stick with coal-powered steam.

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