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Comment Re:two stacked LCDs? (Score 1) 73

LCDs don't work like that. They work by orienting two polarizers. The first is a fixed polarizer, which cuts the backlight's brightness to 50% and polarizes the light. The second is a polarizing liquid crystal layer whose orientation can be controlled electronically. Orient it parallel to the fixed polarizer and all the light going through the fixed polarizer is let through. Orient it perpendicular and it blocks (in theory) all the light going through. (In practice the polarizing is not perfect, so there's a little leakage. Which is why black pixels are not entirely black on an LCD.

However, adding a third polarizer does not help. At best, the same amount of light is blocked as with two polarizers perpendicular to each other. At worst, it allows more light to go through than two polarizers.

Whatever extra layer they're using, it's not a polarizer, so it can't be an LCD. It's probably some sort of electrochromic glass whose reflectivity (and thus opacity) can be controlled electrically. And they've figured out a way to divide the effect into zones which coincide with the pixels or groupings of pixels on the LCD. It probably doesn't have as much fine granularity of partial opacity as an LCD does (else they could just use it instead of LCDs since LCDs always block at least 50% of the backlight), LCDs have gotten good enough to where we can use them to generate 1024 shades (10-bit, though most panels are still 8-bit or 6-bit), while last I heard electrochromic glass was binary.

Comment Re:Sorry. Do you not have this???? (Score 1) 50

Sigh, seriously is it necessary to use muti-drug resistant strain when common parlance is superbug?

When legislating, common parlance should be avoided every time.

"Well regulated" was common parlance when the constitution was written, and loosely meant "in working order."

Now the leftists argue that a ban on public gun ownership is consitutional under the premise that "well regulated" now means "State controlled."

So fuck off with your stupid ideas about how legislation should be worded. Before long, "superbug" will mean something different, moron.

Comment Re:I'm sure that'll work (Score 1) 51

Yeah,I thought about that too (I'm sure most of us did), but the existence of this button by itself is a good thing, because it will get people to start thinking about fake news.

Anything that gets people to start considering that things might be fake news will give them slightly better critical thinking skills, even if only slightly.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 1) 442

Here, though, where Bernie Sanders - who's a 120 leagues left of any other elected Democrat - smeared Hugo Chavez as a "dead communist dictator". Here, where Chavez is 360 leagues to the right of Castro....

You're onto something. Castro is exactly in line with Chavez (as you say 360 degrees, one full turn).

The only one that's off is '120 degrees to the left of any other elected democrat'. Which is, again, pretty much right on top of Castro, 'authoritarian asshole with a justification', going further left of that takes you back into right wing.


Careful, HW!

His head may asplode, and *nobody* wants *that* mess around! :D

Well played, Sir!

Comment Party-approved fake news (Score 2, Informative) 51

The following Party-approved Fake News stories need not be flagged — indeed, tagging them as anything other than deeply concerning may cause your account to be suspended:

Comment Re:Theory without any empirical data to back it up (Score 1) 206

You can get a PE in software engineering in the USA.

Of course to take the test you have to be under the supervision of another PE for a number of years, and the software engineer PE is new. So some interdisciplinary work is required.

Won't be a problem for those who will take it. They are all destined to work in aviation or power.

Most 'software engineers' couldn't pass the EIT. (To start their training period prior to taking the PE.) Most 'software engineers' can't tie their shoes and wave by-by.

Comment Re:I'm sure that'll work (Score 3, Informative) 51

I'm sure this will work perfectly, and everybody will respond honestly and accurately based on whether the story is factual, rather than whether or not it follows the correct political opinion.

"Working As Intended(TM)"?

Perhaps filtering of politically "sensitive" topics in the "news" feed is the goal and not an unintended consequence under the guise of filtering "fake news"?


Comment Re:Shocking (Score 1) 206

On the other hand, you have EEs like me.

Engineering runs a spectrum. From near cookbook, long practiced, design processes owned by PEs to prototypes hacked up with three opamps, a FPGA, a breadboard and a coat hanger.

Design of consumer product batteries is 'near cookbook long practiced'.

Even I could do it. Samsung wouldn't have given me the authority to tell the PHB they _needed_ volume Y for X mWh. I guarantee there was an Engineer or ten that knew this was a bad idea, but couldn't penetrate the layers of management between him and the person dictating required features.

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