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Comment Re:Free time (Score 1) 272

Degrees used to be free of course, or at least quite cheap

Um, no. They were never free. And cheap, less expensive is more accurate...relative to what they are now...ridiculous. I grew up in the 60s...people saved up for college back then. If you went to college without you or your parents saving up in advance, you did it wrong. But yes, college prices today are ridiculous.

Comment Never Have (Score 1) 96

I've never "tweeted" except through my stereo speakers, and often wondered what am I missing, but never cared enough to investigate. What can Twitter give me that I'm not already getting elsewhere?

And just a comment on the verbage. Maybe it's me, but Tweeting sounds a bit too metro-sexual for my liking. Additionally, I've never been a follower, why would anyone want to follow the trivial postings of anyone? Are there significant things we're missing?

Comment Ban? Melodrama much? (Score 1) 114

NIST isn't your god, you can safely ignore whatever NIST says, unless you are one of the handful of companies that actually HAVE to follow NIST guidelines.

What NIST does in this case is provide best practice recommendations. Nothing more. That's no "ban", not even by a longshot. Hell, if the FCC says "oh, we think you maybe shouldn't..." it is closer to a ban than NIST saying "you SHALL NOT!"

The article doesn't even talk about who has to implement this, only that two-factor out of band authentication shall not be done via SMS anymore in future implementations.

Sorry, but ... the hell, how is this newsworthy?

Comment Re:Provide your phone number for extra security? (Score 1) 114

Yes, "security questions" are quite an oxymoron, they DEcrease security considerably. Because they are usually made up from things that anyone can find out about you or that some people who know you may know. Your mom's maiden name? Easy to find out. Your first teacher's name? Not that hard either. Your pet's name? Likely to be found on your Facebook page. Your first car? Probably something I'd know if I had known you for long enough.

So my mom's maiden name is something akin to fRwef12$nu'ka. And don't you DARE disallow me to set that, you xenophobe racist bastard!

Comment Re:Free time (Score 2) 272

You're leaving out the core reason all of this works - someone else has to want what you're producing with your hobby for it to have a chance at becoming a new business. Big companies work because they've found something lots of people want, and have made themselves super-efficient at producing that something. To succeed at doing your own thing requires (1) you be good at doing it, and (2) it be something someone else wants (i.e. will pay) you to do. (2) is what allows something to transition from hobby to business. Even if you're the best person in the world at catching Pokemon, if nobody else is willing to pay you to do it, you can't turn it into a career.

Personally, I blame the parents of the millenials (i.e. my generation). We insulated them from failure as they grew up, teaching them that they could be whatever they wanted to be in life, ignoring how good or bad they were at it, and whether or not it was actually a job someone else would be willing to pay them to do. And when they moved out on their own and real life threw failure at them, they didn't know how to handle it because they'd never experienced it before while growing up.

IMHO, my parents generation taught us right - hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Try to achieve our dream career, but to have a "safe" backup plan in case that didn't pan out. Yeah you can try to become a rock star or pro athlete, but you really should make sure you first complete that employable college degree (i.e. not art or English lit unless you're really, really good at it). Y'know, just in case your dreams of music or professional sports superstardom don't pan out like it doesn't for 99.999% of people who try it.

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