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Comment Re:If I had my way... (Score 1) 68

If I had my way, you could patent whatever you like about the device. But the moment you sell the device to someone they can do whatever they damn well want with it. As with copyright, the only thing patent protection should prevent is me from distributing copies of the device without the patent holder's permission. If I want to fill the cartridge with oatmeal and put it in my printer, it should be my right to do so by the First Sale doctrine (aka the exhaustion rule mentioned in summary).

If the patent holder wishes to claim they still control the printer and cartridge, then they didn't sell it to me. They rented it to me. And like a landlord who is responsible for repairing things that break down in a rented apartment, they are responsible for fixing the printer if it breaks for as long as they claim they control the cartridge. i.e. If they claim the control the cartridge forever, then that is the same thing as saying the printer has a transferable lifetime warranty.

Comment Re:Because you say so? (Score 1) 193

You didn't read the book either. Don't attempt to critique me on things I never wrote. There is no character Digby in "Atlas Shrugged." Yes, I know Fountainhead too, but it was an earlier work not as fully developed.

How do I know you didn't read it? Because you are not even near the mark on my comment regarding a delusional person claiming reality is false and their fantasy is real. It's about 1200 pages, and I highly recommend it. I have read Heinlein too, but he's was not a Philosopher.

Comment Re: Given that Venezuela's economy is tanking (Score 2) 53

You did miss the last 100 years of history. In fact you just missed history in general.

Communism does not make the people the owners of the fruits of their labors, it makes the bureaucrats the owners of the fruits of people's labor. Straight from the manifesto you find 'from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs' People are incentivized to be lazy and complacent, and just yell about how much stuff they need. Working harder than your neighbor does not get you more stuff and inventing new technology does not get you new stuff. Those two things can make you an enemy of your neighbors and get you jailed or killed.

Both Russia and China moved to a controlled form of a market economy. Stealing technology was not enough to keep them afloat, so they had to do something to incentivize people. The partial market is still the suck for people that live there, because if you do too well you are killed and the Government just takes your stuff anyway.

Comment Re:Because you say so? (Score 1) 193

Discrimination in the workplace has been illegal since I was a kid in the 70s. This includes discrimination against women.

Oh I see, it's illegal so it doesn't ever happen. That's why I also never see anyone going over the speed limit. True story.

What a moronic statement. What It means that there should be plenty of court cases proving that discrimination exists if it was true. You see, those cases with guilty verdicts would be something we call facts. Facts are used to form valid opinions, and of course debate a position. The more fact you have, the better your opinion and the better one can debate their position.

In the case of people speeding, we do have these things called facts. Millions upon millions of tickets are on record proving that speeding happens. Do you notice the difference between Speeding tickets and Sexual harassment in the STEM workplace? I agree it would be harder to prove sexual harassment, but people like you who claim it's so common should be able to easily justify your opinion with a reasonable number of _facts_. Those would be guilty verdicts in discrimination cases.

It is quite remarkable that you believe, without any facts, that nasty men are all out to abuse women in the workplace. Even worse, when asked to present facts you hide, and ignore any fact that runs contrary to your fantasy. Sane people work differently. When presented with facts they perform research and adjust their opinions based on new information.

People like you walk around claiming that reality is false and your fantasy is reality. The more people like you I read the more I am amazed at how prophetic Ayn Rand was with "Atlas Shrugged". No, you never read it so don't bother with more lies. Yes, I was correct stating that you were not sane. (unless you are a shill being paid to spread the delusion, which I highly doubt.)

Comment BS (Score 2) 193

Your second and third sentences have no basis in reality. There was a massive push to social welfare programs to assist women with College in the later 80s and 90s. This includes assistance with child care so that Single Moms (a massively grown demographic) could go to College and not worry about their kids. Hence the disparity we have today which has 61% of all College students being women. You can't be so delusional that you believe moving women up to 61% of all college students is the result of a year, or even a few years. Then again, it seems like you really can be that delusional.

Comment Re:Prove it! (Score 2) 193

"Any more" is a complete misnomer. When people claim the "good ole days" they neglect the fact that most women were busy at home raising families. The majority could not afford to work, or could not afford to work full time. Single and wealthy women worked full time, not usually women with families.

The State was not the primary path for raising kids in the 70s and early 80s, parents were. Due to both social pressure to put women into the workplace and another fine program pushing self happiness as the number one consideration in your actions (both social engineering) that is no longer true. A majority of people today are being raised by the State, but that's not the same as the good ole days you claim was so great.

There are countless factors involved in people's choices of careers, and society has changed drastically since the 70s and 80s.

So what is your expectation in an answer? Nothing you could provide as a rational explanation is simple. Meaning, the simple explanation of sexism is also wrong.

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