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Comment Re:Is mandated health care constitutional? (Score 1) 1698

So .. explain how impacting the lives of 90% of the population for 10% is about 'the general welfare'. The government has full power to regulate the medical profession and insurance industry. This bill does NOTHING to reduce health care costs. How do I know this?? Show me any part of it where it requires the medical profession to change any of their habits, or places any limits on their costs.

High insurance costs are a direct reflection of high medical costs. And it's higher today than 20 years for one reason .. it's better. I broke my foot in a motorcycle accident in February, and the associated doctor bills were $70,000US. This was for a SIMPLE fracture of the fibula, no bones sticking through the skin or multiple breaks. Fifty years ago they would have slapped a cast on me and sent me home. Now I stay in the hospital for 3 days, they put a plate in, and no cast. The care is far better, I had no cast or the associated discomfort, the break is healing well through the physical therapy.

So the next time someone whines about the cost of medical care, remind them of how many people survive cancer, or severe burns, or quadruple bypass surgery. All treatments that didn't exist 50 years ago and are very, very expensive today.

Of which this POS bit of legislation doesn't address at all. Treatments we all have the right to have access to.

But it should be the responsibility of the INDIVIDUAL to figure out how to pay for it, not the government. Take up a collection, setup a payment plan, beg. I don't care. It's not my problem that someone I don't know can't take care of themselves. I help my friends, their friends can help them.

Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 5, Insightful) 462

As we all should know by now, impenetrable security doesn't exist.

Totally impenetrable physical security doesn't exist, but totally impenetrable electronic security most certainly does. It's quite simple to make something completely immune to hacker attacks over the internet: disconnect it from the internet!

Why the nation's power grid control absolutely needs to be tied into the internet, I have no idea. Maybe someone in the field can enlighten me. But if this is a big concern, it seems like it'd be pretty to eliminate the security threat by not having any control over the power grid exposed to the internet. If someone needs to exercise some control over the system, they have to get in their car and drive to the power plant.

Of course, this wouldn't prevent someone from sneaking in somehow, but that's a far more remote danger than some hacker on the internet (who could be anywhere in the world, and probably not anywhere near your power plant) gaining access.

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