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Comment Re:Floss (Score 1) 257

Yeah, this "controversy" is stupid. Just because the studies done so far are bad doesn't mean you shouldn't floss.

For a quick test of the obvious, for a few nights after you brush your teeth floss and see if you have any gunk on the floss afterwards. If you do - durr, flossing is good, that gunk can cause gum and tooth issues.

Personally, I floss with a water pik. But seeing the little bits of shit that flow out into the sink is evidence enough for me.

Comment Re:let me get this straight... (Score 1) 1017

No. The article title is a lie and all the furor over this is risible. Fucking risible.

First and foremost he said Russia should give them over, implying they already hacked them. He was not calling for them to hack anything, he was indicating that they may have already done so and should turn over the docs.

Second, he's trolling. Obviously. And the gullible "news media" (at this point no more than extensions of generally the DNC, but occasionally the RNC) are trying to push their agenda hard using said trolling.

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