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Comment Re:Obsession with "self reliance"? Since when? (Score 2) 474

It's so absurd. If you look at 10k years ago humans probably had an 18 hour a day, 365 days a year "workday" just to survive. 200 years ago, the average person probably needed to work 90 hours a week to have a lifestyle equivalent to a lower (but not lowest) class Indian or Chinese person.

And now people bitch and whine and moan because people who live like kings relative to most of humanity's history have to get by with only enough income to eat, have shelter, and have modern conveniences and entertainment. Oh, the fucking humanity.

The worst are the "but muh wage slaves!!!" people and the "work life balance!" assholes. Oh noes, you have to work in order to get other people to work for you (which is all money really is, a proxy for other people's labor)?!?!! Poor fucking babies.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we should have anarchy and poor farms and shit like that. I believe in a reasonable welfare state, but jesus christ enough whining about needing to work to live like a king vs. merely a lucky American.

Comment Re: then go somewhere else (Score 2) 474

Rubbish. You're just picking winners (e.g. the small number of taxi drivers) over losers (the huge number of Uber or Lyft drivers). And your living wage shtick is fucking risible. It's an analog of the Parable of the Broken Window. Why, if we just make employers pay people more, everyone will benefit because then people will have more money to spend!

Good luck with that in a global economy. I'm sure China and India will be happy to play by those rules and force their own employers to pay people the equivalent of $35k a year or whatever insane number you and your ilk think Americans should be guaranteed. That's so laughable that it has no basis to even be in a reality based discussion. And in reply to your inevitable "but muh services are different from muh goods!!!!" prattling, in 15 years we will have automated cars. If you force the market by banning Uber/Lyft type services it will be in less than 8 years.

Your policies would only hasten us to the inevitable UBI system before we're really ready for it. And yes, I agree at some point some major changes will need to be made like a UBI.

Comment Utterly pointless. (Score 1) 413

This whole discussion is like discussing if there's a God or not - it has no possible point and no possible resolution. No, you can't prove it nor can you prove it's not true. No matter what you think you prove you could say "well, the simulation is just that good!". Absolutely anything.

It's just more modern theoretical physics wank off material.

Comment Re:Because Windows & Linux are terrible? (Score 1) 267

As expected, hand-waving about Windows. That seems to be most of what you and your ilk have to complain about.

Why is Windows so bad, fellow dweeb?

Why, because Windows is terrible!

Windows is great. It boots up, and lets me run the apps I want to run. Not sure what more I need from it as a user.

As a developer, it's awesome, I can develop in any language I want using great tools.

As an IT guy, it's got all the manageability tools you could ever want.

Comment Hubris. (Score 1) 31

Google can compete with Microsoft in the Windows Enterprise space in one area - price. And even that will be difficult due to licensing costs. They will not be able to compete in capabilities or quality. Say what you want about Microsoft, they are pretty good technically when it comes to Windows. The most Google can do in this space is drive MS's prices down, but I hardly see how that's good for Google.

Linux? Sure, I'd expect Google to eat Microsoft's lunch.

Comment Re:liar (Score 1) 564

Question here.. Do you think he should only release the materials _given to him_ if he has a counter-balancing set of other releases? Because that's idiotic.

No. The hatred of Assange is purely political _unless_ you can demonstrate that he received materials that he did not release because of his own political agenda. Can you demonstrate that?

Comment Streaming is shit. (Score 3, Insightful) 80

Don't want it unless they offer timeshifting and commercial skip. Why would I want to waste time watching commercials and be bound by when a show is actually airing, so I can party like it's 1993?

In fact this is so fucking useless, to me and probably a lot of people, it borderline makes me angry.

No thanks. I'll stick with my evil cable company and a Tivo.

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