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Comment Re:Simple answer (Score 1) 483

I'm going to go buy a 50" TV then complain it won't run Linux. Because Reasons!

You people are being silly. Nobody is locked out of anything. Linux is open source, if you want a driver for the device go code one up, pay someone to code it up, or petition to the vendor.

Nowhere in that product's literature does it indicate it supports any Linux version.

Comment Apple's strategy should be to stall. (Score 1) 84

When you're as big as Apple you can afford to make such lawsuits very expensive. It probably cost more than $3mil to litigate this case.

Apple, and other very wealthy companies, should in these cases just use every means to delay, stall, and in general make the trial as expensive as possible. They will pay more as well, of course, but it discourages others and will reduce such cases in the future.

Comment Re:Market forces (Score 1) 428

You are full of rubbish. Uber's problems have nothing to do with "pissing off its customers" and these whine-fests have nothing to do with anything. They mean nothing and nobody will remember it in a week.

Uber's problems are the typical problems any new business especially one that comes with a new paradigm faces and have nothing to do with millenials crying on twitter.

These same whiners will be back on Uber in a few days, if not tomorrow.

Comment Re:Market forces (Score 1) 428

You act as if people whining on twitter is a problem. It isn't. A lot of the people who work at Uber may be millenials and hence they may indeed imagine it to be a problem, however.

You also seem convinced that someone other than the person who needs the ride at a chaotic time should pay more. Why?

I genuinely don't understand what the "problem" you're trying to solve is. Is the problem that a bunch of middle and upper class people will have paid an extra $10, $20, or even $100 dollars for a ride and will hence have to buy fewer $10 Starbucks drinks?

There is no problem here unless Uber is dull enough to think Twitter whining (and the inevitable reporting on said twitter whining by other millenial online "journalists" as if it were news) is a real problem.

Comment Re:yawn (Score 5, Insightful) 428

That's not a free market, that's a PopeRatzo strawman free market. Namely it's one that doesn't and can't exist as it's a fundamental oxymoron.

I think sane people want a "free market" to the extent possible. The government should only interfere when there's an actual problem and that problem is greatly damaging to society.

Paying $40 extra to an Uber driver - that's not one of those times. Paying $100k for a $5 drug because of a monopoly granted by the government in the _first place_ probably is.

So when you hear those evil capitalists carrying on about a free market, don't imagine Anarchy. You'll waste less of people's time deciphering your nonsense.

Comment Re:This was a market failure (Score 1) 428

Wait, because people whine on twitter about paying more money (which they can afford) you think this is a market failure? Literally everything you're saying is idiotic on about 3 different levels. Can you name someone who died because of this? Who was injured? Can you actually name anyone who was harmed in any way beyond paying more money than they usually do?

There was no market failure, just you running around and shitposting about "profiteering" every chance you get because of the optics of it. Nobody cares, and posts on twitter, contrary to popular opinion, are not "news" or a "big deal".

Comment More about this than the bombing itself. (Score 1) 428

Last night when this happened the news was pretty much silent, or at least "understated" to put it mildly.

As for the "surge pricing" people are dumb and don't understand economics. What kind of dumb shit thinks you should pay the same rate during a time of high demand? I'm actually embarrassed for those whining about this. It's pathetic.

Comment Spaces are the Betamax of coding. (Score 2) 391

And by this, I mean spaces are inferior, just like Betamax actually was.

Tabs are, of course, more logical because it lets the person viewing/editing the code decide how it looks. You can set your tab width to 2 chars for super tight code, 3 for a bit more obvious indentation, or a more standard look with 4. You can even go nuts and go with 8 spaces.

A tab semantically means "indent this one level". Two tabs = 2 indentations, etc... What the _fuck_ does 8 spaces mean? Is that one indentation or two? Oh, that's right, you have to look at the rest of the existing code to figure it out.

It's god damn ridiculous and to hell with the Spacers.

Comment Re:missing the point (Score 1) 294

Lol, according to what valid data? It strains credulity, to put it politely, to think that the companies employing people will say "Oh, you're a dad now? Here's some extra free money!".

Are they including health care benefits in this? If so, then 'durr'. Are they only looking at data from the past 10 years, or are they going back to 1975?

The only meaningful data would correct for hours worked. So literally pay/hr is what all these metrics should be using. But they don't.

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