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Comment Re:Because Windows & Linux are terrible? (Score 1) 267

As expected, hand-waving about Windows. That seems to be most of what you and your ilk have to complain about.

Why is Windows so bad, fellow dweeb?

Why, because Windows is terrible!

Windows is great. It boots up, and lets me run the apps I want to run. Not sure what more I need from it as a user.

As a developer, it's awesome, I can develop in any language I want using great tools.

As an IT guy, it's got all the manageability tools you could ever want.

Comment Hubris. (Score 1) 31

Google can compete with Microsoft in the Windows Enterprise space in one area - price. And even that will be difficult due to licensing costs. They will not be able to compete in capabilities or quality. Say what you want about Microsoft, they are pretty good technically when it comes to Windows. The most Google can do in this space is drive MS's prices down, but I hardly see how that's good for Google.

Linux? Sure, I'd expect Google to eat Microsoft's lunch.

Comment Re:liar (Score 1) 564

Question here.. Do you think he should only release the materials _given to him_ if he has a counter-balancing set of other releases? Because that's idiotic.

No. The hatred of Assange is purely political _unless_ you can demonstrate that he received materials that he did not release because of his own political agenda. Can you demonstrate that?

Comment Streaming is shit. (Score 3, Insightful) 80

Don't want it unless they offer timeshifting and commercial skip. Why would I want to waste time watching commercials and be bound by when a show is actually airing, so I can party like it's 1993?

In fact this is so fucking useless, to me and probably a lot of people, it borderline makes me angry.

No thanks. I'll stick with my evil cable company and a Tivo.

Comment Re:Yeah, well look at Apple's INSANE markup. (Score 4, Insightful) 196

Look, I hate Apple. I hope they go out of business, sell their headquarters, and the land where it stood is razed and salted.

That said, the "last year's hardware" comment is a bit silly. I can be a hater and still be rational enough to say they make good hardware. Their hardware is cutting edge when released and their CPUs top shelf. Being in denial helps no one.

Comment Re:False decisiveness. (Score 1) 600

Not needed. Health care has a solution, and it's modeled after the HSA+HDHP plan most employees get now.

You can do private or public, but you have a high deductible insurance provider. They cover all costs after $X, you pay the first $X yourself. $X depends on income. For the dirt poor, it might even be -$500. You give them $500 for healthcare costs. They don't use it, they keep it, they do then everything else is paid by HDHP.

If you make $50k you might pay the first $4k of your own healthcare costs. If you make $100k, maybe first $8k. At $1m/year maybe you're paying the first $80k, and we cap it there. Numbers could be worked on.

Benefit of this is you will shop based on price for that $X and not waste money, but you won't go bankrupt if you have major medical expenses.

In return, eliminate Medicate, medicaid, employer insurance, most of the VA, etc... Overall of healthcare for country would actually go down, probably nearly cost neutral with what we have now.

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