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Comment Re:Racist or not (Score 1) 91

We have to get back into the mode where we can make verifiable statements without the other side calling "racist" all the time.

"Racist" has merely taken on a new meaning.

In judo, you concede by tapping out. In a schoolyard fight, you concede by saying "uncle". In an internet fight, you concede by saying "racist".

Comment Re:love the subtle anti-brexit push (Score 1) 82

The dollar is doing well. it would be much more honest to compare the pound to the euro in that not so subtle piece of advocacy.

The Pound is doing OK as well. 1 USD = 0.816 GBP. Pretty much matching the old pricing. This is just a price increase by Apple. It now matches the way games tend to be priced on Steam: the same number of dollars, pounds, and euros for the game.

Comment Re:"Race Relations" (Score 0) 130

You do realize that people 100 years from now will be characterizing you in the same way? Social values evolve. There's something perfectly normal that you believe strongly that will eventually be the epitome of evil. You're not in some way morally superior, you just have view that match the views of the person doing the judging (yourself).

Comment And in fact you do the opposite (Score 4, Insightful) 129

You have a plan should you get killed or otherwise be unable to provide the passwords. Where I work, in addition to there being more than one IT staff, all the passwords are safely locked away where the Dean can get at them, if needed. We make sure that even if we are all gone, whoever comes after can get access.

These days the university has policies to that effect but we did it before then because that is what you do. You have a disaster plan, and that plan includes what happens if you aren't around.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 761

Biological sex is not social gender,

What progressive nonsense. Born with a dick? Man. You won't ever be gestating babies. You can choose to be a particularly effeminate man, a more typical man, or a hyper-masculine man. You might prefer activities traditionally done by women, or those of men - hey, it's a modern world, do whatever. The tribe won't die out because we allowed the women to do dangerous things. But you remain a man.

Comment Re:Verizon is going to get in trouble (Score 2) 135

Do you have your clothes dryer vent professionally cleaned every six months?

Did you know that, in the US alone, 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year and cause an estimated 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss?

By comparison, only 96 credible reports of Note 7 fires exist, causing 13 burns and damaging property 47 times, making the known-defective Note 7 roughly 30 times safer than a non-defective clothes dryer.

Are you willing to accept the responsibility in case your clothes dryer results in injuries and death to others? Just to avoid a MINOR inconvenience?

Comment Re:Only a fraction of US munitions... (Score 1) 197

We bomb brown people because we can get away with it. That's more opportunist than racist, but it's still racist.

As soon as "white" people start doing the same crap, it happens to them too. I'm guessing you're wishing away that pesky little Balkan conflict a few years back, where we bombed white people for, among other things, slaughtering olive people.

Pretending that it's skin color that makes ISIS a fair target for air strikes is the worst sort of craven intellectual laziness.

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