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Submission + - NY Man Sentenced for SWATting, Carding, Doxing, Threats

ScentCone writes: 22-year-old NY man Mir Islam has been sentenced to 24 months behind bars for participation in an extensive campaign under the "UG Nazi" brand of SWATting the homes of celebrities and public figures, posting private financial information, making bomb threats, and DDoS-ing web sites. No, he's not a Nazi, but "I thought we were going to get more media because everyone hates Nazis." Four co-conspirators, both domestic and overseas, have been identified.

Submission + - ELF Knocks Down AM Towers To Save Earth, Intercoms

ScentCone writes: The ELF (Earth Liberation Front) has claimed responsibility for destroying the primary AM towers used by KRKO in Washington state. From their statement, 'AM radio waves cause adverse health effects including a higher rate of cancer, harm to wildlife, and that the signals have been interfering with home phone and intercom lines.' The poor intercom performance must have been the last straw.

Submission + - Three Indicted In Very Big Identity/Data Breach

ScentCone writes: Three New Jersey-ites have been indicted in a crack/breach caper that netted them 130 million credit/debit card records and other sensitive info. Astonishingly, this was chalked up to SQL injection attacks, with data stolen from Heartland (a large card processing operation), 7-Eleven, and a grocery chain. The man named in the indictment, Albert Gonzalez, is already waiting trial for his alleged involvement in similar attacks on other retailers and restaurant chains in 2008. DoJ says the new data theft is the largest on record. Anybody recently buy a Slurpee with a credit card?

Submission + - Michael Crichton, 66, has died of cancer.

ScentCone writes: Author Michael Crichton has died of cancer . The guy behind the Adromeda Strain and Jurassic Park, and a deliberate irritant in the global warming debate ("If we put everything in the hands of experts and if we say that as intelligent outsiders, we are not qualified to look over the shoulder of anybody, then we're in some kind of really weird world.") was 66, and has one more novel waiting in the wings.

Submission + - China Says It Lacks Skills To Hack US Systems

ScentCone writes: A spokesman for China's foreign ministry says that — China being the "developing nation" that it is — he doubts that his country has the sophistication to hack foreign systems. This in response to statements by two congressmen regarding apparent probing by China-based crackers into congressional systems for information about communication between US officials and activists in China.

Submission + - Mankind damages universe by looking at it.

ScentCone writes: The Telegraph covers a New Scientist report (subscribers only) about two US comsologists who suggest that, a la Schrodinger's possibly unhappy cat, the act of obvserving certain facets of our universe may have shortened its life . FTA, 'Prof Krauss says that the measurement of the light from supernovae in 1998, which provided evidence of dark energy, may have reset the decay of the void to zero — back to a point when the likelihood of its surviving was falling rapidly.' Warning: if you've read this summary, you may have already changed the article.

Submission + - DVD-Sniffing Dogs Draw More Than Slashdot Derision

ScentCone writes: On a topic related to recent discussion here , Malaysian DVD pirates have now put a bounty on the heads of two dogs that have so far contributed to six arrests and the seizing of roughly a million conterfeit game and movie disks. The disk and manufacturing gear were hidden in secret compartments and concealed spaces over four floors of an office building.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Protect Your Fruit With A Hail Cannon

ScentCone writes: In hopes of disrupting small droplets of water before they are able to form into an approaching storm's fruit-damaging hail, some farmers are spending $50K+ each on sonic cannons. Like most, this New Zealand company's gear uses acetylene gas charges. The technique has a long history, but there is continued debate about its effectiveness. Nissan, though, has got their own version to protect lots full of shiny new cars.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - US Paper Currency Found Unfair To The Blind

ScentCone writes: US District Judge James Roberston has directed the US Treasury to start working on a way for the blind to differentiate between printed denominations. He said that the government is violating the Rehabilitaion Act in discriminating against those with a disability. He cites other countries' use of varying currency sizes as evidence that there are solutions, but does not prescribe a particular approach. Possibilities include raised ink and punched holes. Newer bills already support infrared features for use with readers, but such technology gets some complaints. The vending machine industry, which has participated in previous redesign discussions, may have a lot of work to do.

Submission + - omg nz 2 allw txt-spk on skul tsts lol

ScentCone writes: New Zealand's Qualification Authority (which sets testing standards for the public schools) is confident that those grading papers will understand the meaning of students' responses, even if they use phone/IM-style text-speak. FTA, "credit will be given if the answer 'clearly shows the required understanding,' even if it contains text-speak." Many teachers are not amused, and critics say that the move will devalue NZ's equivalent of a high school diploma.

Submission + - $11.3M Defamation Award In Message Board Case

ScentCone writes: A Florida woman made the (unopposed) case that she was defamed and suffered business damages because of what a Louisiana woman was posting about her online. She has no expectation of collecting the money, but says "People are using the Internet to destroy people they don't like, and you can't do that." Libel is libel, but a libeler now has more/easier reach than before, and things like the Google cache add a new dimension.

Submission + - North Korea Says It Has Conducted Nuclear Test

ScentCone writes: North Korea says that it has conducted its first nuclear weapons test and "brought happiness to its people."

Japan and China earlier issued an unusual joint statement saying that such a test would be "unacceptable."

As of 11:10PM EST, the USGS says that it has not detected any unusual seismic activity on the Korean peninsula in the last 48 hours. Is NK's declaring a successful test with no apparent seismic indicators suggesting that they have actually done so just a more over-the-top-than-usual bit of propoganda?

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