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Comment Re:How about O2? (Score 1) 156

That's not really the point of biometrics. You should technically still use a password. Its something you know, something you have, something you are. The biometric passes the third test but a secure facility would still require the other two. In addition biometric can't be given out. Passwords tend to make the rounds. Of course the most common use of biometrics are in timeclocks to make sure the person is actually present at work.

Comment Re:GMO's can be good or bad (Score 1) 758

Its always caused problems when you patent life. It doesn't take a person of higher then average intellect to see why. If the life is not sterile then it is very easy for the life to grown children on its own. When that happens then the patent protects the patent owner but against who? Life? Shall they sue life for finding a way? Its absurd... and evil.

Comment Re:A lot of these people don't understand... (Score 1) 758

If you think about it, most types of rice came from the same gene pool to begin with so it should be pretty safe to re-unite segments of that gene pool. When you start introducing foreign DNA you do two things. First you achieve something that was not possible before through a mechanism you might not even understand and which can be safe or could be dangerous. Secondly, you potentially promote the use of more pesticides.

Comment GMO's can be good or bad (Score 1) 758

The problem with GMO's has always been primarily with the idea that you can patent life. We need to fix that problem and FAST. All the old patents should be invalidated and no compensation should be made since it was immoral to do in the first place.

The other problem is with safety. I think many GMO foods have proven to be safe but new ones are made every day. For that very reason I still support labeling GMO and allowing informed people to make their own decisions.

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