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Submission + - "excitement" over Surface launch was faked (

whoever57 writes: A report in The Atlantic wire quotes Geekwire in a description of lines "around the building" but,
"a significant portion of those in line are somehow affiliated with Microsoft, either as employees, vendors, or contractors."

The same article describes a "press only" Surface tablet event at which the "clapping and hollering" came from a group of people who had badges that were different to the press badges.

Comment Taget demographic? (Score 1) 64

I aways wondered if there was somehow a correlation between brain damage and being a Microsoft customer.

Mind you, I'm not saying "all Microsoft customers are brain amputees". But maybe, just maybe it is that

  • Microsoft products have a special appeal to people with pre-existing brain damage
  • Microsoft products may cause brain damage in previosuly healthy people

Oh wait, i have been using Microsoft products in the past ...

Comment Thought crime? (Score 1) 272

However, just make it part of the equal(sic) that the person buying the sight(sic) intends to us it as porn. That way the purchases will be using their definition.

So, how do you intend to find out the "true intentions" of some other person?

  • Judges with psychic powers?
  • Brainscans using "secret patented technology"?
  • waterboard them until they confess "evil intentions"?

In criminal proceedings "intent to ..." is when you're punished for criminal acts you didn't commit (".. yet", says the prosecution .. and guess who the judge is going to side with..).


Submission + - Windows Phone 7: Never ever touch that SD card (

Savage650 writes: According to this Help Page, WP7 does not treat SD cards as removable storage (as unsuspecting customers might expect..) Instead, the SD storage is "integrated" to the internal storage.

Quote:You should not remove the SD card in your phone or replace it with a new one because your Windows Phone won't work properly. Existing data on the phone may be lost, and that SD card can't be used in other devices or Windows Phones.

No Idea why they choose to copy that particuar feature of the iPhone ...

Comment Science & art flourished better w/o copyright (Score 5, Insightful) 386

The biggest and most important achievements in science and art happened before the existence of copyright and patent laws.

To tell people that they cannot freely share the ideas of another person for one hundred just seems to fly in the face of advancement. People act as if not paying money to someone for a hundred years will make art and music disappear.

If 14 years was considered an adequate amount of time to capitalize on an idea back then, before the days of speedy digital distribution (and speedy analog distribution!), why is it so long now?

Comment Re:No ads please (Score 1) 983

The thing is I want my computer to be open but don't really care about my phone. My computer is a development machine and I am a power user and programmer. But my phone I want to be simple and intuitive so I can instantly do what I want to do with it.

The iPad is the "locked down Mac" that people here are threatening is to come. I see there being dual product lines, the MacBook Pro's, (maybe iMacs and Macbooks), and Mac Pro's. Then there being iPad-like devices, maybe even coming in a laptop-with-touchscreen form of some sort which run an advanced version of iPhone OS. Give this touchscreen clamshell MacBook/iPad hybrid a faster version of the A4 ARM processor in the iPad and it could easily have 15+ hours of battery life in a form factor the size of the MacBook air. I see this being the second product line available IN ADDITION to the MacBook Pro's.

As someone else said both newbies and power users use OS X. I see Apple differentiating their lines and keeping OS X for their power users/content creators and introducing an iPad-like line of computers for the newbie croud. (lets face it, if Apple made a cheap 3g MacBook Air form factor device running a souped up iPhone OS (adding say printing capabilities, etc.), there are soo many people I could recommend this to (my mom, grandma, etc.)

Comment Re:HTPC gaming chicken-and-egg (Score 1) 195

To be fair, you can get motherboards for many common arcade games for less than $100, because people have stacks and racks of them. PROM burners (which also function as readers) are often available under $100. So for around the price of Neo-Geo games, you could have legal license to arcade ROMs. Keep the ROMs in boxes and throw away the motherboards to save space. It's still pretty spendy in most cases, but I suppose some people might be willing to pay.

Comment Re:So after 28 years... (Score 1) 150

if you mean the first mammal cloned: British scientists?

If I had meant that, I would have said it. The man who cloned the first animal was here in the US, and died 13 years before Dolly was even cloned.

Again, you are citing "stuff somebody did long long ago" in order to support your "USA is #1" mantra, blithely ignoring the fact that this whole thread is about current events, namely the retirement of the space shuttle (and the implied loss of technological capability).

.. And so on for the rest of your post - half of it wasn't even disagreeing with me.

I'm getting the strong impression we aren't even on the same page here. You seem to define "technological leadership" in terms of "we have outpatented the rest of the world, now we can sit back and rake in the money".

How about a reality check:

  • you need to import "hi tech" products because there are no factories left in your country
  • newer, better technologies are suppressed because they would reduce the profitability of "old" technology (Hollywood, Detroit, ...)
  • your education system fails to promote scientific thought (or even promotes the opposite, wherever the religious right manages to influence the curriculum).
  • substatial parts of your national infrastructure (power grids, factories, mines, bridges, power plants) are decrepit from age. The owners are happy to rake in any profit, but once the sh*t hits the fan it is the taxpayer/the former employees who are left holding the bag.

Of course, none of these "local problems" matter to the people "owning" everything. Too bad for the rest of us though.

Comment Re:So after 28 years... (Score 1) 150

or, lets put it another way...

who cloned the first living animal?

if you mean the first mammal cloned: British scientists?

if an AIDs vaccine is found, where will that most likely be?

NOT in the US. Big Pharma makes loads of money treating AIDS. A vaccine would destroy that lucrative market.

Where was the Human Genome Project?

In the US. And while the HGP (funded by taxpayer money) did not patent the resulting data, other people (Celera) did. After a short bubble, progress in the field of Biotechnology is now at a standstill due blanket patenting. (well, if you listen to the other side, it is at a standstill because patent profits are in danger)

Apropos "patenting genes": ACLU: Breast Cancer gene patents ruled invalid covered on 60 minutes
One thing not mentioned in the CBS coverage is the fact that Myriad's monopoly on BRCA testing also blocks any independent verification of their results. Given that their testing method is based on genetic data from (a few?) white caucasian females, how can they be sure the results also apply to women from other gentic origins? What if -after the patents have expired- new research shows that the results were wrong? Will the women whose breasts and ovaries were needlessly removed get their missing organs back?

Where every newest generation phone designed (even the ones we don't have access to)?

The iPhone is a nice product, but there is ZERO new technology in it (Apple's patent portfolio notwithstanding).

Where was every major operating system in use on the planet designed?

OS have been relegated to commodity by now. (and, contrary to Microsoft Advertising, there has been actually very litte technological advance in that field.)

(even Linus came here to make Linux go from pet project to something real)

SCO called. They want their #1 FUD meme back.

Where was almost every major computer hardware component originally designed and conceived (NICs, math processors, video processors, storage tech, etc etc).

"originally designed and conceived": ages ago. Today most of that stuff is imported.

Again...who is it you think is leading us?

if by "us" you mean "the USA":

  • automobile: Japan & Europe (GM could not afford to lose the european R&D labs)
  • consumer electronics: Japan,Korea
  • commodity hardware: Taiwan,Korea
  • space technology: Russia,China,India,....
  • nuclear power: Europe,Japan

The US might have the lead on atomic bombs, stealth fighters and Aircraft carriers, but -given the geopolitical situation- all of these are white elephants.

Comment Re:So after 28 years... (Score 1) 150

we've lost the world's tech leadership position? Really? And who made the Internet?

That was 40 years ago.

[..] We have most the patents, our problem is that many countries don't respect patents.

No (sane) country "respects" US patents unless forced by military or economic pressure. The US patent system (that had originally been introduced to protect inventors) has been completely subverted into legalized racketeering.

BTW: the patent mess is just a symptom of the real problem: big money has long since abandoned the idea of "making stuff" (i.e. creating value through work) in favor of "selling licenses" (i.e. collecting monopoly rent on imaginary property).

Comment Re:Fools. (Score 0, Flamebait) 572

Why is it BS to turn down the radio? Because it's only a small percentage decrease? Newsflash: any decrease helps. I don't understand this general derision that is specific to Americans when the topic turns to conservation. Yes, one little change by itself won't change the world, but then again, nothing will to that. Instead, it will be a combination of lots of small, little things. Maybe that's the reason: Americans are singularly fascinated by the one big thing - everything has to be historic, unique; a silver bullet in every box of Cheerios....

Comment Re:Bioware/Bethesda... (Score 1) 1027

Fallout 3 from Bethesda had Windows Live for Games, which is the biggest pile of smouldering DRM turd I have ever been unfortunate enough to experience.

My ISP likes to rate limit people (i.e. drop packets) during peak times, and this entirely killed Steam/Windows Live logins. Steam behaves itself 99% of the time offline, but Windows Live was shit - I had to wait several days before I could actually create my initial account. There was an offline function after initial setup, but it was not always reliable (eg if you had a network connection, but didnt want to use it).

Oh, and even worse - if at any time Windows Live for games decides that an update is available, you cannot skip it whatsoever and cannot play YOUR GAMES THAT YOU OWN at all until it has performed the update. So you get a sniff of network access somewhere (airport wifi) and there's an update available that you dont get to finish too bad, you cannot play your games anymore.

Comment Re:Fools. (Score 3, Insightful) 572

your the one claiming god exists, it's up to you to prove his existence. that's how it works, you make the claim, you provide the proof. otherwise i can just say "aliens stole my lunch money", and claim victory when you fail to prove me wrong.

there's nothing setting god apart from a fairy tale in the eyes of someone demanding proof of his existence, the both lack any physical evidence.

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