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Comment Re:Solar is not cheaper than coal (Score 1) 309

Total installed price in Australia is well below $4 per watt.

Including both rebates and tax, it's as low as $1.34 AUD per watt for a residential 5kW system. That's freaking awesome!!

Large commercial installs dont get the same rebates but save on tax and volume. On average it's $1.22 AUD per watt for 100kW installs.

Comment Re:I have to call BS (Score 3, Informative) 169

You do realise that inside many DC-DC converters, and indeed inside all of the power transformers between the power station and your house, there are magnetically coupled coils that effectively transfer the energy "wirelessly".

The difference in this case is using an air cored coil at a greater distance. It's definitely harder to make them efficient but they have clearly shown great potential here, with 90% efficiency versus DC-DC converters at 95% and regular transformers at 98%.

Comment Re:User error (Score 2) 96

These days you can buy individual 2 port firewall modules, often designed for industrial equipment but would be equally suited to medical devices. Every single device can have a firewall in front of it an only allow specific ingress AND egress traffic.

It's really not difficult to fix.

Comment Re:This is news? (Score 1) 132

Eating food raw requires you to eat it very fresh, or have refrigerated storage. Since cavemen didn't have fridges, that leaves the fresh option.

Eating things fresh implies that you have space to eat it, and only gather a small amount at a time, That's not a very reliable survival option and leaves you a high risk of starving if a few hunts are unsuccessful.

Fire and knives allow for larger kills to be made, and older meat to be consumed safely. It even allows for preservation of meat through drying and smoking etc. This is a great survival technique to help survive periods where fresh food is unavailable.

Comment Re:There is a catch. (Score 1) 159

Supercapaitors store charge though both electrostatic and chemical potential. It's called electric double-layer capacitor, and they sit somewhere between conventional capacitors and batteries.

That said it's annoying the article mentioned capacitors and I expect that kind of claim invalidates the rest of their hype.

Comment Re:Ah yes, the only energy source so ineffient it. (Score 1) 44

We have a planet that is very rich in very high energy-density resources like coal, oil, natural gas (which are made by applying enormous pressures and temperatures to vast amounts of biomass over millions of years) and also things like uranium.... but then we have morons who want us to skip all the high-energy-density naturally-occurring energy sources and become the industrial version of cows - choosing the lowest-energy-density least-efficient and least-economical energy sources.

Have you heard of the carbon cycle? And radioactive half-lives?

These natural high density energy sources are super convenient, but there are genuine risks and environmental impact. It can be argued that we'll be paying for the deferred costs of these impacts for a long time yet.

Biofuel on the other hand a closed cycle and far more sustainable, which in itself is a worthy goal to pursue.

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