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Comment My ISP is doing the opposite (Score 1) 421

It's rare to say that Australia has better internet but I'm guessing Verizon sets the bar quite low.

Anyway, I'm on a mid-tier ADSL plan with my ISP iiNet for AU$60 per month. Initially it started around 100+100GB monthly quota, but every year or so they email me to let me know they are increasing the quote. First it went to 200+200GB, then 1TB anytime.

Just two days ago they emailed me to let me know they were removing all limits. Apparently 1TB per month wasn't competitive enough and want to give me extra!!

Comment Re:Chicken little nonsense (Score 1) 595

I've probably used about 3 different wireless bluetooth audio devices and had varying levels of quality, some of them approach the analog audio out but none have been better:

- Bluetooth hands-free headset about 7 years ago. Phone calls were OK, PC audio was a shockingly bad.
- Bluetooth sports headphones, before A2DP. Noticable compression and distortion
- UE Boom bluetooth speaker. Uses A2DP I assume, quality is OK but hard to tell on such a limited speaker. Fine for ambience.
- JVC Bluetooth car head unit. Uses A2DP, and since the speakers/amp are better i can hear some of the compression. Like a low end MP3 I guess, noticeably worse than the high bitrate MP3's stored on the phone. It's a reasonable compromise for convenience though.

So yes, things are improving, but it's not great yet.

Comment Re:This is what passes for innovation (Score 1) 595

It's a massively valid complaint to me. I have owned several wireless headphones before and charging is a real annoyance.

The only reason I tolerate my current wireless PC headphones is I built a custom docking station with induction charger, but that's not realistic option with mobile devices.

Comment Re:Chicken little nonsense (Score 2) 595

I'd argue that Bluetooth is not great, and despite having shitty amps inside phones, the analog audio is still significantly higher quality than that Bluetooth audio. Not to mention that Bluetooth is noticeably laggy for anything interactive.

Also dont forget that Bluetooth needs a powered receiver and I dont want to have to charge another farking device every few hours.

Sure, Bluetooth has it's place, but I would be disappointed if it was the only option.

Comment Re:Australia had the UNESCO report censored. (Score 5, Informative) 145

It's just appalling.

To further highlight the farce, 3 months ago the Australian environment minister Greg Hunt was awarded "Best Minister in the World".

Meanwhile under his watch we've:
- Abolished the Carbon Tax
- Increased our Carbon emmissions
- Approved the biggest coal mine in the country
- Approved additional dredging to allow for increased coal exports
- Passed legislation to prevent environmentalists from legally challenging his rulings.
- Did nothing whilst big chunks of the Great Barrier Reef died.
- Called out the opposition leader on not offering support for communities that depend of reef tourism. I mean, WTF??

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