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Comment Re:Do Software Engineers Need to Register? (Score 1) 664

If you didn't graduate with a degree in software engineering then you are not really a software engineer. Sneak it into your job title if you like but I wouldn't be using it in an "I am an engineer" context.

I fully understand that software programming is a complex and nuanced skill, sometimes as much art as technical. That said, if you are just a programmer, call yourself one. Engineering is supposed to be far more structured and deterministic.

Comment Re:It's not about morality, it's about the law (Score 1) 448

There is no law that prohibits Apple from buying there own products from Ireland at whichever price they like.

Yes, there is. Most tax laws allow for transfer pricing, however according to guidelines it's supposed to represent a realistic internal cost. When companies inflate this cost in order to profit shift, it's difficult for the regulators to prove and even harder to prosecute.

Inflated transfer pricing is unethical, period.

Comment Re:So what ??? (Score 0) 448

But we know there is profit. Apple are in fact highly profitable, unfortunately they use profit shifting techniques to move that profit back to regions with favourable tax regimes (i.e. Ireland).

Apple consumes local resources in the running of it's stores and should return a small portion of those profits back to that local area. When they profit shift it robs that area of valuable income needed to sustain services like roads, street lighting, police and legal systems, and all manner of utilities that Apple rely on every day.

Comment Re:GOOD. (Score 3, Informative) 281

You are free to not be vaccinated, but please piss off somewhere that you cant endanger society.

It's questionable not vaccinating your kids, because competent scientific evidence shows that they are an order of magnitude safer than the risk of the diseases they are protecting agianst. When you frame it like that, non-vaccination is negligence and we legislate against other forms of child negligence.

Finally, no-one has ever said vaccines are 101% safe. There are risks and vaccine injury is real, but rare. We accept this risk because it is statistically far better off for society, and we have set up support programs for the occasional individual who suffers a serious adverse reaction.

Finally, reality shows strong evidence in support of the general safety of vaccines. Anyone who tells you otherwise is completely full of shit, and is most likely part of an over-privileged echo chamber.

Comment Re:why scientists? (Score 1) 249

Electricity meters are subject to the same regulation, unfortunately how you consume that electricity can impact on the accuracy of the meter. The regulations clearly aim for an easier use case.

Switch mode power supplies draw power from the mains in a very noisy fashion, with many short fast peaks. They are becoming increasingly common and many of them are poor quality (i.e. no power factor correction), making the situation worse. When you move away from electromechanical meters, it takes sophisticated high speed circuitry to detect those pulses and account for them properly.

Comment Re:Because Aus power doesn't care about cost (Score 3, Informative) 270

Absolute bollocks.

We have very little renewable energy production in Australia and was has been built had to beg for scraps of subsidies. Coal fired plants get more public money.

The ridiculous rise in costs is due to privatization, and infrastructure overbuilds. In many states electric utilities were allowed to build infrastructure and charge the consumers for it, so they turned that into a revenue stream by overbuilding and charging excessively. In some cases whole substations sat idle.

Comment Re:I doubt it (Score 1) 249

Wow, you could win Olympic long-jump leaping to conclusions like that. Despite the fact that they specifically talk electronic loads with poor power factor and harmonics, you somehow assume they don't calculate for it themselves? Brilliant deductions sir!

Remember that:
1) They also used an electromechanical meter as comparison
2) There was a huge variation between meters.

Comment Re:And what about yoga mats (Score 0) 244

Did you know they even use Dihydrogen Monoxide in their "chicken"!!?!? It's used to make concrete and has killed hundreds and thousands of people.

Seriously, the fact that a chemical is used in both bread and yoga mats says precisely zero about how healthy or toxic it is. Everything is a chemical, everything has a toxic threshold, including some essential chemicals like water. Many things that are toxic in large quantities are beneficial or benign in small quantities.

Please refrain from ranting about poisons until you actually understand chemistry and biology. If you don't feel you have the talent for science, then there are some friendly scientists and medical experts who can help you. Just stop getting your advice from David Wolfe and Food Babe.

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