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Comment Re:Developers should use *slow* machines (Score 1) 480

Are you paying $50 per hour for your developers' typing?

Or are you paying them $50 per hour for their intellect?

Long compile times, in my experience, give an opportunity to nip off for a coffee or a cigarette, both of which tend to lead to greater productivity because you actually interact with co-workers.

Most of my programming problems have been solved during coffee or smoke breaks - yes it's frustrating to wait for a recompile, but the benefits of chewing the fat with other developers far outweigh the perceived loss in efficiency.

Comment Re:What is everyone drinking? (Score 1) 187

May I beg to differ, and offer Talisker as a fine (and slightly better mannered) alternative?

It's got the peat, but it's from Skye and is a little more subtle than either Ardbeg or Laphroaig (bigger island, so perhaps the influence of the sea is slightly less).

But then I am Welsh, so inclined to perversity in my choice of beverage :)

Comment Re:there are two enemies of science and progress (Score 1) 367

Some researchers published an article with an inflamatory title: "Charlatanry in forensic speech science: A problem to be taken seriously", and got sued for libel. This isn't about censorship or intellectual property laws, it's about a company protecting its image from mudslinging.

That's one perspective, true.

My perspective differs somewhat - the 'company protecting its image' are IMNSHO a bunch of snake oil salesmen, who are misusing libel law to silence researchers who point out that their snake oil is no better than any other snake oil.

How anyone can believe in lie detectors has always been a mystery to me - there may be a way of detecting a lie through imaging of brain activity, but the notion that voice analysis can detect lies is truly farcical. At best, voice analysis can detect stress, but then so could polygraphs, and they aren't overly accurate.

You're right though - most of the preceding discussion was off-topic and irrelevant.

Comment Re:In other words... (Score 3, Informative) 155

Haha - you're entirely wrong.

Complimentary = with our compliments.

Complementary = making complete.

Unless you are trying to claim that the meaning of 'complementary' is that the bathroom sans soap is somewhat less than whole, you've just made a complete arse of yourself.

Thankyou for playing the pedantry game - please feel free to come back when you are better at it.

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