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Comment Re:EVEN TILLERSON says it's real. (Score 1) 210

>There are a HELL of a lot of steps between "mankind's activity affects the planet's temperature" and "It's a disaster that must immediately be fixed by crippling the economy and instituting totalitarian control on human activity by governments".

That would be a concern... if ANYBODY was proposing THAT as a solution. Why would we propose something that wouldn't work ? The proposed solution is "replace archaic 19th century technology with the best of 21st century technological ingenuity"

You know what happens when you invest in major technological advances ? Economies GROW - they do NOT get crippled, the exact opposite happens.
You know what we do NOT need to do to achieve this ? Control anybody's activities.

ALL we need to do is invest in the right technologies... and these technologies have so many other benefits that it becomes irellevant even if climate change wasn't true because we would STILL win a massive and absolutely unqualified victory for mankind. We'd all be wealthier and better off.

So the ONLY thing holding back the right kind of progress is not economics or science - it's political games played by the people who invested heavily in the old 19th century technology and don't want to lose those investments.
We're dooming mankind over the fucking sunk cost fallacy ...

Comment Re:What an idiot (Score 1) 177

Has it ever crossed your mind what would happen if you got hit by a bus?

Every organization should have a "Won the powerball" or "Hit by a bus" insurance policy of some sort. Namely, a second or third person with the same level of access to every system.

Allowing one person to have the power to cripple your organization is a recipe for disaster.


Comment Re: What an idiot (Score 1) 177

Part of being competent at your job is loving your company and what you do.

What kind of Stockholm Syndrome bullshit is this?

I'm good at what I do. I enjoy what I do. I'm on good terms with my employer but I do not love it. It's misguided and unhealthy to love a company. A company won't love you back. A company can't love you back.


Comment Enjoy it while it lasts (Score 1) 210

Trump has announced he wants to end the NASA Earth Sciences division... because if you stop doing the science the stuff they were studying goes away or something. So enjoy getting actual scientific reports from NASA about the state of our climate, providing valuable data to other scientists, while it still lasts...

Comment Re:I did (Score 1) 212

>The feminist groups will then argue that women should not be punished for taking time off for raising kids or not being able to work extra hours, etc.
You left out the most important part of the argument: BECAUSE SOCIETY DEMANDS THAT THEY DO.

Hell fixing that benefits MEN to. Suddenly - ME wanting to not work such long hours so I can spend time with MY kid should not be a reason to punish me either.

Why should the rest of us have to be compared to a few workaholic mentally ill morons with no life ? We work to live, they live to work - and no we should NOT be rewarding that because it's killing them AND us.

Comment Re:I know I'm pigeon holing here (Score 1) 124

Apple unashamedly politicizes a price hike disguised as equality (gotta keep things "fair" right?)

I'm no fan of Apple's business practices in general, but this has nothing to do with politicizing anythting. It's a fact that the Pound has weakened after Brexit and keeps weakening. It's also a fact companies don't like their profits being eaten up by exchange-rate fluctuations. They need to make their desired cut on the apps, and it's not their fault that the Pound is falling.

Sure, if Apple cared about ethics more it could keep the price the same and suffer the loss.. but when have megacorporations ever cared about ethics before profits?

Smaller countries in the world deal with this on a constant basis. Back when we here in Finland had the mark before the euro, the prices of import goods could vary as much as 10-30 % almost overnight if the exchange rate to dollars/pounds/german marks/rubbles dropped sharply.

Comment Lets hear it (Score 1) 212

When a similar case was brought against google a while ago, a bunch of people here defended the company and their refusal to hand over compensation data - so let's hear it, will you defend the prime evil of tech as well ? Will you felate Ellison like you slobbered on Schmidt ? Or is refusing to cooperate into an investigation of your own compliance with the law only heroic when google does it ?

Comment Re:MAGA (Score 1) 98

They really don't. There are overwhelming studies that prove chartter schools NEVER outperform public schools - not anywhere. School performance is, at least 80%, determined by school neighbourhood and surrounding social conditions - budgets cannot change that, neither can privatisation (By any name).

The fastest way to improve school performance in the USA would be to set a 15 dollar minimum wage, set up a really solid childcare plan (Trump actually promised one but his cabinent candidate made no mention of it when asked - another forgotten promise ?) and decriminalize drug use with a focus on quality, free, treatment (Which will cost a lot less than all those people in prison for weed).

Those reforms - would increase school performance levels across the USA in a year. The problems with American schools are not in American schools, they are in American societies. You can't fix them with school budgets because the budget has less than nothing to do with it.

Comment Re:Racist or not (Score 1) 98

Dead people on voter registrations does not equal, or even IMPLY that a SINGLE dead person voted. All it implies is that in the time between voter registrations happening and elections - some people die and sometimes the rolls aren't updated fast enough.

This is by no means indicative of any risk that those names are voting - if you look for actual dead registered voters who SHOWED UP TO VOTE - the numbers drop to basically zero.

Comment Re:Racist or not (Score 1) 98

>1. Are you saying that minorities are not capable enough to go to the DMV? How racist of you.

Nobody is saying that. We're saying poor minimum wage hourly workers generally can't go to the DMV because if they miss a day of work they get fired. That these are overwhelmingly minorities is not something wrong with the people - it's just a convenient fact of historic economics which current racist lawmakers are exploiting.

>. Yeah, they definitely don't care about voter fraud.
I'm sure a lot of their supporters do. But those supporters are idiots. Voter ID doesn't prevent voter fraud - it IS voter fraud, the single largest and most common kind !
Stopping legitimate voters from being able to vote is the ONLY significant voter fraud that happens in America.

>Sorry sweetie, you used your "racism" card too much, and now it's alllll worn out. Google "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."
So you won't FIX the racism... you'll just go neener-neener "I can't hear you" little white snowflake ? Racism has not been cried too much - hell current uses don't even cover most current instances of the problem ! If anything it's underreported. That there is enough cries for you to not sound completely crazy to YOURSELF pretending it's said to much just PROVES HOW FUCKING RACIST YOU REALLY ARE.

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