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Comment Couldn't reach Google, either. (Score 4, Interesting) 16

I was in the middle of debugging a problem caused by Comcast switching from non-static IPv6 addresses to static IPv6 addresses (causing me to get a new set of IPv6 addresses and breaking my in-home DNS because my Airport Extreme was looking for my DNS servers at the old address), so I noticed the Netflix outage, but I also noticed that I was unable to reach at the same time. I didn't bother to use traceroute to track down the problem because it went away by the time I finished disabling the AAAA records for all my domains....

Then I read this story, and sure enough, Google showed a huge spike in outage reports at exactly the same time as Netflix. Unless Netflix uses the Google cloud for hosting (AFAIK, they use AWS, not Google), I'd imagine that this outage involved some sort of Akamai DNS problem or network routing problem or something else not specific to Netflix.

Comment Re: It was the will of Allah. (Score 1) 39

Oh of those of so little math skills.
Muslim or not. In space you can find Mecca with knowing the current time. Your current speed and direction related to earth.

These spacecrafts need this type of calculation to send messages back to earth. While not targeting Mecca they may be targeting Hustan Texas. Which is the same thing.

Comment Re:First thing which comes to mind (Score 1) 121

All this nonsence about DRM.
1. The analog hack is always the last ditch effort. The problem with analogue is it can't be copied exactly. Those who copy the data from an analog stream will have a lower quality copy.

2. If there is a device meant for human consumption there is a point where the data is decrypted so can be sent to the human interface output. Right before you get to the DA converter normally. Or the video output to the display. Heck in most systems the data will de decrypted in the memory buffer.

Switching from an analog jack to digital isn't going to help drm much. It will provide a common multi-use port. Which in general is a good thing.

I know for the hacker in me I preferred the 25pin parallel interface. Where you can write simple programs to it and just wire up some electronics and you can do some cool stuff.

Comment Re:One of the points of having a survival bunker. (Score 1) 314

How much ammunition do you have, and in relation to the number of stray cats, chickens, poor fuckers who I've taken as slaves or even just thrown rocks which I can get hold of.

The slaves will work. Avoiding shooting at all that other stuff is easy with existing image processing algorithms.


Implication of Sabotage Adds Intrigue To SpaceX Investigation ( 136

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Washington Post: The long-running feud between Elon Musk's space company and its fierce competitor United Launch Alliance took a bizarre twist this month when a SpaceX employee visited its facilities at Cape Canaveral, Fla., and asked for access to the roof of one of ULA's buildings. About two weeks earlier, one of SpaceX's rockets blew up on a launchpad while it was awaiting an engine test. As part of the investigation, SpaceX officials had come across something suspicious they wanted to check out, according to three industry officials with knowledge of the episode. SpaceX had still images from video that appeared to show an odd shadow, then a white spot on the roof of a nearby building belonging to ULA, a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Boeing. The SpaceX representative explained to the ULA officials on site that it was trying to run down all possible leads in what was a cordial, not accusatory, encounter, according to the industry sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation. The building, which had been used to refurbish rocket motors known as the SMARF, is just more than a mile away from the launchpad and has a clear line of sight to it. A representative from ULA ultimately denied the SpaceX employee access to the roof and instead called Air Force investigators, who inspected the roof and didn't find anything connecting it to the rocket explosion, the officials said. This week, ten members of Congress sent a four-page letter to several government agencies about the SpaceX explosion, raising the question as to whether or not SpaceX should be leading the investigation. Elon Musk said the investigation into what went wrong is the company's "absolute top priority." He added, "We've eliminated all of the obvious possibilities for what occurred there. So what remains are the less probable answers." SpaceX aims to resume flights in November.

Comment SBU is exactly what they think it is (Score 1) 121

Doesn't sound like headphone power-level or analog to me.

Well, son, maybe you should try the specification.

A DFP [Downstream Facing Port] that supports analog audio adapters shall detect the presence of an analog audio adapter by detecting a resistance to GND of less than Ra on both A5 (CC) and B5 (VCONN).

That summary lied to you. HTH, HAND!

Comment Re:Obama.... (Score 1) 290

Then we build a new addressing protocol and a new routing protocol that doesn't need any centralized system. A peer to peer addressing scheme where you request one from a pool and you keep the one you got until you release it.

Do you think any part of the internet is not replacable ? We've already replaced most parts several times.

Comment Re: Obama.... (Score 1) 290

>You misunderstand: That IS the internet.
It's really not. There are dozens of protocols for network addressing and when the internet actually became big the IP had long ceased to be anywhere near the best one. It was archaic long before the internet spread off university campusses.
The internet's success came from the lack of government or corporate control - not from the technology, there were more advanced large scale networks before anybody outside academia had ever even heard of the internet. It displaced them due to lack of owners - not because of the technology. Cerf himself has said there are things he would do differently if he could do it over now. Many of which he wanted to do even then but the machines which arpanet ran on at the time (mostly PDP10's) simply didn't have the processing power to handle (like built-in by-default encryption).
Anyway, IP is not even the lowest level protocol on the internet. What about the routing protocols ? What about the hardware protocols ? Those had improved over the years and, in fact, have proven to be better for a true internet BECAUSE they were easy to swap out.

We are tied to IP only because of the cost of changing, not because it's the best available tool for the job - hell we can't get the world to even adopt the best available version of IP.
You overstate and greatly overestimate the important of IP to the internet. If one of the other early large networks with more advanced address protocols had offered the lack of either government or corporate control the early internet had - the internet would have died out before the 1990s even hit. As late as 1991 most computer scientists were convinced an information superhighway was coming and convinced it would not be the internet which was an archaic piece of technology that was simply nowhere near the best we had.
The one thing they hadn't counted on was the attraction of a lack of centralized authority.

So removing one of the last vestiges of centralized authority can only strengthen the internet's sole good attribute.

Comment Re:Yeah, about that (Score 1) 27

They typically replace bones only when they are so completely destroyed that there's no hope of repairing them surgically, where the only options are grafts, transplants, other forms of bone replacement, metal plates, or amputation. I would assume that this would be similar, but less problematic than those other approaches.

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