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Comment Re:China (Score 1) 253

Not good for everyone's economy in the US by the way. Craftsmanship used to be a sought after trait and those people are out of work.

Short term. What they don't see is those out of work workers are no longer buying cars, or appliances, or most of the consumer products that keeps the economy humming.

Comment Re:China (Score 2, Insightful) 253

China has a long history of selling dangerous products. From poisonous pet food to exploding electronics. When confronted, the Chinese government's response is "what a shame, we'll do something". The "something" is to rename the company and do it all over again.

Why the fuck does China have most favored nation trade status?

Because they've bought off a whole hell of a lot of people, but using cheap Chinese shit is good for the US company's short-term bottom line...which is all today's executives look at because that's what their bonuses and stock options are tied to.

Comment Re:3G? (Score 1) 292

Why restrict the tests to 3G when this is a 4G world (at least in the US) now?

So you have full 4G coverage all over the US?

No, you spend most of your time with 3G connections?.. Maybe that is more relevant then.

Not to me. I probably have a 3:1 LTE/3G ratio, and I live in a rural area and work in a small city.

Comment Re:Mr. Robot! (Score 2) 54

I enjoy it. It's actually a nice feeling to see real commands (and parameters!) used and even one or two scenarios that don't have barf factors. It's more psychological than computer though. I'd give it 75%/25% psych/comp.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's hit pause to check out the commands and syntax for realism....

Comment A lot of truth in that.... (Score 1) 467

...playing a game for 50 hours and then returning it is much like buying an outfit for a special occasion, wearing it to it, and then returning it.
The sleaze fact is pretty much the same, and the only fact that would mitigate the game playing (and no one has alleged this) is at that point the game then becomes unplayable.

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