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Comment A lot of truth in that.... (Score 1) 453

...playing a game for 50 hours and then returning it is much like buying an outfit for a special occasion, wearing it to it, and then returning it.
The sleaze fact is pretty much the same, and the only fact that would mitigate the game playing (and no one has alleged this) is at that point the game then becomes unplayable.

Comment Re:Not possible? (Score 3, Funny) 66

it is "not possible" for there to be misidentification

Oh really. I'm sure Mr. Patzer wouldn't mind telling us his IP address, then? Because in 5 minutes I'd have it look like he was swarming, downloading, and sharing the filthiest copyrighted scat porn videos the internet has to offer.


Comment Re:Please end conspiracy theories (Score 1) 99

Obviously, they didn't teach you any history of what happened between 1940 and 1942/3 in your little world: Think American food, American gas, American vehicles, American clothes, American weapons, American planes, even American cigarettes. The Soviet Union wouldn't have lived to regroup to defeat the Germans if it wasn't for the Americans because they had none of the above, only bodies.

Comment Re:Open source is more secure (Score 1) 63

only a tiny fraction of people patch correctly. Also the millions of eyes is all complete bullshit and I say that as one of those sets of eyes. only a very tiny fraction of a percent have the skills to review code for security and most of them are gainfully employed doing other stuff.

Yep. The glaring security holes in OpenSSL prove all of your points.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 675

With no PIN, there is really no major advantage. Steal a card, forge a signature.

The advantage is that you now have to steal a card, rather than just skimming the magstripe of one. The idea is that the chip ensures that you have the actual card, and the PIN (mostly) ensures that you are an authorized user of the card. .

Yeah, basic two-factor authentication: What you have (card w/chip) and what you know (PIN).

Comment Re: What typically happens (Score 1) 209

Remember, Sheldon spent two-and-a-half hours on hold with Hewlett-Packard customer service just to complain about their customer service.

LOL, I just got pissed at Wired (CondeNast). Even though I'm paying their ad-blocker tax (too much of a pain to turn off Javascript when I go to their site, and and I'm sure as shit not going to whitelist them), I've been prompted to give them my CC info again, eg set up another account. I go to their support web page, notice that they have a star and "Required" next to email address. "Okay, that makes sense because that's my UID for them." I enter that, write up my complaint, and hit submit...and their form then complains about all of the personal info that I haven't entered like address and phone...all of the info that they don't need, and wasn't required. So then I was doubly pissed and started to add onto original complain about how they need to learn where and how to use "Required" and then I said fuck it and turned off Javascript.

Comment Re: What typically happens (Score 2) 209

There's a viable business to be had for computer guys here.

People will pay you money just so they don't have to talk to "Michael" with the very strong accent, and go through that tech support nightmare.
You act as an agent - and aside from giving the personal touch, you might be able to look at the customer's exact problem in person and then go on to speak the same tech language to the offshore guy.

The problem with that is then you're stuck talking to the offshore guy (I broke a desk phone handset slamming it so hard in frustration once.).

Comment Re:It's not a bug (Score 1) 59

it's a back-door, and back-doors do not build and insert themselves into structures. When NSA delivers the court orders to Intel, they abide, deny, and otherwise don't speak a word of it. This is how it works with U.S. technology these days.

On the other hand, the less people that know about "it" the better. That way no one talks about locked doors in San Francisco phone intererchanges and the such....

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