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Submission + - About 90% of Smart TVs Vulnerable To Remote Hacking Via Rogue TV Signals (

An anonymous reader writes: A new attack on smart TVs allows a malicious actor to take over devices using rogue DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting — Terrestrial) signals, get root access on the smart TV, and use the device for all sorts of nasty actions, ranging from DDoS attacks to spying on end users. The attack, developed by Rafael Scheel, a security researcher working for Swiss cyber security consulting company Oneconsult, is unique and much more dangerous than previous smart TV hacks. Scheel's method, which he recently presented at a security conference, is different because the attacker can execute it from a remote location, without user interaction, and runs in the TV's background processes, meaning users won't notice when an attacker compromises their TVs. The researcher told Bleeping Computer via email that he developed this technique without knowing about the CIA's Weeping Angel toolkit, which makes his work even more impressing. Furthermore, Scheel says that "about 90% of the TVs sold in the last years are potential victims of similar attacks," highlighting a major flaw in the infrastructure surrounding smart TVs all over the globe. At the center of Scheel's attack is Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV), an industry standard supported by most cable providers and smart TV makers that "harmonizes" classic broadcast, IPTV, and broadband delivery systems. TV transmission signal technologies like DVB-T, DVB-C, or IPTV all support HbbTV. Scheel says that anyone can set up a custom DVB-T transmitter with equipment priced between $50-$150, and start broadcasting a DVB-T signal.

Comment Re:Lack of privacy (Score 1) 136

Apparently you're so technologically uninformed that you're not aware that this sort of thing can be and is done by automated systems based on automatically collected and analyzed data, and the technology to do so has been around for quite some time now.

Comment Lack of privacy (Score 1) 136

If there's no longer going to be any such thing as privacy then email becomes less and less attractive a communication option. The thought of Comcast inserting targeted ads into my private email messages makes my skin crawl. Not sure what can be done about it except to use the Internet as little as possible.

Comment Re:Now that our web traffic can make them money... (Score 1) 517

Apparently you've never heard the phrase 'get you coming and going': You have to PAY for the speed, and next they'll find some reason why they need to increase your MONTHLY BILL. That way they get more from you up front, and more for all your personal data from their so-called 'partner companies' when they sell you out to them.

Comment Re:I'd be concerned (Score 1) 38

I was just going to say.. Microsoft is getting involved with Linux, now AT&T? How much longer, do you all think, before there are enough big, nosy, control-freak corporate entities involved with Linux, to subvert it into just another spyware/malware platform like Windows? At some point I'm sure they'd manage to do away with this silly inconvenient 'open source' nonsense, seeing as how they'll have invested all the time and money and manpower into it, right?

So, when Linux is fully owned and subverted, what will the next 'free open source' operating system be called?

Comment Re:Robots, robots everywhere! (Score 1) 374

I think aside from one-liner cheap-shots I'll just save my sense of humor for people I actually know; too many idiots on the Internets who are total buzzkills, taking something that was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek and turning it into some big, grave debate about the Fate Of The World. Why so serious, Slashdot? Nothing we say or do here has any impact whatsoever on the course things are going to take; it's not much more than entertainment, really.

Also, this: It's not going to be anywhere near as bad as way too many people THINK it's going to be. Replace the word 'robots' or 'AI' (which isn't even the right term for the technology, damnit!) with $SOMETHING_ELSE_FROM_THE_PAST, and you see this has all happened before and guess what, we're all still here, the sky didn't fall, humanity went on -- and that's exactly what'll happen THIS time, too.

Too long, didn't read version: You're all being VERY silly about this. Lighten the heck up, you knuckleheads.

Comment Re:Robots, robots everywhere! (Score 1) 374

So let me get this straight: You think in the next 15 to 20 years, we'll have:
* Robotic wife
* Robotic kids
Is that correct? So is what you're saying is that you want to fuck a machine every night, and have faux offspring?

I think, rather than that unlikely scenario, one of two or three things has happened here:
1. You just didn't read every single word
2. You have no sense of humor, whatsoever
3. You're just looking to start a fight by way of being obtuse

How about you lighten up, buddy? You're harshing my mellow.

For the benefit of the rest of the studio audience who Just Don't Get It: I'm lampooning all these sky-is-falling-everybody-panic pseudo-news stories about 'robots taking everyone's jobs'. Chuckle at it or not, your choice; have a nice day. :-)

Comment Re:What will happen to humans? (Score 2) 374

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: civil war, for starters. If things get too out of hand, world war. Governments (well, 1st world country governments, at least) see these things and will take steps to prevent a crisis on the level that produces conflict on that level. The rest of the world? Places like China, that don't particularly value human rights? Maybe not so much. People will not sit quietly and starve to death. If it got bad enough, they'd turn to crime to feed themselves and their families. Gets worse, there starts being armed conflicts, first on small scales, then more organized. You let it go far enough, you have civil war.

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