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Comment Re:Subsidize via Taxes (Score 1) 537

Though the individual states may manage the colleges, the education funding is federal which is why the federal government is allowed to set admission and education standards for public schools and state colleges. The states may add on additional requirements as long as they don't conflict with the federal requirements. If you want the money, you have to follow the federal rules. So, though you're technically right, in practice, you're wrong. As the old sayings go: "Follow the money" and "he, who has the gold, makes the rules."

Comment Re:Subsidize via Taxes (Score 2) 537

Private schools can choose to set tuition however they want, that's one of the perks of being private. But, if you receive public funds, aka tax money, tuition should be fair to all students, not how much some administrator can gouge out of you. I agree with some of the other posters, that if you're a US citizen then a US college education should be free as it is likely that all citizens with benefit from your education. Society receives a huge benefit from public K-12 schools and if there's a benefit to college education, then it should be included as well. (Yes, I'm aware that not all public education is created equal and that there are problems with it, but that is another topic. The general statement still applies.)

Comment Re: In the interest of infringing further: (Score 1) 146

As much as I hate to admit it, you're probably right. The movies have been wildly successful by every margin that Hollywood cares about (money & blow jobs) and they did this by removing everything that made Star Trek what it was. Most of these elements required the audience to think and that's the last thing you and the masses want to do, even if you and they are capable. So what we ended up with was three Star Wars films with the names changed to avoid copyright issues. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Star Wars but, it's mindless entertainment.

Comment Re:heres the operative sentence (Score 1) 406

When you're talking the South China Sea, there are two territorial boundaries to consider. Was this the boundary that the international community, except China, acknowledges as their territory or the imaginary boundary that China claims as its territory on shoddy 'historical' evidence that just happens to encompass large theoretical reserves of oil?

Now, if the drone does exactly as claimed, then it is harmless. However, if I was the Chinese, I wouldn't be willing to take the US Navy's word for it and would want to look at it myself to make sure. It wouldn't be the first time we co-opted something for the good of humanity to serve US military interests.

Comment Re:Almost seems destiny (Score 5, Insightful) 406

There are, sadly, many people in the US that cannot see the US as anything other than the world's greatest country, in everything, and that it will continue to be the greatest until the end of time. It's a fantasy that they can't see past and refuse to even try. The US has not been the leader in many categories for some time and we're the leader is some categories that we really don't want to be, such as highest percentage of population in prison. These people are not only sad, they're dangerous to the continued survival of the country as we can't fix problems that we refuse to see or acknowledge.

Comment Re:Streisand effect (Score 1) 188

Actually, I didn't recognize it by the abbreviation they used in the summary. I had to Google the acronym to get the actual name. I thankfully have never had to deal much with the financial services sector so I am not as familiar with this company or its reputation. As far as I'm concerned they're all greedy self-serving bastards with no regards for anything except how much of someone else's money they get to swindle and take home today.

Comment Streisand effect (Score 5, Interesting) 188

Well this company completely missed the memo regarding the Streisand effect. This company obviously thought that using lawyers and burying the truth was cheaper than fixing the problem. Now, not only will they have to fix the problem, their users will be aware of the fact that the company tried to hide it from the users of the software. Talk about damage of trust. This company may also get hammered in court with anti-SLAPP penalties from the company they were threatening. Hopefully, this ends up being a very costly bout of stupidity making the company think twice about doing it again.

Comment Re:Only Fixed by Resigning (Score 1) 410

We, the users, have the ability to flag your posts for removal. Enough of us flag it and it's gone; no moderator required. Now, I don't know this for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised, if the threshold to remove a post from an anonymous user is lower than removing a post from a registered user with a positive karma score.

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