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Comment Re:I think the answer is obvious (Score 1) 162

3D printing is still fiddly, complex, error-prone, expensive and slow.

This. We could stop here but let's not, I have more to say as well.

FDM style printers (the cheapest kind) require wrapping your head around calibration, nozzle diameters, temperatures, slices, alignments, supports, bed heating, the properties of PLA / ABS and all the rest. If you're lucky you'll set the printer going and hours later your efforts will yield some crudely finished single colour part. If you're unlucky you'll come back to discover something that has skewed left, warped on its base, or turned into some dante-esque spider's web that has stuck to everything.

#1 thing that should have been done/should be done to improve 3d printer uptake is working automatic bed leveling. AFAICT (and I am about to test this theory) the best way to accomplish this is with an inductive sensor designed for iron, detecting an aluminum print bed. Aluminum is pretty much the best base anyway, since glass can break all to crap while you are removing your print job. Inductive sensors literally cost five bucks and the hardware needed to interface one which isn't already present on e.g. RAMPS literally amounts to a grand total of one voltage divider, aka two resistors. IIRC 10k and 15k are typical, but whatever it takes to get the output signal down to 5v. It doesn't even matter whether you get one which is NO or NC because the software (Marlin, in my case) can detect either type of signal with correct configuration.

The #2 thing that should have been done is more centralized sharing of print temperature settings for materials. After bed leveling, just finding working print settings is the biggest PITA. If you're not buying from someone who gives you some starting values to work with, then you have to go on a web safari quest to figure out where to start.

Way down the list, probably, is eliminating all these stupid microswitches. Hall sensors are more reliable and cost little more. Even if you have to get them on eBay, whole PCBs with a sensor mounted on them are only about twice as expensive as microswitches worth buying.

As for the single-material print job issue, this is the printer I've got, it's reasonably priced and its great sin seems to be a crap auto-leveler. I've got an inductive one in the mail. Deltas take most of the fiddly-ness out of the system at the cost of potentially dropping a hot extruder on your print job if you don't program them correctly. Which all comes back to your point... they should be set up better for the user. I am willing to do all this fooling around to get the thing working but the average user just wants to print and have something come out.

I actually don't think having a crappy-looking single-color print job come out is what keeps most people uninterested in 3d printing at all, though. I think it's really all about the PITA factor. If you offered people a machine which was both cheap and easy to use, they'd jump all over it even if it only had typical resolution and speed and was limited to a couple of materials.

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 507

Oh, okay, so it's 40% of the 2.5% of the population that is Muslim. Or about 1%. Somehow I doubt that their influence will override the will of the other 99% who don't want Sharia law.

And let's look at the state of the UK now shall we? How are all those "asian" rape gangs going(which are still-on going)? The general bending-over-backwards in general society to muslims, where not even christians get the same protections in public society for worship? Remember the trojan horse scandal? How about that schools in the same area are still pushing those views. How about the letters to parents telling parents that if their children "don't go to the mosque, that they'll be labeled racist and it will go in their permanent education file." Sorry, seems I have a better idea of what's going on in your own backyard then you do.

Comment Re:Fire up SJWs, make my day (Score 1) 219

In business you need to care about the majority.

Too bad many businesses are happier to cater to those screaming ctrl-leftists, and ignore those in the majority. Then again, with the gaming press it sure back fired on them. All those people who published the "gamers are dead" articles are no longer in the industry and the sites that pushed it all have had a significant drop in traffic and have yet to recover. Several of those sites lost so much traffic that they were killed by their parent company. One can also see this with "The Red Pill" documentary here in Canada, a theater decided to bow to the almighty feminist horde and withdraw a screen rental. Their sales have already dropped 30%

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 507

Where did you get these figures?

You've clearly more informed about Muslim attitudes in the UK than I am, and I live there!

From your own media. You are paying attention right? The 40% of muslims wanting sharia was in the UK press a bit ago. The others? Just dig through the news over the last 2 years, you'll find the polls.

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 507

Unable to follow the line of statements? 40% of muslims in UK want sharia law Sorry you're going to have a hard time finding Christians wanting to ban same-sex marriage, or take the gay-away rights, or womens bodies pretty much anywhere in the west. Even in the US, you're going to hear a lot of whining and that's about it. When was the last time you saw "Christian purity patrols" on the streets? Never. But I can walk through central London today and see the "Sharia police" which MET has said they're cracking down on, but that appears to be very ineffective.

Comment Re:Ok with porn or not, that was genuinely stupid (Score 1) 219

No, it's not a alt-right thing. Rather it's a general humanist thing, because many people are old enough to remember sexlib, or their parents were in it(though with us getting older -- it's sometimes the posters grandparents). The right? Right now it's in the humanist camp on this, women are women and have the right to do what they want. What many have a problem with are the radical feminists(3rd wave), sjws/snowflakes/etc screaming that women have to be protected because they're women. And the belief that women are so stupid, that they're unable to make their own choices and express their sexuality in ways that they want. Rather if they don't follow what they're being told, that they're heretics and should be shamed for expressing themselves. You know, like the ye olde days of showing too much ankle. Unless it's for the cause, then they'll strip down to their underwear.

Comment Re:logging (Score 1) 215

what did they replace SystemD with and how does it log?

Unless they tell you so, you should assume they did something sensible like use something syslogd compatible, and if you don't like it, you can switch to another one. From googling I get the idea it's rsyslog.

Comment Re:Init alternatives (Score 1) 215

The truth is that the boot speed improvements of systemd are effectively notional. The boot process is so fast now that starting in parallel only saves you time when something goes wrong. If you regularly have a problem during boot, then you should think about fixing that regardless of what your init system is.

Comment Re:I thought diesel ran cleaner (Score 1) 215

Expanding isn't "reacting to heat".

What? What do you call it, then? I didn't say it was reacting with heat. Although it does react with oxygen in the presence of heat, to form NOx, that's explicitly not what I was talking about.

But, back to the original point: Diesel engines take in much more atmospheric air than gasoline engines when running at normal loads (highway cruising).

Yes. But they consume no more when wide open. The size of the exhaust is defined primarily by the maximum flow, not the cruising flow. (That defines other design characteristics more.) Diesels tend to have higher peak boost in spite of their typically higher static compression ratios, but they also tend to have significantly lower RPM limits and tend to run less RPMs while cruising.

Of course, all of this has been muddied by the introduction of the direct-injected gasoline engine, and by developments in diesel engine technology. Not only do GDI motors have higher cylinder pressures and thus higher temperatures, but there are also now diesels with [automated] throttles. As well, the recent crop of automatic transmissions with many gear ratios (8 now being common, 9 not being uncommon, and 10 beginning to roll out) and multiple overdrive ratios has led to gasoline engines being used at much lower RPMs...

Comment Re:How the fuck.... (Score 1) 215

Yeah maybe in America. But that is a fantasy land in terms of fuel. This article however is talking about other places in the world.
In Australia for example most heavy busses have switched to running nat gas because it was cheaper. Most taxis and many passenger cars did too though these are being displaced by electric.

all of which makes sense, but what about long-haul trucking? the hauls are really long in oz.

Comment Re:Think outside the container... (Score 1) 215

I can't help but be a little amused at all the people saying cities could never ban Diesel because there's no acceptable alternative.
There is, of course, just not for long-haul trucking.

You could probably switch to turbine-electric and burn... well, whatever you wanted really, but the only thing which would have the same kind of energy density is jet fuel. That would only cost what, an order of magnitude more or something? But the good news, everyone, is that we're all going to be getting higher-grade fuels whether we like it or not. It's not going to be possible to get much better emissions out of internal combustion vehicles without them. The automakers want to see even higher-grade diesel fuel, and higher-octane gasoline.

Of course, if the Trump takes a Dump on CAFE somehow then we might well not get any of this stuff any time soon...

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