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Comment Re:Uh, can I apply now? (Score 1) 281

Here I thought I was supposed to work hard and let my results get me places.

Nah. Now you can just game the system. The left pushed "diversity hires" really hard, so now all you have to do is claim to be "gender fluid" or state you're Trans. Maybe be male today, female tomorrow and it's all good. Just like that guy in Australia. Maybe toss in some "trans-racial" claims like you're native and see? It's so easy to do it. And if they refuse to hire you, just start screaming they're racist/sexist/bigoted or whichever and state you're being discriminated against. At this point? I fully support fucking with the entire thing and crashing it.

Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 1) 11

Don't worry. When everyone except the richest elite who are jet setting, telling you that you're ignorant and need to do what they tell you and you're fundamentally broke paying for carbon taxes. It'll all work out right? Just like it is in Canada. The entire mood around "carbon taxes" is getting interesting here and I wouldn't be surprised to see mass protests in the near future. We've already hit the "people making choices between heating their homes when it's -40C, or keeping a roof over their head." And said taxes in many places have only been in place for a couple of years.

Comment Tragedy (Score 0) 253

What a tragedy. We need more of the urban youths in these schools. So what if the squandered their public school education and came out illiterate ("I gonna play sportsball anyway"), we still need their diversity in our leading universities. Otherwise the students who do graduate will come out as bleeding heart liberals and think that the world needs to appease the urbanites every time they come up with an excuse to riot and loot. Exposure to these people in your classroom when you are trying to learn is good for society.


5G Internet is the 'Beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution' ( 113

Next-generation 5G mobile internet technology marks the beginning of the "fourth industrial revolution," the chief executive of Turkey's leading telecoms player told CNBC on Thursday. From a report: 5G is viewed as a technology that can support the developing Internet of Things (IOT) market, which refers to millions -- or potentially billions -- of internet-connected devices that are expected soon to come on to the market. Kaan Terzioglu, the chief executive of Turkcell, which has a market capitalization of $23 billion, touted the potential of the technology, saying that while 4G revolutionized the consumer market, 5G could transform the industrial space. "I think this is the beginning of the fourth generation of the industrial revolution. This will be the platform linking billions of devices together," Terzioglu told CNBC at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Turkcell has been working on 5G technologies since 2013 and this week completed a test in partnership with Ericsson, using the next-generation internet.

Comment Re: Bradley Manning needs a HOSTS file (Score 1) 364

Yes there is. It's not a right-left test, but there's a near-perfect match between gender and specific neurological features. In a higher than expected number by chance, people who think they are mentally female are female in structural and functional studies. Likewise, people who believe themselves male have a male brain.

I try not to get too annoyed at dogmatic statements, but unless I specifically defer, I have a comprehensive archive of published literature from high-standing sources. Don't rip on me unless you know either my interpretation is wrong (it happens) or you plan on publishing a peer-reviewed rebuttal on each particular of relevance.

The first of those has happened a few times. Let's see if you can bring it up into double digits. Feel free, but remember that you're dealing solely with article facts and my interpretation. Where I used other sources, pick any peer-reviewed paper that covers the same basic aspect of brain development concerned (i.e. neuron type is indicated by chemical transmitter, it is not hardwired into the genome. Doesn't matter if it is the one I used or not. Falsify it. Better yet, falsify it and get the scientist or magazine to retract it for further work.

Ok, you should now be at the point where you accept the data sets I used. That just leaves two options. If the seat of the mind is in the brain, then a female brain must have a female mind, regardless of Y chromosomes, appendages and birty certificate.

The only other option is to falsify that, to argue that the mind is independent of brain. If you choose this, please choose to announce it at a medical school outside the brain surgery department after a very taxing practical, shortly before exams. Contrary views are nothing to worry about.

Finally,You can just let the basis be, the chain of reasoning be, but then you have to accept the conclusion.

Let me know your preference.

Comment Re:Yeah, not a surprise (Score 4, Insightful) 499

The only thing Assange worried about is fading into obscurity and losing his cherished martyr status. The US has not even filed an extradition request and since he is not a US citizen he hasn't broke any law that the US could realistically prosecute. He didn't steal anything and publishing the information delivered to him is not a crime. That being said this guy is still a narcissistic drama queen.

Comment Re:love the subtle anti-brexit push (Score 1) 159

What? You think this is about sending a political message or some greedy cash grab by Apple? Well, as you say the dollar is doing very well. If it was just politics or a cash grab then Apple would not be cutting app store prices in the U.S. to reflect the growing value of the dollar.

Oh, I see your point!

Comment Re:So Oracle discriminated (Score 4, Insightful) 281

I worked at sun for about 5 years and was let go when oracle bought sun.

I worked at the menlo park main campus. I am older than 50 and I'm white. during my 5 years there, I got good reviews and was the main guy for one of the products (software) that ships on sun servers.

all you have to do is walk around the outside of any major silicon valley campus and you'll see the same thing over and over. yes, its mostly indian and we all know this, even though the media does not want to outright say it.

and I'm 90% certain that I was let go because all the rest of my group was indian and I was making a good salary there.

it happens to me at almost every place I'm at, these days. the inevitable firing when the numbers from the company go downward and they need a quick 'profit boost' by letting go of the senior and well-paid engineers. this rarely happens to the indians, though.

Comment Re:Uh, can I apply now? (Score 3, Informative) 281

[did I fit in all the alt-right cliches? if I missed any, let me know and I'll try again.]

Only in showing that like most people in the left who subscribe to the PCness, claims of anti-hate speech, bigotry and so on. That you're perfectly fine in using it against anyone who doesn't follow your ideology.

Haven't quite figured it out yet have you?

Comment Re:Games though? (Score 0) 115

OGL is effectively dead for gaming, and has been superseded by mantle/vulkan. Better FPS then either OGL or DX, less overhead cost for the API. Supports all platforms and the FPS difference on team AMD or Nvidia cards is so small that it makes no difference. Where you can see +10FPS swings/drops with OGL or DX between either card. And OGL created their own death all on their own with the massive 3.0 fuckup by stripping and ripping out features that developers were waiting for, that pushed a lot of companies to use DX.

The current console generation was just a shitshow from the start, especially when you had developers pushing the "but 30FPS is cinematic." Gotta thank both MS and Sony for helping PC gaming in that regard.

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