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Comment Re:why? (Score 0) 85

So the only failure mode this protects from is corruption of metadata while every data block remains intact. On any sane filesystem, that sounds useless: the only cases this might happen are filesystems that can't handle unclean shutdown (FAT, ext2) or the disk lies about barriers. And those cameras that still use FAT have software you can't update, so you can't install that SBX thingy -- if you could, you'd be better off switching to a better filesystem.

In its present state, I'd suggest you scrap the whole project, it's a waste of time.

On the other hand, it would be an entirely different story if you added some form of erasure code that operates on amounts of data bigger than a single sector (most storage devices already have per-sector erasure codes).

Comment Re: If you can compact encrypted images... (Score 1) 85

There's no way it can. LUKS is great but it wastes tons of disk space on vms.

It can! Just turn on discard (and have the system inside issue trim commands). This does have an impact on encryption, though, which might or might not be acceptable for you: it is possible to tell used from unused disk space, which leaks information about usage patterns inside the VM.

Comment Re:What? (Score 2) 43

and they were the first to make an all-IC computer for the Minuteman missile, before NASA.

False; MIT IL ordered the Fairchild chips in 1962 and built a Block I AGC computer in 1963, Minuteman's IC-based D-37C computer was built in 1964. But in 1963, Apollo was consuming 60% of the world's combined IC production.

Comment Encrypt Everything! (Score 4, Insightful) 109

Regardless if the claim is true or not, all your data and messaging should be encrypted at all times PERIOD! I will gladly accept terror acts for the right to have my data protected and safely stored. Across all my computers and my phone, everything is encrypted when possible, including my emails, which are sent from a encrypted provider, my SMS messages, which are sent encrypted and almost everything else I do. Encryption is a right to not have your data / personal information exposed and one that must be protected, even if that means acts of terror are untracable / untrackable.

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