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Comment Re:The Verge is 100% wrong (Score 1) 13

Not only is this a viable play-book for Moto, it's exactly what they should do in order to not become part of the "value" market on the clearance shelf.

History has shown us that statistically nobody buys expensive accessories for electronic devices, not least because they are never compatible for long. So no, it's a stupid waste of time. Also, Moto is already part of the value market. They make cheap-ass Motos as tracfones.

Comment Re:This confirms my previous speculation (Score 1) 427

Personally, I agree. But I know too many people who are willing to take the risk of Trump just to stick a finger to Clinton and DNC. I think it's foolish, but nevertheless, if there are enough of them, it may just add up.

Of course, the other side has a similar problem. Which is why I think that it's basically a contest of who can motivate more to show up to vote against the other guy. And given the potential consequences, I'd rather not take chances, even when small quantities of votes are at stake. Brexit should be a lesson to us all.

Comment Re: as someone who is suffering from this... (Score 1) 226

Libertarianism is not just any limited government. It's government limited to those functions that are necessary to maximize individual liberties (or individual negative rights, to be more specific).

Libertarians also believe that all people, not just those that happened to be born in a "right" country, have said rights.

Now, go ahead and explain how government-sponsored economic protectionism (which borders are, at least in the context of this discussion) maximizes individual rights and liberties.

Comment Re:Comrade! (Score 2) 253

Comrade Boris is instituting the Great Leap Forward! All intellectuals and authors will be executed or reassigned by the state to hard labor. Peasantry will be expected to melt down tools in their home forges when party leadership visits. And our 5 year plan will also include agricultural reforms to ensure that there are more hungry people!

Remember Comrades, we're here...for YOU!

Comment Re:Will you do the same at the Democrat convention (Score 2) 76

Considering the stuff coming out of the 20k emails leaked by wikileaks? There's going to be a lot of very nervous people at the DNC this week, so yep I expect that they figure someone will want to fish for information and they'll likely have signs up saying only xyz are approved hotspots or some such.

Comment Re: Wow... (Score 1) 219

That statement should disqualify you from driving a car.

Right back at you:

While pedestrians are supposed to behave, it's YOUR responsibility to make sure that you never drive in a way that makes it possible for you to run over a pedestrian (or hit other cars, for that matter).

While it's my responsibility to minimize that risk, the law recognizes the impossibility of doing that. It sets specific standards where necessary, such as in the case of motorists passing cyclists in California. In other cases, it is deliberately vague to give leeway specifically for the purpose of assigning fault to the party whose fault it actually is (or for other more malign purposes like selective enforcement, but those are outside the scope of this comment.)

The law recognizes the impossibility of completely eliminating accidents, whether between a vehicle and a vehicle, or a vehicle and a pedestrian. It sets speed limits accordingly, so that even if a pedestrian (or motorist) does something stupid, they will hopefully not die. Let's be clear, though; the law recognizes that physics is a thing, and that a person can change direction more rapidly than a car. We don't make the driver automatically responsible in every situation because if we did, nobody would effectively be able to drive. Instead, we make pedestrians responsible for their behavior in many cases. In most of the US, and apparently in most of the world, jaywalking laws exist which make it illegal to cross the road without consideration for safety. Even in DC, where you don't need to use a crosswalk, it's still explicitly illegal to enter the roadway even in a crosswalk when an oncoming vehicle cannot stop for you. Note that the law does not specify a car traveling at legal speeds, or traveling with the light, et cetera. The driver might well be found at fault in a collision with a pedestrian who stepped out in front of them while speeding, but the pedestrian would still be cited for entering the roadway illegally. The goal of the law is to reduce accidents because they are inconvenient to others, not to be fair.

Oh hell, why am I wasting time. It's not "OK" to hit someone at 25 mph. To wrap it up, I hope you didn't mean what you wrote :)

To wrap it up, you misused quotation marks. I didn't say it was OK to hit someone at 25 mph. You're wasting time because you are an idiot who doesn't understand the argument.

Comment Re:ah (Score 1) 37

Better to be a consumable than a have a company want an intimate and long lasting relationship with me.

Very few companies are set up for the loving care of their customers. Even Ben and Jerry's is distributing artery clogging fat globules and intent on separating you from your money, all the while shining their halos.

Comment Re:Am I that out of touch? (Score 1) 316

WTF is going on with this race.

Easy. You have two candidates. One is the status quo( pro-big business) doing whatever the fuck it wants, while fucking you over, and telling you exactly what and how you're going to do things while supporting things like safe spaces and pushing for censorship and the banning of particular forms of speech via hate crime laws. While being a lying piece of shit that has such a shady past and more scandals then you can shake a hairy cat at.

Then, you've got the other that's ridden on the back of populist support(aka the people), who's against big business fucking people over. Is against trade agreements that put America at a disadvantage and is against the importation of workers to the US when there are people who are willing to do the jobs but companies don't want to pay the wages that Americans would want.

Personally as a Canuck? Trump is the better choice and is more likely to ensure US wealth growth then Clinton. Also with that a prosperous US is good for Canada always has been. It's very rare that we don't have serious economic problems when the US slows down. If you don't think wages aren't depressing in the US you're not paying attention. Without a parity conversion, the average Canuck now makes more then an American. And the average US wage has decreased by $3-4k in the last few years, while the prices of goods, services, energy have all gone through the roof. Whether you want to believe it or not, the US is on the verge of a deflationary spiral and it needs to be fixed fast.

Comment Re:VW needs a bankruptcy "fix" ready (Score 1) 57

Clearly you are confusing VW with Toyota, who are still the world's biggest automaker.

They are neck and neck, and VW employs more people due to all the marques they own.

I can't comment on the rest of your manifesto, other than to say I have no idea why you are so interested in how the Phaeton was destined to be a phailure from the beginning.

It's interesting because it's Ferdinand's fault, like everything else wrong with VW today. Germans love a hardass, though, and that's how they got him in the big chair. And what else is interesting about it is just how spectacularly stupid it was when they already had a car in that space. But what's relevant about it is that they have money to burn.

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